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  1. You fix it yet? The cracked inner shell was definitely the problem. I replaced mine and it rides better than ever. I knew we had the same problem! Good Timing!
  2. First. I'm not Mr. Tsquare who started this thread. My 18L also started shaking this morning just like in the video. Second , my board isn't loose. My whole case is loose because the plastic the pedal arms mount to broke away from the case.
  3. so I think I figured mine out. I ride hard too and have 3000 miles on this wheel. Turns out the plastic mold that mounts the case to the pedal arms finally fractured away from the case. basically my wheel and my case were barley held together causing the board to freak out. check for fractures to rule this out if you ride hard
  4. My 18L started doing this too this morning! it rides fine at speed but shakes violently at slow speeds. I've written Jason at ewheels and will share any info I get when he gets back to me.
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