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  1. This is actually a HUGE problem in the U.S.A. Insurance companies are writing into their policies that vehicles used for personal transportation outside of necessary company business cannot be parked inside a building not designed specifically for vehicle parking. (You can't park your car indoors except in a parking garage.) This insulates the insurance company from non-business related risks, like your Ford Pinto being bumped by a forklift and burning the building to the ground. Because of this my Segway was banned from the building until I showed it was very safe and not likely to catc
  2. The single speakers are larger and can have better sound quality. The multiple driver setups like @shellac mention have surround-type sound. EUC speakers have convenience. Earbuds can have great sound and/but block outside sound. Helmet speakers sound great if in a matching helmet. It all depends on what a person is trying to accomplish. Slingshot (vehicle) guys spent thousands on top-end equipment only to have it sound like a Walmart system. Expectations weren't realistic, it's not an enclosed vehicle. Even car audio is a huge challenge for audiophiles...open-air sound on EUCs is a secon
  3. The cells have to be charged periodically, and eventually balanced. Otherwise they die a cold death. I've heard they lose 20% capacity the first year, 10% per year after that. (R/C forums)
  4. The quality was better back then, if anything it's more valuable...
  5. It might have something to do with Gotway being suspected of using recycled (used) cells in their wheels. If I remember, their initial response was something like "We never claimed we use new cells." Without additional safety circuitry (like monitoring temperature), using used (and therefore non-matching) cells would be a recipe for disaster due to some cells having a far lower charge than others and internally heating to the point of catastrophic failure. EUCs are inherently dangerous, 1 out of 10,000 starting on fire could very well be judged an acceptable risk compared to all the
  6. Everything in the USA is legal, unless there is a law saying it isn't. Ordinances and regulations are also restrictions (not "permissions"), though not created by an elected representative. Businesses aren't people so the government acts more like a benevolent dictatorship "for your safety."
  7. Sidewalks aren't very wide and often have obstructions on each side which I don't want to pile into at 20+ MPH (or any speed, really). Sometimes they have hidden hazards, and sometimes people walk (or bike) onto them without even thinking about looking first. My "favorite hazard" is the SUV that races into traffic from behind a building. (sarcasm) With safety gear weighing me down and impeding my senses it's even more precarious. In northern states we have frost heave making the sidewalks "uneven." I just go slow and am overly courteous so no matter who's looking the observation should b
  8. Stranger Danger.... Anyone remember that Public Service Announcement?
  9. Yeah, that is morally wrong @DangerDan (fortunately that was put to an end long ago in the U.S.), yet somehow still continues to this day. modern-day slavery
  10. Observing historical cultural trends in relation to others over time is not "discrimination based on ethnic membership" (racism), and I'm certainly not advocating stabbing anyone, race non-withstanding. Maybe it's time for a Polish joke...
  11. Use a Bluetooth headset for good phone, headphones or earbuds for good audio, and it has the largest screen of any watch so yes its more breakable, though with an added layer of tempered glass and covered with a second layer of self-healing helicopter blade film it's pretty tough. I didn't hack it as I only use it for EUC related stuff and the hardware security is more suspect than the software.
  12. The Chinese are great at human exploitation, anything else is a distant second.
  13. Agreed. The LEMFO LEM-T is a tiny smartphone with a wrist strap. You can (if you want) put a cellular SIM chip in and use it as a phone. It has Wi-Fi and [weak] Bluetooth, GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and works with the Google PlayStore to install apps. However, it's a hacked version of Android with most security features disabled, so know that before using it with private stuff like email. The battery life is "great" because CPU speed is "good," not "great" (it doesn't defy the laws of physics, chemistry, or time-space). The price is excellent at $120 delivered from BangGood
  14. It doesn't have to be a train engine, it could be anything around the train engine (like LED lights or any other bad transformer). Aluminum foil doesn't contain iron and is non-magnetic, so it won't stop electro-magnetic radiation any better than your pants. To stop EMF a ferro-magnetic material such as galvanized steel (or any sheet steel) is needed. Stainless Steel sheet will work if it is magnetic (400 series), but not work if it's non-magnetic (300 series). (If you don't believe me, wrap your cell phone in aluminum foil and call it from another phone)
  15. I meant on the Sherman in the Sherman/Scooter video. (I don't know jack about scooters, they look like mopeds with whack steering geometry to me)
  16. Whewwww...30 MPH without gear on a dark-side tire seems a bit risky to me... ...but that's me, thanks for the vids, carry on!
  17. This is a really late reply, but @Jason McNeil of eWheels sells them. Go to Parts, then King Song: 14D/M 170Wh Battery Pack. Like many, many people my experience in working with Jason has been excellent. When buying from eWheels I know I'm getting quality parts, not re-badged knock-offs. Jason also supports the EUC community and helps promote it in a positive manner, so buying from eWheels is investing in your own future. (note: i have no connection to eWheels)
  18. I've found carrying a cactus to work...
  19. If you're riding Chooch style you can knot your tie through it, and done.
  20. An accident years back damaged my muscles and nerves so I also have problems holding onto a smaller wheel with my larger frame. I wrapped a wheel in EDO foam, using automotive painter's tape to wrap it (because it's removable without destroying the foam), and clear packing tape over that (so it slides on pavement and is fairly resilliant yet soft). This stops the wheel from hurting my ankles and also helps protect it in a crash. Most people want pads in front and back of their shins, starting above their feet; this improves acceleration, braking, and jumping. The pads pictured are
  21. That really sucks! You're potentially locked into one tire / one rim because manufacturing quality isn't there. The resale market is going to suck (good thing we don't sell our used wheels...) This wasn't such an issue at lower speed, but now it is. It goes back to an old rule about not spending big money on low-quality items. Polaris owners eventually learn this, Gotway Monster owners...i don't even want to get into the mess Gotway is in. Hopefully the Chinese don't get any better at manufacturing, if they do we'll all be out of jobs.
  22. As @meepmeepmayer says, the "old" wheels (when wheels were a new thing) didn't save much to non-volatile memory. It was "the stone age" of riding a battery-powered unicycle. (a few years back... LOL ) EUC World has an option (Settings -> Wheel) to remember your preferences and send them to the wheel each time EUC World connects to the wheel.
  23. As of this week my old Kingsong 14" tire needs to be remounted for the same shitty rim reason. It's an old problem being brought to light on new EUCs due to higher speed. Somehow, many of us need rim-jobs.
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