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  1. Every year new models come out that are noticeably better than last year's models. So if tradition holds, another 4 weeks (about shipping time for some of us) and the new wheels will be out! (Or because of trade agreements and COVID nothing innovative will appear until Fall, who knows...)
  2. It appears the cooling strips (stickers) might be best used as a two full sheets the same width & length as the battery pack, placed on each side of the welded battery pack, directly against the cells, and held in place by the PVC shrink wrap (blue plastic) placed over the cooling material. If a cell were to go critical the sheet would cool the cell and all cells immediately surrounding it in a similar manner as shown in the demonstration video. This cooling effect may stop the chemical reaction in the critical cell, though more importantly should stop surrounding cells from heating to the
  3. I believe the highest voltage well-tested board is 100V. There is a 150V board under development, but high voltage brings design issues along for the ride. With power usage being constant, current generates heat due to losses, voltage does not. However, as Bryan states, pushing components to their limits invites risk of failure, and he wants a larger safety factor.
  4. King Song: 14D/S Controller https://www.ewheels.com/product/king-song-14d-s-controller/ (i did not find one on eBay or AliExpress for the KS14D or the KS14S. you may try eBay in countries closer to you and be successful, possibly Russia where the wheel was popular)
  5. In 2017 Google moved from watch apps being bundled in the phone APK to stand-alone watch apps. As of March 10, 2021 Google no longer supports bundling. Watches need updates so they load apps on their own, or you have to side-load older apps onto the phone that have the watch "mini-app" packed with the phone app (your mileage may vary on this). This change happened because watches when they were introduced were more like external screens for phones rather than smart devices--more like a "remote control" for the phone. Google wanted "smart" watches to actually be "smart" and run independently of
  6. In 2017 Google moved from watch apps being bundled in the phone APK to stand-alone watch apps. As of March 10, 2021 Google no longer supports bundling. Watches need updates so they load apps on their own, or you have to side-load older apps onto the phone that have the watch "mini-app" packed with the phone app (your mileage may vary on this).
  7. What about the powerCON TRUE1 TOP (True Outdoor Protection) for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications. 16 amps, 250 volts, come in both panel connector and plugs.
  8. Many here use AliExpress for parts, others use EUC/EScooter dealers. You will most likely want to check battery voltage with a meter while checking the fault lead (the third wire in the 3-wire plug) on each battery. If you can see that proper power goes to the main board, the fault condition is not triggered, and the board looks good, then check to make sure the power switch works properly; sometimes simple things can create large problems. The switch usually does not fail but it is easy to check. Maybe it is an easy problem to solve, I hope for you that is the case.
  9. Uh, sorry to hear that. May I offer you a tissue?
  10. Regarding your side note, Regarding that...it's hard to test CFM (as most people don't have the equipment to do so), so it can be "generously [over-]rated" without much consequence. It takes an ever increasing amount of power to move more air due to pressure differentials, so two 10 CFM fans probably won't move as much air as one 20 CFM fan as they don't have the fan blade surface area (resulting in increased fan body thickness) to build that pressure. When sourcing fans I don't look at "Rated CFM" as that's usually exaggerated (and your actual CFM depends on how the fan is u
  11. ^^^ That man will take every opportunity to talk about his saggy butt.... -- Why don't people in trailer parks invest in the stock market? Because their money is tied up in bonds.
  12. In the city things are close to your body and you are going "fast" quite easily (it is a relative perception). In the country there is not much around and you can go much faster even though it seems like you are going slow. (You will notice how fast you are going if you fall.) When going fast the electromagnets in the motor have to work much harder to change the magnetic field very quickly, and the fixed magnets pass by fast so there is not much reward for their effort. Electromagnets are inductors, so they naturally want to maintain state; changing state quickly requires a lot of effort.
  13. The older 14D models used a fuse like @Scottie888says, the newer ones came with a spare fuse they did not use as it was eliminated from the circuit--fuses eventually blow causing cutout, so they turned out to not be a good idea. If you're running a single battery pack make sure it is still putting out voltage, and consider upgrading to dual packs for redundancy which will make your wheel much safer. If you are running dual packs check both. There is a fault wire coming from the battery packs that can shut down both packs in the event of failure, detailed in other threads. Check
  14. Technically, charging a warm battery is harder on it than charging at room temperature. "Fast charging" internally heats the battery, and while it can usually dissipate the heat it does cause some additional stress (hence "fast charging" beyond mfg spec). Cells are much more sensitive to charging stress than discharging stress. Like @ShanesPlanet says, what's more important though? @Rywokastis extending his battery life, the guys @Tawpiemention need the range. Most people replace their wheels (with faster and farther range models) before they wear out, so no biggie. If you're trying
  15. Drink & Selfie Stick in the same hand... Also simultaneously riding and flying a camera platform... Sheesh. That "no protective gear" thing would bite me like 30 seconds in, just long enough to get the video rolling...kind of like when someone wants some sort of skills demonstration...like @Kuji Rolls demonstrating basic riding for that dancer and...it's all cued up for you, just press Play.
  16. The liability risk is so high due to the difficulty of product usage the category might change from Consumer to Extreme Risk. (As an example I look at how many experienced people here have crashed and had major surgery despite being experienced, cautious, and wearing protective gear.) Marketing a product where injury is expected walks right into the Exclusions clause, so....no coverage. That's speculation, so don't put too much weight on it. To address one of @houseofjob's comments, I don't speak Mandarin nor live in China, but do enough business with Chinese companies to know many of the
  17. No, no, that doesn't happen... Oops, it happened again... Brian has quite a few advantages: High-voltage circuits should follow IEEE, CE, RoHS, ISO, ASTM, and CCC standards, which some Gotway boards clearly did not (spacing requirements in particular, referencing @Tawpie's post). Spacing, board material type and thickness, copper trace thickness, layer topology, and solder-blob avoidance also come into play (Gotway blobs... ). In theory Brian has a strong advantage regarding circuit design (we're pretty good at it). Brian's design seems to avoid patent (now owned by Gotw
  18. For the Segway/Ninebot miniPro both the Segway-Ninebot and NineBattery apps show individual cell voltages for both packs.
  19. Change the App Display Mode from Windowed (compatibility) to Full Screen: +Hold the bottom button to get to the Power_Off/Reboot screen. +Tap the top circle so it goes from having a square inside the circle to a full circle (the change is immediate, but you won't see it on that screen). +Press Cancel to return to running apps (the setting is saved). Apps now take up the full screen.
  20. Check the battery voltage while riding. Older cells have less power capacity and can cause tiltback sooner. Maybe you have a dying cell? Monitor cell voltages.
  21. I think you're making my point for me... LOL There are other considerations with induced current and different voltages/frequencies (noise, harmonics), voltage spikes, feedback, environmental conditions, heat dissipation, etc.
  22. There are Bluetooth hearing aids, they connect to phones to take phone calls, play music[, and provide EUCWorld updates].
  23. Circuit boards beyond 48V are increasingly difficult to make, 84V is probably a realistic goal. The US is great at using Open Source code, maybe he figured it out. Making the parts for it though, that's a tough one. I can't see a US company getting liability insurance for making wheels, this will most likely be a near impossible hurdle, affording it would be the next.
  24. Wireless earbuds. TaoTronics makes some decent ones.
  25. If an electric rental scooter that does 12 MPH is "too dangerous" for people to operate, good luck with an EUC...
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