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  1. Thanks @Marty Backe. I got my first actual wheel compliment today by a millennial no less. I left my work building on my Nikola Teak Wood edition and a college kid and his girlfriend walking pass commented, "Sick ride!" as I rode by. Most people ask, "what the hell is that thing?" or "how fast does that thing go"? No so for this classic ride. I'll try cutting some small channels for the LED strip on the misaligned grain side. I'll have to source some kind of translucent tape to go over the channels to hide the plastic shell.
  2. There are a bunch of shops in Seattle that will do custom vinyl print or wrap for cars or businesses. The selection online is quite large. I will say that I tried out a cheaper vinyl wrap and it didn't work very well. The 3M wrap was much easier to work with and looked much better. Totally worth the extra price. I'd like to vinyl wrap a Magic Eye pattern if I can find one. It was a fad back in the 90s. It look like a random pattern but if you cross your eyes you can see a 3D image. It's like the original VR. Are you thinking something like these?
  3. Thanks. This the first wrap job I've done. One side has the grain aligned at a slight angle. By the time I noticed, it was already too late to undo. Here is the side with the grain going perfectly horizontal. It's not too hard to wrap the Nikola, just time consuming. I might wrap my other wheels in different wood grain. The MCM5 is a good candidate as the LED strip is on the top panel.
  4. Unfortunately, the LEDs are completely blocked by the wrap. I'll have to think hard about keep it like this when it gets darker in the morning. It'll be nice to have the LED for safety. Good idea about moving the voltage display. Next time I open up the Nikola I'll try to move it.
  5. I 'spruced' up my Nikola+ with wood and carbon fiber wrap. The padding is adhesive backed leather. Not only does it look more elegant but now handles like an Oldsmobile. A question I have for the forum is whether I should cut channels for the LED lights and voltage display. I currently use neither. I have the LED set to off and never really check on voltage. I also think cutting out slots for the LED strip will kind of ruin the wood shell effect. I would have to edge it with black tape to keep the wood vinyl in place. What do you guys think? Keep as is? Thanks. Material: 3M marine teak woodgrain flex wrap 3M 1080 black carbon fiber flex wrap Besego leather repair patch
  6. I usually give an acknowledgement wave to drivers rubbernecking my wheel from their cars. It is in our tiny community's best interest if we're good euc ambassadors. So far that seems to be the case.
  7. In addition to replacing the stock Nikola speakers we should also feed the tadpoles taking residence in your water filled Nikola.
  8. The NW rain is one of the I am keeping the Z10. It handle great on wet pavement all last fall and winter. I combined that with a Mission Workshop bike jacket, waterproof over pants, and goretex gloves. I think the Nikola+ has s up for the task as well. But I will seal the shell seams with waterproof tape just in case. Like you, I am thinking waterproof motorcycle jacket and pants this season. It’s a hassle putting on and taking off protection over or under rain gear. With the motorcycle stuff the protection is built in. Easy on and off. Full motorcycle gear including race helmet will look cool as you pass bicycles on the tiny mten3.
  9. I use both EUC and bicycles almost everyday. I ride to work and back home on my EUC. Then I take my cargo bike to pickup my daughter from daycare. I am just waiting for the day when GotWay (only they can do this) come up with a two or three person unicycle so I can lose the bike entirely.
  10. The wider 3" mten3 tire help beginners stay on the wheel longer at low speed. Beginners try to go as slow as they can for fear of falling over at speed. The longer they can stay on the wheel the faster they seem to pick up balancing on the unicycle. The MCM5's 2.125" wide tire takes a bit of skill to ride at slow speed. @chrisjunlee has an MCM5 800wh for sale for $800 if you want to go that route.
  11. MCM5 is not a good learning wheel. I've taught friends on all my wheels and the mten3 was the easiest for beginners. The MCM5 was the hardest for them.
  12. Update: I've commuted for a week on my modded MCM5. I am satisfied the mod. Starting phase two; clean, seal, and make presentable. Some observations: The 'fake' air vents on the MCM5 actually does vent some air through the channel. The opening is not very big. But it's there at the top vent on both end. The handle post doesn't drain out of shell. Will have to make sure water doesn't get into the handle holes. Added plastic trim to holding and gripping handle easier. Painted pedals matte black and removed the silver intake tabs from the slots. It didn't really serve any function other than looks. I might put black/silver reflectors in the slots. Next is making a rubber mud flap for the rear.
  13. The glue fumes will help you forget the cold and rain.
  14. You should wipe rain drops off the GoPro every once in awhile. You have at least one hand free to do so. An impressive commute! Just wait til it is both rainy and cold. Maybe hook up an air hose from the EUC to run warm mosfet air up your leg and into your jacket.
  15. Can’t wait for Apple AR glasses so we can see wheel parameters in front while riding.
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