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  1. Did you notice the inconsistency of solder connections between the legs on all ICs? At the bottom of the first picture I see "almost nothing" next to "gob of blob." Are some joints looking cold? On the recent zoom-in picture, the IC in question, the first solder joint (toward the bottom) looks like the board eroded from too much heat, and/or the top of the PCB and the hole for the pin is visible (or it could be flux deposits). It does not appear like a good, reliable joint. the second joint looks cold with solder BBs (bad flux causing spatter instead of flowing? moisture? impu
  2. King Song: Wayyy a minute....you want stronger wheel wif more plastic, but weigh less? You no take math? You no like LED? You serious? You joking? We have best LED! Not space ship like Inmotion! You cwazy. Go take math class. (We add more LED...) Gotway: He thinks their plastic is bad? Veteran EUC: We build EUC like tank--you buy from us. We make best ECU. (No steh-we-oh. We no add steh-we-oh.) You like more better our wheel. Uh, no, we no ship yet...no worry, we make good ECU, berry strong. You like. Inmotion: King Song rip off our suspension idea!
  3. I like. Is very smart to buy $300 in pad to throw away and make from knee foam. I find at construction location and use same straps--save on cost of tape. Smell like old person's foot but is good for price. Also: Kuji Pads
  4. Police are rigorously trained, but some still sell illegal drugs, launder money, are paid to ignore crime, follow government orders they know are unconstitutional for the sake of keeping their job, ... Drivers are trained more now than previously, so in theory they should be safer. That is not a direct outcome though. What has negatively impacted us is: people are held less accountable for their actions than previously, not just in driving, but daily life. This morning I was doing 50 MPH on the 4-lane freeway in light traffic, so plenty of space all around me. Minimum speed is 4
  5. What the heck is the "EUC World Watch companion?" First I've heard of it. I just got in a LEMFO LEM T watch (thing is huge!) Firing it up this weekend after the miniPRO install manual is done. What do I stick on it?
  6. I think you mean a leaver, because a pedal is a push-only device by design. Leavers are fore-aft controls, pedals are forward controls only (think of a backhoe, it has both pedals and leavers). What should the leaver control? People think of the accelerator pedal as controlling acceleration, but it actually controls fuel delivery. This leads to imprecise control due to wind resistance, hills, corners, etc. and requires constant correction. It should therefore control speed. However, since traffic flow varies, that means one hand needs to stay on that control, leaving one hand free to
  7. You're welcome. You should only have to do this once to get AVAS working (only because it is not currently working). Phones are complex things, with lots of stuff hidden from the user. Sometimes they look at something once, and for speed do not look at it again until forced to (this makes your phone battery last longer too!). I found the EUC World app was also not producing sound when the wheel was turned on, and used the steps in the previous post to find out that somehow even though AVAS was enabled something relating to the app "was stuck." Maybe it was it because the phone was
  8. To start with, don't connect any external audio devices, use your phone's internal speaker. Under EUC World - Settings - AVAS: Uncheck: Mute When Charging Uncheck: Enable AVAS Close settings. Turn your wheel on, let EUC World see it, turn the wheel off. Re-enable AVAS, close settings. Turn on your wheel. Sound should work from your phone if the phone volume is up. Re-enable: Mute When Charging, close settings, sound should still work. You should now be able to turn on a Bluetooth speaker and automatically get AVAS sounds from that instead of your pho
