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  1. Doesn't the 16x go into Bluetooth Speaker Mode when on charge? I wonder if that keeps the 16x powered on minimally because of that.
  2. Hello again Mr. @Jack King Song, I had the opportunity to try the EUC World app for Android which @mrelwood and @bbulkow refer to, it is excellent. I did not see King Song mentioned as a supporter, though understand King Song did release the code so this application was possible. Perhaps King Song would consider releasing the codes for the EUCs from other markets for use in the EUC World app also and contracting with Mr. Łastowski to use his software as the official King Song app. Mr. Łastowski's app would fit perfectly with the high quality of King Song's EUCs. Thank you for your co
  3. Maybe put those out back to impede the wheel's derriere painting fixation? (acting similar to a mud flap.)
  4. Would it make sense to add a CALIBRATE function to EUC World where it uses GPS readings to figure out real-world speed/distance and apply correction factors to what the EUC is reporting? In theory, this should work across all EUCs equally.
  5. Hello Mr. Jack, welcome. In managing the connection between King Song company and your followers, do you think you could mention to the King Song technical group they need to get the King Song phone app back in the Google Play Store? It's kind of a big thing that while King Song product quality is excellent (thank you for the YouTube factory tours!), the app was really, really bad, perhaps so bad it was thrown out of the Play Store. My first King Song wheel is due to arrive Friday (04/03/2020) and there's no King Song app to unlock it so I can actually use it. Respectfully, He
  6. The Pebble Watch is discontinued. Is that an issue? I've seen the $50 watch mentioned in other threads from a while ago, but is it still a wise choice?
  7. That is a phenomenal deal on both! Congratulations! I picked up a 14M slightly used for $390 shipped 2-day (though only 175Wh) and thought that was a great deal, though admittedly it was more of an impulse buy. I wanted something affordable for learning so I wasn't having that gut-wrenching feeling of dropping a $2,000 wheel. (Not to mention before buying a $2,000 wheel it made sense to get some experience on a wheel...and I may want to buy another older, not-top-end wheel used later on if only occasionally riding...) Back to the BMS, it's 1P, so if a cell fails... I hear 2P requires
  8. --> I'm in.<-- I wanted something for learning, and based on my impressions from reading volumes of posts on this forum: KS14M Sturdy and not huge, so It can be dropped without breaking or having that gut-wrenching feeling that comes with dropping a $1,000+ wheel. Similar 800W motor as in a 10" GW MTen3, but with a 14" wheel it shouldn't be as twitchy, and is also more affordable (especially since I purchased it used). Big enough to ride around on smoothly. (10" wheels don't like running over things, 14" should be "reasonable") The range sucks (~5 miles)
  9. I haven't seen many used wheels for sale on eBay compared to the numbers being sold new. For instance, King Song alone said they make about 50 wheels per day, I'd guess Gotway probably double that--with all other manufacturers added in is a reasonable guess 300 EUCs are sold world-wide daily? Conversely, I've mainly found old, unused Ninebot S1 and One wheels and the like on eBay. That seems to suggest many people keep their wheels and ride them until the batteries expire or they break, then throw them away because the cost of repair isn't justified against the cost of replacement. It's u
  10. How do you like the XElement CF380 jacket now that some time went ? Would you recommend this or something else? Driving motorcycle I've been looking at Joe Rocket gear. Do you still like the Bell Super 3R as a reasonable helmet choice?
  11. I think the concern is each battery pack would have to be 1P to efficiently use a signal wire for every cell (around 144 or so). The Ninebot miniPro does this on 15S2P=30 cells, and the batteries are ridiculously expensive, though excellent quality... Since EUC battery packs are used in parallel, an economy of scale is realized by putting cells in parallel and reducing the number of signal wires and BMS units required. Average Voltage from each parallel cell bank is reported to the BMS. An improvement could be made wherein a BMS could use one signal wire to send a digital signal to t
  12. I was thinking, "That's the best inflatable diaper I've ever seen. With all the airbag recalls, that ought pop his head off straightaway."
