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  1. Excellent post! We can easily monitor individual cells & know when a pack is going bad, and discharge it fully on a computerized charger designed to do so (with temperature monitoring/alert/shutdown), in a fire-retardant bag, within hours-not weeks-the dendritic growths don't have time to puncture the insulator. We also run 8S1P easily removable packs & chain them to get 16S..., so far fewer cells/lower risk right out of the box. (And some of us hook monitors to the balance wires while flying and are alerted if any cell starts to act up.) I'd get a steel box,
  2. This forum is no end of entertainment: "I have a NON-UL Listed device packed with self-fueling lithium cells (from China), almost no safety features, and I swapped out the factory charger for one with over three times the current output. Do you think my insurance company will pay out in the event of a fire?" Bloody ell. If you live in an apartment you're going to get sued blind by anyone who even thinks they got lithium poisoning. The water damage from trying to keep the building from burning down plus paying for other tenants to stay at a hotel during the 9-18 months of repairs is g
  3. Get a smart watch like @ShanesPlanet, or that $50 wireless display I was talking about (a cheap smart phone). Like motocross, wheeling isn't a sport for $1,000 iPhones.
  4. EUCWorld beeps when it loses connection with the wheel, so no issue on not getting over speed alarms. The phone & headset should beep if a battery is dying, no issue there. Vibrations screw up the accelerometer inputs, DON'T add a vibrator to the wheel unless you want the software to guess at what's happening, and this is a condition which it's not designed to handle. Put the vibrator on your body/wrist/helmet, or get a smart watch like @ShanesPlanet.
  5. When buying a $1,000+ wheel, adding an optional color wireless display that plays music, has GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi networking, and messaging for $50 is awesome, even if it's a bit clunky on the interface (which you can change). Saves from smashing a new $1,000+ phone in a fall. Even on $2,000 wheels you can use the same display. The amount of stuff it can do is amazing! $50 new out of China, same for a used USA model that runs better/faster/cleaner. (You won't believe how good it is, even after you use it.)
  6. I like the historical EUC entries too, so occasionally I save a copy of the Excel file and integrate the old stuff back in with an extra row that shows they're No Longer Available. It's neat to see the progression of the wheels.
  7. You are a robot, your job was to become more human.
  8. (EcoDrift translated to English) Specificatios: 70kph = 43.5 MPH 1,750 Watt*Hours, 100 Volts Price: RUB 200,000 = ~$2,640 USD (converted, not a U.S. selling price) -> ~$3,125 USD (Sherman Comparison: RUB 204,900 = ~@2,700 USD, so the U.S. can expect the V12 to cost ~$3,125) (Sherman: 20" wheel, 100V, 3,200Wh, 2,500W motor, 45 MPH, 128 mile range, 77lbs (35kg), $3,200) (V12: 18" wheel, 100V, ~2,500W motor (expected), 1,750Wh, 44MPH, ~70 mile range (113km), 64lbs (29kg))
  9. The wheel controller is difficult to program. It took years (and lots of investment) for Segway to figure out the mathematical formulas needed to make a self-balancing two-wheel personal transporter practical. Based on Segway's existing technology it took a computer engineer several more years to adapt the concept to a unicycle, resulting in several models from Focus Designs and later Solowheel. (read more) As @mrelwood points out, the wheel must "outrun" the rider and "tilt them back" to slow them down. If the speed limit is 10 MPH, the wheel might start to "outrun" the rider at 8 MPH
  10. The EUC controller has to sense "level," "tilt," and "speed." I've seen this done in other applications with electronic gyroscopes combined with electronic accelerometers, and it appears to work similarly for EUCs. I would guess the EUC software is continually reading the tilt of the wheel (via electronic gyroscope) verses change in speed (acceleration), and discarding bad data (such as from rolling over bumps, gravel). If this is the case, gravel/bumps are a low-frequency vertical-plane vibration, where as a continual rotational oscillation (vibrator) also has a horizontal (speed/acceleration
  11. Paid twice, account fixed...and still her toaster won't talk to her... (her profile does say Nikola+, but her attitude shows unrealistic expectations as if trying to get EUCWorld to work with a kitchen appliance)
  12. That's the point in knowing what you're getting, the local distributor's page is often more accurate than the manufacturer's claims. (Not that a manufacturer saying "100 mile maximum range" is incorrect, rather the distributor saying "55 mile expected range" is more useful.) If Gotway has battery fires, pinched wires, weak shells, and bearing problems, but also makes the fastest ECU at pretty reasonable prices, so be it. Gutter oil exists (seems used cells in some AliExpress EUCs do too), that doesn't mean some people don't mind eating it occasionally. I'm saying if you plan on cruising
  13. Regarding quality, that's exactly why you should buy an InMotion--that's one of their strengths, and where they lead the competition. Chabuduo is a way of life in China, and it's not necessarily a bad thing--sometimes "good enough" is actually good enough. If we're talking about a $50 hoverboard that goes walking speed, as long as it doesn't burn your house down and lasts a year or two, "good enough." However, we're getting into $2,000 and $3,000 wheels that go 30+ MPH for 50+ miles, and failure at that speed and distance isn't a good thing--imagine hanging out of a car over the pave
  14. I like your bike! (and am again out of "likes"/up votes for the day) I built the first chopper similar to that one (named "Flossy," a "blackout" with the same tricoat blue), lost her in a "divorce." Good mate Alex did most of the work on this one (in chrome instead of black) and handed me the key. You owned ~12 bikes! I'm in good company.
  15. From what I can tell there is no documentation regarding maximum rider speed or range other than what retailers calculated. Leaperkim : Guangzhou Veteran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. : Sherman User Manual: Veteran Sherman Users Manual.doc
  16. In the InMotion v12 thread we got onto the subject of quality. Obviously Gotway has a "reputation," the most recent battery issues are one of many examples, but they're not the only company with reliability concerns. With EUC prices going over $3,000 USD and speeds over 35 MPH (55 KPH) I think one should understand what to expect. This video lays it out--play it in the background and glance over when something interesting catches your attention--it will hopefully broaden your understanding of why Chinese manufacturing practices are the way they are, and why wheels (and lots of other things mad
  17. Not to get too far off topic, on the subject of "quality" you might be surprised at what "close enough" (chabuduo) means.
  18. 1,300cc fuel-injected (dynoed & mapped), air suspension on a fatty rear, straight exhaust
  19. It is not a joke, it is a way of life I have regularly written about on this and other forums and explained many ways (and posted many different links as reference). (The song is Mr. Almost. Turn on Closed-Captions and Settings - Translate)
  20. Like using petroleum jelly for bearing grease, chabuduo.
  21. Here's a video on what seems to happen to many of us: over-confidence, wobbles (or a stick, pothole, bump), and crash: The repair bill was similar to our own @Rehab1 experience: Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of @Kuji Rolls videos: and the edited version (plus gravity-related situation):
  22. Slower speeds have resulted in a bunch of bad falls. Uni example: Cutout is something EUCs face: WrongWay explains why cutouts happen: Riding the beeps: Also: "My wife is going to be so mad at you..." Group Ride (and, uh, fire): And one more max speed:
  23. I just read this thread...again. Wow. So much information it should be a stickie. (I ran out of "likes"/upvotes again, just in this thread.) Other than the gravity of things that happened over the years of the many contributions made to this thread It made me think of the contrast between @Rehab1, where everything that can go wrong does, and @ShanesPlanet, where everything that does go wrong results in some sort of successful bailout. I'm going to get more protective gear--I don't want to end up like either one of those guys....
  24. The new hubless bearings are lubed with generic "Vasoline" and you want space technology? I'd settle for grease...
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