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  1. Love it. I wouldn't have gotten into this hobby if it wasn't for Marty. Before I was riding my bike to work under my OWN power like an fool. Life is much easier and better on an euc. I've strolled my daughter to sleep with euc. I've taken out the garbage on an euc. Snowball fighting with the neighbor on the euc. Very tricky to accurately throw a snowball or dodge while riding.
  2. I got the MCM5 two months ago. Haven't checked the mileage. But, I ride to UW and back everyday. It's the low speed on the MCM5 that took the most time to get used to as you might know. On tight figure eights it feel like I could tip over. Whereas the mten3 didn't have that problem with its wider tire. I don't know if you were around during the Seattle snow storm early this year. But, I took the Z10 to work in the snow. It actually ride pretty well until snow turned to slush. The 4" tire easily rolled over everything. In the wind and rain it feels very stable. Could be due to the 50lbs wheel weight or large tire patch on the pavement? There is a very helpful guy on this board that collects wheels like Liberace collects sparkly clothes. I got the mten3 based on his glowing review. Then the Z10 also on his review. His name rhyme with Smartee :).
  3. Hi. I took the mcm5 to work today. It's a different beast than the mten3. I thought I made a mistake buying it. But the more I ride the mcm5 the more it grew on me. The torque going up hill is very nice. It's a gradual speed rather than the instant acceleration of the mten3. Unlike the mten3 the mcm5 hill climbing power just keeps coming. I have not gotten comfortable with the Z10. I use it when it rain. It's very stable on the road. Just wants to go straight. It's the turning and braking on the Z10 that I have trouble with. Feel like I have to plan ahead on braking or turning. It's like driving a boat. Whereas the mten3 I can just do it on a drop of a dime. I have not heard of the Seattle e-rider group. I'll look them up. Thanks. I'll PM you for the padding.
  4. You're matching my euc addiction footstep in in slightly different order. Mine went mten3, z10, and mcm5. You're welcome to try out my Z10. I'm in Wallingford. The bugle on the ankle area of the mcm5 can be reduced by removing the GW sticker and putting on neoprene pads. See picture. I bought 5 feet worth. Happy to give you some if you want to pad up your mcm5.
  5. Sorry to hear about the assault. I'm also a rider in Seattle. Been riding on the Burke from Gasworks to work since last September on an mten3. Twice a woman on a bike going the opposite direction tried to run into me and threaten to knock me off my wheel. I think some people have it out for electric scooters or unicycles. I try to be careful and stay low key when there are bikes or people around. No weaving, carving, or anything that could antagonize the bicycle folks. There are some militant bikers in Seattle. Good luck. Glad to see another mten3 in Seattle. I had to give mine up to my seven years old. Apparently the Luffy was too 'underpowered' for him. Now riding mcm5 to work.
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