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  1. I'm down to buy some as well! Looks amazing!
  2. I'm thinking about flying to Japan on Space-A flight, which allows my EUC. How are the laws in Japan regarding EUC and how is the wind on Okinawa? Would love to meet-up!
  3. how big of wheel could you carry on?
  4. Paid for my Pevra membership yesterday. I'm down for all these rides, I live in Vegas, but don't have a car- I also have an apartment with plenty of open space if anyone needs a place to crash. I am able to get a vehicle into Red Rock for free with my veterans card, so if you could pick me up for that one, i could get you in free. -Could use a pickup for all the rides, but will find a way to get there no matter what.
  5. Hey, I'm a fairly new rider but skilled enough to do some long rides here in Vegas. Would enjoy having somebody to ride with. I'm in Summerlin area, haven't seen any riders here yet, but I've heard stories of other riders XD also has anyone had any problems with the police? I'm often chased by security guards but haven't had any problems with the police yet...
  6. So i follow received a message back from the Air Force Base here in Vegas - And its super positive! I can basically fly around the world using military flights! Not sure if there is a broader euc forum to share this on, could be really helpful for some. Feel free to share!
  7. Totally not worth the time on most orders, but for some you literally have to pick-up the order and cross the street...I like lazy people in that regard:) Yes, I'd wouldn't mind teaching people, but would be worried about liability issues, and they def wouldn't use my nikola
  8. Made a few bucks on my Nikola, been doing a few postmates runs here and there. Today had to deliver an apple watch, which was unusual as normally it's been food items, but it paid a lil extra and I could take my time with the delivery. Got to ride thru town seeing new sights, Vegas is pretty bike friendly for the most part, but a few sketch parts. Don't know how fossil fueled postmates drivers make any money! posted a short vid of it on insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Y-LvGHHmK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. @Rywokast It's a military flight from an Air Force Base. Space-A is open to disabled veterans such as myself, meaning if they have space on a specific flight I could jump on.
  10. if they did allow it - would it be safe? or is this a potential note 9 explosion x 1000
  11. Asking them now, thanks:)
  12. What do you guys think of this? Could I travel around the world on my EUC using Space A flights? Would it be safe to bring my EUC on a flight? My disability is not related to mobility, so I'm not sure if they would allow it or give me hard time. JAPAN would be lit!!!
  13. The beep I was getting mostly was at 30kph and it wouldn't stop until I dropped in speed. Found out how to disable it on app, was listed as tier 1 alarm I think. Haven't found anybody in Vegas to ride with, checked meet-up for some events and there is nothing, might need to get one going. Feel like I'm the only EUC rider here, but one person I ran into said he's seen somebody else cruising around on one, the hunt for a riding buddy begins
  14. So I went from wanting to sell the wheel to never wanting to let it go...appreciate you guys! Been riding around a lot and tonight had some positive and negative adventures. On positive side I'm meeting lots of new people, and made some new friends. Think I've sold a few people on buying a wheel, need to get my affiliate going so I can pay off the loan on mine:0 On the negative side I was chased by security guards through a casino parking lot: one was on bike and one was on electric three wheel scooter. They were screaming at me to 'get out!'. The Casino is place I normally go to play poker and gamble a bit, was scouting it out on the and getting comfortable with driving in the area. Before the chase began I drove up to the guy on the scooter at walking speed and jokingly said do you want to 'race?'. On refection I probably shouldn't have done that but was driving super slow and being safe and just joking with him and didn't speed off, rode directly to the entrance from their to see if i could. They probably saw me as a risk, but I wasn't doing anything crazy and driving below speed limit. Almost want to complain to management, but I'm probably in the wrong even though it didn't feel that way. Was definitely triggered because instead of just talking to me they chased me and were screaming. I was being ultra cautious and not harming anybody and wanted to return to the casino but now I'm not feeling safe about it. Had anxiety attack on the wheel and got a bit shaky, had to stop and find place to sit down for awhile. On the bright side of the chase, I smoked them, not even a contest and even decided to rub it in a bit doing loops around them i wasn't a dick until they provoked me (imo). Need to make sure I'm a positive member of community and not making euc riders look bad. My apologize for the negative parts!
  15. went for pretty chill late night ride, didn't want to get off, every now and then I need to stop because my feet fall asleep (like when you sit on toilet too long) not sure it's my shoes or position- today was the first day I got beeps, they scarred me a bit, came back and did some research trying to find out what they mean- is this a correct guide? (also watched the respect the beep video by miami) first speed alarm, 2 beeps per second second speed alarm, 3 beeps per second third speed alarm, 4 beeps per second 80% power alarm, 5 beeps per second(continuously non-stop beeping without pause) less than 7.2km/h, low voltage,1 beep every 2 seconds less than 14.4km/h, low voltage, 2 beeps every 2 seconds more than 14.4km/h, low voltage, 3 beeps every 2 seconds hall sensor defect, 2 beeps every 1/2 seconds PCB high temperature alarm, 2 short beep 2 seconds, tilt back to get rider off the EUC, tilting back and forward after stopped extreme low voltage power on,1 beep 1 second,totally 5 beep fall down,1 beep 1 second, total of 5 beeps over voltage, 3 short beep 2 second, tilt back when riding downhill The one that worried me the most was the three beeps, I wasn't going that fast, but was trying to accelerate rapidly
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