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  1. I bought a Steelbird helmet last year. In my opinion it is an average helmet for the price. The helmet is heavy, has poor padding, and generally uncomfortable. It was not worth the hassle to send it back to the seller in India. I did use the Steelbird as a face mask when trying to unclog a drain with chemicals. I'd take my bike helmet over the Steelbird.
  2. The battery life of the 360 is a valid concern. My commute is short. I can go three days between battery recharge. I just plugged in the usb charge cable to the 360 and it will record with external USB power. I have a 128GB memory card which the camera says will record 316 minutes of 360 footage. I could run a USB cable from the helmet down to the wheel's USB plug or a backpack mounted battery pack to solve the power issue. Doing that I would use one of these magnetic break-away quick connect for the USB connection to the camera.
  3. Why not mount a 360 camera to the top of the helmet? I turn mine on before my commute to work. I find the camera being visible is a great deterrent when riding near militant drivers and bicyclists. The perspective makes the camera bigger than it really is. It's quite reasonable. I have the remote attached to my left glove so I can operate the camera without taking off my helmet.
  4. Cool. You won't be disappointed. The TSG Pass Pro Carbon is my favorite EUC helmet. It is the best compromise to a heavy bulky full face motorcycle helmet. I use the TSG daily for my commute. I measured my head size at 58-59cm. The large fits perfectly. The full visor is great for riding in the wind. It is very quiet and comfortable with the visor down in the wind and rain. I added a Insta360x camera to the top and some reflector dots. I will eventually replace the D-ring strap with some kind of magnetic latch. Right now, I ride without strapping in. The helmet is a snug fit already.
  5. I had the same problem with the Leatt dual axis and also the Alpinestars SX-1 knee guards. They slide down when worn over pants. The only knee armor solution that work for me are knee pads that go under pants like POC Air Knee pads or Leatt 3DF Knee Guards 6.0. I returned the Leatt Dual Axis but kept the Alpinestars SX-1 just so I can have an external pad option when needed. Turns out I haven't used it since summer. It's either the underpants knee pads or motorcycle pants. The underpants knee pads works great and will even fit under slim fit pants. As long as the pants has some stretch to it. It's winter in the NW which means daily rain. I wear Rev'It Commuter over pants with built in knee and hip armor. It was expensive to go through all the trial and error with different products. But on skin knee pads and motorcycle pants were the best lower body solution for me.
  6. The wrap on the MCM5 is the 3M Di-NOC Marine Teak Wood grain vinyl sheet wrap (4'x2'). It's held up so far.
  7. Hi @PY ⠀. I was referring to the problem of traction on the snow. The mten3 could not plow through 5" of fresh snow. The snow started pushing up on the front shell. You would need a large diameter wheel to overcome the snow height. The biggest problem was maintaining balance with only one contact patch. A bike you at least have two points. The wheel I used, Z10 would move left and right as it tries to find traction on fresh snow. The wheel goes where it finds traction. It was steering me. I was just a passenger along for the wild ride. I was able to ride somewhat straight on packed snow track created by cars.
  8. I tried riding the mten3 in the snow and failed. I doubt 2" wide tire would fare better. The only wheel that was somewhat successful on snow was the Z10 with the 4" wide tire. It requires some work to stay on as the tire slips and grips. Packed snow may be ok to ride on with most wheels. Maybe. If you can't ride a bicycle in snow then a EUC would not fare any better.
  9. Ohm my god. This is Positively going to start a chain of re-Volt-ing jokes. The answer is they order some orange Joules.
  10. Hi. I have not tried a V8. I can only speak for the 14" MCM5, 16" Nikola+, and 18" Z10. The mten3 was the easiest wheel to learn on and the 14" MCM5 was the hardest. I recommend you give the mten3 a try. It's a fun inconspicuous wheel.
  11. I have to disagree about the mten3 not being a beginner wheel. I learned on the mten3 and I've taught half a dozen friends on the mten3. Its wide tire, high torque (smaller wheel), light weight, and low to the ground makes it easier to stay balanced while moving slowly as beginners tend to do. The fastest way to learn and reinforce muscle memory is to stay balance on the wheel as long as possible. Also, large diameter wheels often require push off technique to get it going before hopping on. Beginners want to get both feet on first then roll. This is easier on the mten3 than on larger wheels.
  12. Nice. I bought and returned the Klim TK1200 modular helmet. For summer riding I have a Troy Lee Stage and POC Coron carbon. I don't recommend the huge POC Coron. I got it on sale and keeping it for backup. I don't have the Shoei RF1200. But I have tried it on. It's fairly compact for a moto helmet. I guess it would feel nice if you're coming from the motorcycle world typical heavy helmets. But I am coming from biking and it took me a long time adjusting to full frame helmet (starting with the Troy Lee Stage).
  13. Hey @photorph. The TSG Pass Pro Carbon runs small compared to the regular TSG Pass. I have a large Pass Pro and it fits me perfectly. My bike helmets are size medium. So if you can't find a medium Pass you should try out the the Pass Pro Carbon in large. I gave the motorcycle helmet a try (Klim). But it is heavy, FOV is narrow, and feels constricted. DH helmet is the way to go.
  14. The insta360 have withstood rain. They sell underwater housing for it as well. I think any camera is better than none. You can get good deals on previous years action cameras and without expensive features like stabilizations. The key is getting a camera with 1/4 screw mount so you can use it on any GoPro style mounts (helmet, straps, chest, wheel handles, etc). Unless you actually get a GoPro then the mount is built into the frame. You'll want simple instant on and off function. I press one button on my GoPro to start recording when I leave the house and press the same button to stop when I get to my office building. My goal is just to document my ride. If you want to discuss more about specific cameras we should start a new topic.
  15. I sometime use an Insta360 camera mounted on the top of my helmet. It captures everything around. It's hard not to miss it. People tend to be on better behavior when they see the 360 camera.
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