  13. As a note, on @Jason McNeil's Chinese mountain ride, common safety equipment consisted of...footwear. We might be doing something wrong...
  14. Thank you for your work in creating this, it's a fantastic tool! (and it looks great!)
  15. That completely baffles me. I've never seen something that depended so heavily on lithium cells not monitor them (responsibly). The more time I spend here the more I understand how so many unexpected face-plants occur. Thank you for the information.
  16. @mrelwood, The principles of physics don't care if it's an EUC or not. Before doing tire swaps I always want to know what I'm getting into, because my health is riding on the result, and I'm not the engineer who did the initial design, so haven't seen what they have. I have a new respect for the 30+ MPH some people are doing on EUCs. If anything goes wrong, there's not much backup, other than protective gear mitigating the outcome. I certainly wish you well, and also luck. (Often it's better to be lucky than skilled.)
  17. The Battery Management System monitors each group of 3 cells wired in parallel. Each cell in that group will age a bit differently, and kind of average each other out, so the important thing to watch is each resultant group of 3 cells. (The only time per-cell information is important is when one is prematurely failing.) Each pack should have its own BMS. As the packs age and with use, the charge states will get more out of balance with each other: some groups will not be as strong as others and will not store as much energy. (I apologize, the rest of this is incorrect, as pointed out
  18. I just finished reading Rehab1´s Accident(s) thread... @Unventor and several other members were in there too though... I really don't know what to say... Wheel is on hold for a year. I really wanted one, and was looking at getting one and safety gear for this Summer. Needless to say, speed over 31MPH (28 MPH in real life) is no longer a concern.
  19. If one puts a 2-1/2" tubeless tire on a 2-1/8" rim, the rim holds the bead width to 2-1/8", so the tire doesn't fatten out much (at most 50%), rather the profile changes and the tire gets taller. What is more concerning is the bead angle is changed, increasing the chance of bead separation. Sometimes this is a slow deflation, sometimes this is violently sudden. In the case of a unicycle it wold most likely happen under extreme stress (after a jump) with a hefty rider aboard, though dust may work between the rim and tire and the bead seal may fail. With a tube setup the tire remains w
  20. Are all the high-speed bugs worked out? Seems it was the Bluetooth music chip at the heart of it? (his comment is from the top speed thread)
  21. @Rywokast That is a good point, to balance and steer on one wheel, any wind gust could be a problem. @Unventor I have two miniPROs and something like 600 mi / 1,000 km on them, which is fun, though I am looking for an upgrade. To me it is better to listen and learn before learning the hard way, so I am here (for about a year I have only read). It has been a lot of learning, which is good, so there is less chance of serious mistakes (we hope). Now that I am serious about buying an EUC I have gotten more involved and people like you are helping tremendously, thank you.
  22. You are comedian and should have own show! I laugh sausage out my nose!
  23. I built and flew R/C helies, and learned way more about battery tech in general than I intended. When you have $5K+ in the air dependent on lithium, you tend to take interest. If an OEM piggybacked packs (84V+16V) and didn't use a common BMS that's asking for trouble as the packs age. In flying we have to put 2 packs in series to get extreme voltage (so a similar situation), but we monitor each before, during, and after flight (or have a bright blase, whichever...). It's now common for each pack to have RFID and the charge unit a RFID scanner with laptop connection and logging software to trac
  24. The speeds some people find "annoying" are interesting. Coming from a motorcycle background and living in the same city as Harley Davidson's world headquarters, 40 MPH / 65 KPH is a light breeze 45 / 70 is where wind resistance becomes a significant factor 50 / 80 is a comfortable cruising speed where the wind is still gentle 60 MPH / 95 KPH is the limit of comfort, without gear. Mind you, that's on a motorcycle with no windshield and only sunglasses on a hot day (there's not much of a helmet law). There is a front wheel though, so there's no fear of the thing
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