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  1. If you're listening to music, it's like dancing, but it looks cool. Although admittedly, this is pretty cool:
  2. It's somewhat like skiing. Slide the wheel to one side, sink into the lean, then use the wheel to push yourself upright. (You have to have confidence/faith the wheel will hold and push you back up.)
  3. It's somewhat like skiing. Slide the wheel to one side, sink into the lean, then use the wheel to push yourself upright. (You have to have confidence/faith the wheel will hold and push you back up.)
  4. Are you wearing a tie? Like a kangaroo tail, a tie helps you balance. (and if you want to go faster, button your jacket)
  5. I just flashed firmware 1.1.7 myself yesterday using my phone and @MRN76's app--it went great! The miniPRO is faster! After the documentation is written up so you can do it too I'll be flashing the fastest speed hack in, because who doesn't love speed??? My hover-buddy weighs a lot less than me and I can never catch her unless she lets me. We have identical boards, even the same mileage, but it doesn't matter--she's just faster. I think her reign of speed has ended...
  6. UPDATE: Flashing the firmware via Bluetooth is now more reliable and faster thanks to @MRN76adding more functionality to the software. We have successfully downgraded a stock v1.4.0 (current firmware) miniPRO to v1.1.7, and the miniPRO speed is faster. We're working on the documentation for that and should have it done in the next few days, at which point we'll test everything on a fresh, unmolested MiniPRO and verify it works. This way you should have a fast, safe, and easy install.
  7. What is the best way to order these if a person is located in U.S.A.? (still the GyroRiderZ leather glove product page?) How does a person specify they would like extra inserts? (some people know they gonna crash...)
  8. @MRN76 has very kindly replied and we are in communication. Please be patient while we work to put things together so it is easy to understand.
  9. I find the MSX appearance utilitarian, your fenders match the style perfectly. Very Mad Max (movie) appearance.
  10. Absolutely, people here have helped so much its the least I can do. The "before" pictures and measurements are done, board information sent to MRN76, just waiting for a reply.
  11. I think it's great King Song is allowing installing different firmware versions, as I think it was @DannyK said this solves a lot of problems and concerns. Also great is King Song is releasing an updated app on official app stores, those who buy through unofficial channels IAlibaba) can unlock and use their wheels with the King Song app, as the EUC World app apparently has some limitations in that area. I was 100% behind buying from our main distributor in the USA instead of alternate channels, though I was a bit disappointed to find out they ended support for the 3-year-old 18S, whe
  12. Yes, once I complete the process i'll post a guide. I'm waiting for an email response from @MRN76.
  13. Note regarding heat: The highest stress point is the constant-current/constant-voltage crossover: Power = Current x Voltage (before the crossover, current is at its maximum and voltage is rising) (at the crossover, current and voltage are at their maximum values) (after the crossover, voltage is at its maximum and current is falling) @Betty Deng: Is there a way to make one charger to output different voltages (67V, 84V, 100V) so it works with multiple wheels? It would be nice to have 2A & 4A settings also for less risk of fire when a fast charge isn't important but 80% charge
  14. Perhaps "wobbling" was actually "avoiding potholes" and the coppers felt they needed to support each other after being embarrassed they did not see the obvious? That whole story is embarrassing to the tabloid, using false pictures, confusing speed units, and no effort put into researching what happened, what EUCs are, and not writing a decent story--it's like something a child would write for a school newspaper.
  15. I am sorry to hear of your accident. Thank you for sharing, the flashing light is something I've been thinking about, and would not have thought to put it on the helmet. i hope your recovery is quick and complete.
  16. Is a bent rim not much of a concern because: The tire has an inner tube, so the tire bead seal is not important? The EUC doesn't travel at automobile speeds, so perfect balance is not that critical?
  17. Last night I found the older version of the software can communicate with my boards just fine, the Beta version has Timeout issues and sometimes hangs (a task doesn't complete). I'm concerned the Beta software won't be able to flash the firmware successfully. Firmware already on miniPros: v1. 4.0 (current) Serial #1: N3MTH1625T0xxx (xxx replaces actual #) Serial #2: N3MTD1624T0xxx (xxx replaces actual #)
  18. To upgrade to extreme, is it $30 for the firmware flashing app +$60 for the firmware =$90 or $60 for the firmware flashing app + firmware
  19. I like the history to see where technology has been, plus it helps predict when a new model and what capabilities can be expected. Maybe you could move columns to a Historical tab? (obviously I love this tool!)
  20. That sucks given he still sells them (as of his web page on 04/16/2020). I wish I knew more... One thing I did notice is for the cost of replacement batteries, one can usually add $350 (or so) and buy a comparable new EUC. (Jason's list price on the 18S seems high, since newly introduced EUCs with a 2000W+ motor and 1600Wh battery are slightly more.)
  21. Did you notice columns T, AC, AL, AM, AQ, and AR are hidden? Is this because they're no longer supported? If so, maybe unhide row 1 and make the background gray for that column in that cell so we know what's out of production? (and update the Table Notes) As a note, I use a similar pump as linked + a 6" screw-on flexible extension (similar product)--screw-on isn't great, but it fits. The pump isn't nicely backpackable. I have a smaller pump ordered.
  22. I *think* the 14M uses (1) 16S-1P 210Wh pack? 800W motor 14D uses (2) 16S-1P 210Wh packs? 800W motor 14S uses (1 or 2) 16S-2P 420Wh packs? 800W motor 16S uses (1 or 2) 16S-2P 420Wh packs? 1200W motor 18S uses (1 or 2) 16S-4P 840Wh packs? 1500W motor I would *guess* since one 420Wh pack can power the 16S 1200W motor it should be able to power a 1500W motor. Pushing it hard might overheat the battery.
  23. How would you describe each version, and what would you say are the usable speeds for each? 1.4.0 - 1.3.1 - 1.1.7 - Swallowbot - MRN76: 7.6.5 (Extreme) -
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