  9. Great point. King Song has angular handles, tie it to the rear. On Gotway tie it to one side rather than centered.
  10. (53) “Motor vehicle” means any vehicle... except...any [other] vehicle not suitable for operation on a highway. (100) “Vehicle” includes any device suitable for the conveyance... The term does not include devices propelled or drawn by human power or devices used exclusively on tracks; So it's a vehicle, but not a motor vehicle. However, if the ADA allows disabled persons to operate a wheelchair on paths, then it allows EUCs when used for that purpose, within reasonable speeds. The ridiculous thing is someone is bullying by use of a park ranger...and I'll note while police have j
  11. (German: See below) This is true, it is very difficult to translate the forum if it is in many languages. English is relatively easy to translate, and the Google Chrome web browser can translate the entire page from one language (English) to your native language at the same time. The new @MRN76 firmware is incredibly fast, as fast as the hardware supports (not Swallowbot). With the Extreme version you can drive right to the edge of the hardware. Therefore, the driver must be very careful not to exceed the hardware performance. When the driver does this, it beeps and then tilts back v
  12. That would be awesome: balance motionless for 20 seconds then race off, and still go the slowest per short distance.
  13. Years back I found a brake slide lube (AGS SIL-Glyde Silicone Lubricant) that works exceedingly well as a non-hardening, non-drying, heat-resistant grease, and also works as dielectric grease. All rusty mating surfaces are polished with a wire wheel, then greased. On the caliper slides, brake pad retainers & tensioners, & anti-squeel plates (3 layers) I'm trying out Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant. Supposedly it's the best stuff one can buy, though I haven't used it before. It's pretty tackey, and their products are high-end, so I have high-hopes. i'm res
  14. Slight delay, the brakes on my truck need immediate replacement (earlier than expected, found during preventative maintainance) and everything is rusted in place and very hard to get off, possibly due to the change in the type of salt they're using on the roads this past winter combined with the age of the truck. I will have to work on the updates this week, sorry for the delay. Usually the rear brakes are harder to service because the star-wheel adjuster (inside) rusts and locks the drum portion (used for the emergency brake) to the hub. In this case the rear went pretty well after
  15. @Boogieman, it's not the symbol, it is the screen to the left of the current screen, which is the Settings Menu. To change screens, put your finger on the edge of the screen and pull. The Settings menu is also accessed by tapping the Hamburger Shortcut (3 vertically stacked dots) in the upper right corner.
  16. Is there any thought of supporting the Segway / Ninebot miniPRO hoverboard? Ninebot wheels are currently supported, it would be nice to use EUC World with the miniPRO also.
  17. Talk about poor design.... (I hope you find it funny)
  18. @travsformation, you are correct. In agreeing with you I bought Nano Cord because it is the lightest cord they had available. The Mini Carabiners are the lightest-duty non-plastic clips I found (plastic isn't very reliable in my opinion). To your well-stated observations, 36# is a lot of tug, so I also bought some Breakaway POP Barrel Connectors, as @PennBruce mentioned. This seems a brilliant idea on his part and makes the whole system work.
  19. UPDATE: Most of us dislike waiting, myself included. I'm on my way back (it's frigging snowing) and have scheduled final testing of miniPRO #1 late Friday, 05/08/2020 (what's up with this snow???). Time is set aside Saturday 05/09/2020 to finish the documentation, have @MRN76 proof it, and hopefully get it uploaded to a server Sunday/Monday. (Snowing. Seriously?) Given I've been unavailable at home base there are a bunch of things that need to be done; if there's time I'll try to jack into miniPRO #2's scrambled memory and upload some clean thoughts (the in-circuit programming module came
  20. I couldn't find 10' sections...now I have a LOT of cord... After poking around on ParacordPlanet.com some more I could find 10' sections in 95#, 325#, 425#, 550#, though Micro or Nano sizes seem to come on spools only. Micro is 100# minimum Tensile Strength, slightly more than 95#, though from a design standpoint I went with Nano because it has a 36# Tensile Strength and as members are pointing out, the unexpected should be expected. (If the EUC is hit by a car and drug for 500' I'd rather the 36# cord break than the 550# cord drag me along for the ride if it gets twisted around m
  21. I couldn't find 10' sections...now I have a LOT of cord... I wanted the lightest duty [quality] stuff so everything would break at low stress levels "just in case." Like 36# paracord should generally break before major damage occurs. I'll make a few cords for the hoverboards and one for the EUC, and another for the next EUC...
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