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  1. That would make sense and also explain why riding the MTen is easier because the speed required to maximise the gyro effect is at a much lower threshold due to it's 10 inch wheel. I think what Shane suggested is also valid. I need to spend more time on the MTen and develop my skillset before moving to a larger wheel. At 64 years of age I am very careful to not risk falling off because I don't bounce any more, I break.
  2. I'm 5'8 and 220 lbs. I purchased a Mten 3 as a first wheel. After a slow but progressive learning curve I can operate it with nervous confidence. Speeds have not exceeded 5-8 mph. I recently decided to purchase a larger wheel due to the instability I was experiencing with the Mten. My thoughts were that since I have the basics down I would progress faster with a larger wheel. I decided to purchase a V10 because of it's 2K motor and reputation of being a very stable wheel. After a week with the V10 I think I have made a very bad decision. I can go maybe 3 feet before losing control. All the weight feels like its at the very top of the wheel and any degree of off center causes it to fall over. Due to its weight I am not able to recover. The torque feels absent compared to the Mten The Mten is unstable but carry's its weight low and corrections are very easy. Any suggestions would be welcome. Is there a larger wheel that has the same characteristics of the Mten? (weight low and high torque)
  3. After a lot of research and help from this forum I purchased a Mten as a first wheel. My rationale was it’s a wheel I can enjoy during and after the learning phase as you can operate it at a very slow speed (almost at a stand still) so the falling offs aren’t so dramatic. I’m now looking for my next wheel and for $1000 the V10 is looking very attractive. You get a 2.5 tire and a 2000 motor. The only hesitation is the 650 battery. Distance is not my goal as recreation is how it will be used, but safety is. So this is my only hesitation on purchasing. (I’m the same weight as the OP) But if I do, I will have two wheels for the price of one of the unit’s discussed here.
  4. I am surprised very few mentioned the V10 as a first wheel. It is $800 to $1000 dollars less expensive than the wheels mentioned. Is it really that bad?
  5. One of my considerations in choosing a new wheel is ease of changing or repairing tires. Which wheel is the simplest to change or repair a tire?
  6. I tried a old pair of crutches, which allowed me to mount and go slowly forward. This might be the answer.
  7. Received it today and already questioning my choice. It's so small I can't get the leverage with my legs that everybody depends on while learning. At this point I can't imagine I'll ever be able to ride it.
  8. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision, but I just ordered a MTen 3. It seems others enjoy this wheel when even after they purchase other wheels. With the 3 inch tubeless tire and small profile it seems to make sense to me as a beginning wheel. I appreciate everybody's opinion on this matter.
  9. So with this in mind what wheel would be preferred to learn the skillset but retain the best resale in the event of failing this pursuit?
  10. This dilemma is exactly why I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet. Buy a lower end model and it might hinder your learning curve or buy a higher quality one and if you can't learn the skillset you have just wasted a couple thousand dollars.
  11. My understanding from other members is that it provides more stability on the gravel road and trails that I will be operating it on. I live in a rural area of Nebraska.
  12. Well no Black Friday deals to sway me. I'm thinking a 3 inch tire and a cover to protect it from damage during the learning phase. Not too many to choose from that meets that criteria. NZ makes the neoprene covers for the KS, but the 16X is the only one with a 3 inch tire. Inmotion comes with covers but not a 3 inch tire. It's a good thing my OneWheel is keeping me entertained during this process. Maybe that's all I need.
  13. I have not considered pedal size as a factor. I have noticed that no one has mentioned physical size as a factor. Wheel size yes. The larger is more stable along with tire size.
  14. I still haven't purchased a beginning wheel. Waiting for Black Friday deals if there are any. My OneWheel keeps me entertained for now. Considering the new v8f, but for the money ($100 more) the v10 is a better buy. Any more thoughts on the subject?
  15. Ok, with that input lets compare the MSX with the Nikola for a beginners wheel.
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