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  1. I tried a old pair of crutches, which allowed me to mount and go slowly forward. This might be the answer.
  2. Received it today and already questioning my choice. It's so small I can't get the leverage with my legs that everybody depends on while learning. At this point I can't imagine I'll ever be able to ride it.
  3. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision, but I just ordered a MTen 3. It seems others enjoy this wheel when even after they purchase other wheels. With the 3 inch tubeless tire and small profile it seems to make sense to me as a beginning wheel. I appreciate everybody's opinion on this matter.
  4. So with this in mind what wheel would be preferred to learn the skillset but retain the best resale in the event of failing this pursuit?
  5. This dilemma is exactly why I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet. Buy a lower end model and it might hinder your learning curve or buy a higher quality one and if you can't learn the skillset you have just wasted a couple thousand dollars.
  6. My understanding from other members is that it provides more stability on the gravel road and trails that I will be operating it on. I live in a rural area of Nebraska.
  7. Well no Black Friday deals to sway me. I'm thinking a 3 inch tire and a cover to protect it from damage during the learning phase. Not too many to choose from that meets that criteria. NZ makes the neoprene covers for the KS, but the 16X is the only one with a 3 inch tire. Inmotion comes with covers but not a 3 inch tire. It's a good thing my OneWheel is keeping me entertained during this process. Maybe that's all I need.
  8. I have not considered pedal size as a factor. I have noticed that no one has mentioned physical size as a factor. Wheel size yes. The larger is more stable along with tire size.
  9. I still haven't purchased a beginning wheel. Waiting for Black Friday deals if there are any. My OneWheel keeps me entertained for now. Considering the new v8f, but for the money ($100 more) the v10 is a better buy. Any more thoughts on the subject?
  10. Ok, with that input lets compare the MSX with the Nikola for a beginners wheel.
  11. Thanks for all of your input, So I will replace the v10 ($1300) with the Nikola. So now it's between the MSX, Nicola and KS16X.
  12. Ok, I'm down to the MSX, V10 or KS16X. Any more thoughts from the experienced?
  13. Again thanks for everyone’s input. Distance has not entered into the equation. No general purpose outside of the experience. I’ve been a bicycle/motorcyclist my whole life and enjoy the stimulus of feeling directly connected with your environment.
  14. I appreciate everyone’s insight. The V8 is also on my short list as it is a reasonable investment and those who have one keep it after they upgrade. My only concern is the narrow tire on gravel and trails as this is where I would be learning.
  15. I have researched this issue to the point I'm more undecided than ever. I'm 64 years old 220 lbs. My riding environment is rural off road and gravel roads. I have a ONE WHEEL that I struggled learning to ride and am still not very confident on it. I would like to try a EUC but don't want my learning curve to be hindered by the wrong EUC. I have read every available thread and viewed every video on the subject and i'm still undecided. Money is not a concern for the right wheel. As I struggle with the ONE WHEEL I am sure the struggle on the EUC will be overwhelming. It is this premonition that I am seeking the counsel of this forum. If I purchase one I want to have all the mechanical advantages available so the only excuse is my abilities. Thanks in advance for all your insights.
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