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  1. I bought it in Hong Kong through China Taobao, but I don’t know where to buy it in Europe or the United States. I am sorry.
  2. Today I tested the Kingson 16X, driving 35 kilometers with an average speed of 25 to 30 kilometers per hour (because I am not fully charged, but out of the box), 35PSI (I like higher tire pressure), my weight is 133 pounds. The firmware is v1.01. Feeling acceleration and torque better than 84v Nikola, feeling closer to GT16 (of course GT16 is more flexible) In fact, I prefer GT16 but due to lack of driving distance GT16 can only be used in the city, Ks16X is quieter, but I need time to adapt to KS16X I am very satisfied with the performance of 16X and no other users. Btw IOS system support is very poor, power and voltage can not be used, because other users report, and I am not fully charged, so I dare not try high-speed driving (35), this is because the firmware caused me psychological shadow
  3. If I don't guess the error, you can stand on the 18L and then calibration, so you don't have a strong vibration when driving. But it is very likely that when you start 18L, it will vibrate. For your safety, I still recommend a new shell.
  4. This is my guess because there is a crack in the connection between the outer casing and the pedal arm. When you drive, the outer casing and the motor and control board are inconsistent and produce strong vibration.
  5. Most of this violent vibration problem comes from the L-shaped column.
  6. Your riding style may be due to the looseness of the shaft nut (Because I am a Hong Kong person, my English is not good, I hope you understand what I mean.) https://youtu.be/wYrR5PubvmE
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