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  1. I drove a Honda PCX 150 ($4,500 USD) which in theory does 68 MPH = 110 KPH, but under normal use (not full-throttle but close) was more like 53 MPH = 85 KPH. Being gentle with it gave 110 MPG = 47 kpl, though normally 102 MPG = 43 kpl. It was also cheap to insure, and obviously did freeway speeds, although uncomfortably so because normal traffic goes much faster (illegally, which is common in many parts of the U.S.A.). For a scooter it was very fast and convenient though not fun to ride, comparable to a $50 Chinese hoverboard. I also rode a hopped-up hoverboard that easily sustained 12 MP
  2. You enter the high school lab and see an experiment. How will you know which class is it? If it’s green and wiggles, it’s biology. If it stinks, it’s chemistry. If it doesn’t work, it’s physics. I have a new theory on inertia, but it doesn’t seem to be gaining momentum....
  3. Having similar questions as @PatrickD I guessed about 500 full charges or 5 years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first (assuming usage of at least once every two weeks on average). Reasoning: 500 full charges is what the batteries seem to last, on average, after reading a lot of posts (and having battery experience in other fields) (250 charges if they're regularly stressed on charge and/or discharge, but that's subjective). After 5 years the batteries have aged, the other parts have had some wear and some aging effects, and technology has advanced far enough to ob
  4. Great, unbox and directly to the shower... Other than that I'm looking forward to seeing the new wheel.
  5. Maybe mark the tire where it aligns to the valve...the valve stem going through that little hole should keep it in place, assuming that's where you stuck it (and didn't fold it over like a Thai lady-boy). Now i see why you switched jobs to Used String-Trimmer Salesman and are no longer selling used tractors....though you were good at it.
  6. Thank ewe for the video, I now know what you're talking a boot. LOL (Awesome video Pete. Thanks.)
  7. Suggest contacting anyone in the Biden administration. Joe doesn't know what he's doing either, but somehow he "stick[s] [his] head out the window and check out chic dogs saying ‘what’s up, baby?' This croc ain’t no puppy, and you don’t have no black cats.”
  8. Oh god, if you want looooong videos watch anything by @Marty Backe. He's sure to explain every detail a minimum of four times, starting with what he ate for breakfast and ending with how it worked out.
  9. Being able to set your own safeties (like Gotway allowed) is important. The max speed limit for a thin guy living in a mostly flat area is far different than for a roundie living in a hilly area like San Francisco. One size does not fit all, and EUC manufacturers would do well to realize that. Of course that would imply adding some actual documentation to the box or on a website so people had an idea of what limits to set, something most EUC manufacturers have so far left to the unsuspecting owner....eh, no need to do that, just add a menu option to the firmware, set the default to someth
  10. After watching a bunch of tutorials on creating YouTube videos the bottom line is content. If you love what you do and don't mind shooting 4 takes of something important and cutting 8 hours of video down to 10 minutes, then it's for you and your channel will grow. Editing is a huge part of successful videos. "Nailing the highlights" is huge. Most people don't want to watch an hour of someone explaining each point 4 times (though some people do like it when others keep driving the point home). Editing is a skill, the more you do it the better videos you shoot. Humor. Whatever kind of
  11. I swear, some Indians are so resourceful they could make a functional EUC out of an expired scooter wheel, used briefcase, and 640 of the cheapest rubber bands.
  12. I'll believe 43MPH when I see it. I can't see InMotion driving their motors into uncharted territory with a 40% speed increase over the V11--it's too much all at once. 15% speed increase? Sure. 20%? No. 40%? Can't see it happening from the company that built a reputation on consumer safety. I can see them doing 35 MPH and having an "unlock" feature that allows the user to bypass the safety, but not them releasing official documentation stating a top speed of 70km/hr (43.4 MPH). I think Gotway got the alarms right, and if InMotion would add progressive pedal tiltback at 3-beeps this i
  13. Side Note: Any setup that does an excellent job is going to be "expensive," about 1/50th the cost of medical bills. So figure whatever you spend (wisely) on gear will probably protect you from an accident costing up to 50x as much. Somehow people who would worry about a 30MPH motorcycle crash usually don't worry about a 30MPH EUC crash, even though an EUC crash appears to often be more violent/more dangerous.
  14. There are toolkits made to disassemble watches. They have several different sized pry-bars for retracting spring pins (called spring bar removers). (there are also punches for roll pins found in metal watch bands) (note this has nothing to do with getting drunk at the bar and getting rolled... @ShanesPlanet)
  15. No, no, no, it's like a control lead--you know, a "leash" like you'd put on your cat or your kid.
  16. There's a thread on breakaway teathers, I imagine that would solve many of the the problems.
  17. Personally, I'd rather crash on a small, "inexpensive," "cheap to repair" wheel than have a land torpedo chase me down and detonate my @$$, then have to pay dearly to rebuild it so it can hunt me down again (or target someone's car...). Kind of like it's smarter your first car be a Daewoo Tico than a McLaren P1 (or any other supercar, for that matter). A small wheel makes a great loaner wheel when family/friends want to try (except your toxic mother-in-law, give her a land-rocket).
  18. Generally, chargers are most efficient between 50% and 80% of the charger's rated maximum current load. Below 50% there is a loss due to having to build a magnetic field in a large coil, above 80% there is a loss due to coil saturation. If you want a very efficient charger there's going to be a lot of design time involved, which translates into lots of circuitry to handle the different sets of circumstances, and therefore increased cost. Given the lifespan of wheels it is probably best to use an inexpensive charger and say "good enough." (Though not a "cheap" charger as this could ru
  19. Or stick the tube in place with tire bead sealant so it doesn't spin yet still pulls free during a tube change. Since the rims don't have a lip to hold the tire in the correct place we should be using bead sealant there too.
  20. Yeah, I'm not a racist, it's pretty obvious in the real world; I really don't care where you're from or what your native language is, other than other cultures are often really interesting. BUT, IT'S TIME FOR A POLISH JOKE: Polski minister udał się z oficjalną wizytą do Francji, podczas której musiał uczestniczyć w kolacji dyplomatycznej ze swoim francuskim odpowiednikiem. Widząc swoją wspaniałą willę, z malowidłami wielkich mistrzów na ścianach, pyta francuskiego ministra, w jaki sposób zapewnia taki poziom życia za skromną pensję ministra niskiego szczebla. Francuz zaprasza
  21. Clickbait-boring. At least run a fast board if you're even going to try keeping up with a wheel.
  22. "The F-C-C won't let me be or let me be me so let me see... They tried to shut me down on M-T-VBut it feels so empty without me…" Without Me Song by Eminem
  23. The batteries do age/degrade, especially if stored at full charge. Because of mass-manufacturing cells are not all the same off the production line and therefore will require balancing at some point, though probably not for 5 years or so in storage conditions as they're all "close enough." If cells drop below 3.00V there could be an irreversable chemical change and they stay dead--that's the big concern, which is why charging every 3 to 6 months is important and balancing becomes a need at some point. So the real concern is if any of the cells went flat during storage, as they'll be
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