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  1. I've found carrying a cactus to work...
  2. If you're riding Chooch style you can knot your tie through it, and done.
  3. An accident years back damaged my muscles and nerves so I also have problems holding onto a smaller wheel with my larger frame. I wrapped a wheel in EDO foam, using automotive painter's tape to wrap it (because it's removable without destroying the foam), and clear packing tape over that (so it slides on pavement and is fairly resilliant yet soft). This stops the wheel from hurting my ankles and also helps protect it in a crash. Most people want pads in front and back of their shins, starting above their feet; this improves acceleration, braking, and jumping. The pads pictured are
  4. That really sucks! You're potentially locked into one tire / one rim because manufacturing quality isn't there. The resale market is going to suck (good thing we don't sell our used wheels...) This wasn't such an issue at lower speed, but now it is. It goes back to an old rule about not spending big money on low-quality items. Polaris owners eventually learn this, Gotway Monster owners...i don't even want to get into the mess Gotway is in. Hopefully the Chinese don't get any better at manufacturing, if they do we'll all be out of jobs.
  5. As @meepmeepmayer says, the "old" wheels (when wheels were a new thing) didn't save much to non-volatile memory. It was "the stone age" of riding a battery-powered unicycle. (a few years back... LOL ) EUC World has an option (Settings -> Wheel) to remember your preferences and send them to the wheel each time EUC World connects to the wheel.
  6. As of this week my old Kingsong 14" tire needs to be remounted for the same shitty rim reason. It's an old problem being brought to light on new EUCs due to higher speed. Somehow, many of us need rim-jobs.
  7. The marine grease should work fine, far better than Vasoline, just perhaps not so much of it.
  8. They're in India, they have the resources to make anything out of nothing. The creativity there is simply amazing.
  9. That's quite a lot of disjoint things you covered...which I guess could be inferred from the title since muscles don't have memory... Why is there a backpack on the side of the road???
  10. Well, now you have heard of it. Packing too much grease in serves no beneficial purpose and is detrimental beyond a certain point depending on bearing type. This is one of those bearing types. https://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/28664/dangers-of-overgreasing- https://www.maintworld.com/Applications/The-Three-Mistakes-of-Bearing-Lubrication https://interflonusa.com/4-reasons-over-lubrication-of-bearings-is-bad/
  11. It's not like BeGoaty did an Over-The_Air update request through their Bluetooth app....
  12. Are you aware too much grease in the bearings causes the balls to skate and wear flat spots in them and the races?
  13. Same here on the family and friends, so I respect your position on it. I take some precautions in my own life, like, well, hmmm...I'm careful on stairs--don't want to land at the bottom all busted up with a smashed phone! And I try not to eat real hot food.
  14. I'm glad the EUC World app solved this and you're able to enjoy the wheel. I became a supporter of the app which has so much more functionality than I am currently using--it does everything I ask and more. It works well with a phone, and since I don't want to drop the phone while riding it is also on a watch and works very well. Please help support the development so we continue to have excellent software for our wheels.
  15. Very funny post! I like your sense of humor (and perhaps frustration). Your picture reports as "deleted--that's normal." Now that BeGoaty has acquired the Chinese patent for EUCs it is interesting to see how quality in the industry has become worse at the same time (except Veteran brand that seems to use different ideas).
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