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  1. Is pretty large unexpected cost for sure, feel like I'm gonna hit 1k miles in no time. Like he said though hopefully Nikola shell is stronger. Wondering if there is a list of maintenance cost for these wheels: after 1k mile tire change, shell change, anything of that nature.
  2. Wow, that's unexpected expense. Don't think I would of bought my wheel if I saw this post earlier. What do you need reshelling for? If I leave my pads on, would that decrease my chances of needing to be reshelled? What other things can I do to minimize cost of maintenance.
  3. Kinda new to forums. Is there a link to Marty's Nikola thread, or how would I go about finding it? (regarding $12 pedal upgrade)
  4. @Marty Backe If you replaced the board, how come your Nikola is un-rideable?
  5. @Rywokast Such as this: https://www.amazon.com/Zwish-Skateboard-Longboard-Waterproof-Sandpaper/dp/B072DRD8XX/ref=pd_day0_hl_468_4/146-5349893-8087659?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B072DRD8XX&pd_rd_r=f18a1362-a4e3-11e9-ae3b-b73822b38340&pd_rd_w=e8f1f&pd_rd_wg=3Kd3D&pf_rd_p=ad07871c-e646-4161-82c7-5ed0d4c85b07&pf_rd_r=PC6VZ5BAQC5KA3S3M94M&refRID=PC6VZ5BAQC5KA3S3M94M think I could find it cheaper at a retail store? by pulling the rubber off, you mean remove the current grips from the pedals?
  6. @Patton250 no idea, but I'm pretty sure I saw a cheap fix in the forums, going be looking for it.
  7. Day 3 of riding. Was able to ride in new areas: road on bike lane to restaurant , through parks on pavement, and a few other places. Little bumps/grooves/distortions in the road really hard to control right now even at low speeds. The Nikola starts to feel different when I'm riding straight for long periods, like its higher up or the pedals are different spot, maybe my legs falling asleep or muscles getting used to the new feelings. really need to figure out the $1 fix for slipping off the pedals as that seems to be a big issue now. Even little bits of water really make riding hard. Going dig through forum for the info on pedal fix, think it was in this one. No injuries except i lifted it up with the trolley arm, and the wheel went crazy and spun into me when i set it down, need to make sure to lift it by handle with button pressed so wheel doesn't spin. Overall its fun, but think I should of gotten a scooter or bike :0 Getting lots of attention and meeting new people. Put a lil video on my instagram: zenleegaming. Do any of you have Ig i can follow?
  8. @Marty Backe I received my new board for Nikola, have you not received yours yet? When you do, are you going to make a video on the installation process?
  9. @DrakeParagon I'm no my 2nd day riding. Today I went to a park and couldn't get the wheel moving from stop, was so frustrated wanted to quit. But went back to enclosed tennis court, and got some good practice in there. I'm only wearing wrist pads and helmet, but not moving too fast. Lots of videos on yt, been doing the exercises in this one.
  10. My Nikola is pretty heavy, how many more lbs you think the plus will be?
  11. Even if I can't master riding the wheel, think I'm going to wheel it around like I do... I've have had more people approach me in the last 2 days than the last 20 years of my life!
  12. @Marty Backe did you elaborate on what the different modes do in your video? I may have missed that part. Been going back and re-watching videos from my new perspective. if not could you briefly lmk what they're - assuming soft would be best for beginner such as myself? I have mine on the highest setting, as I'm having trouble getting going from standing/skateboard start.
  13. @meepmeepmayer yes same here, all foamed up, looks like a silly device. Took Nikola out for a morning spin. Gave up at the park, couldn't skate it too a start, and grass was wet so kept slipping. Hard to get it going, not sure if my low weight requires me to push it hard which then causes me to lose balance easier. Went back to tennis court, feel I made a little progress with the starting stopping, very very difficult, feels like wheel had mind of its own sometimes. My body is still calibrating to it, have to stay zen, because it can be very frustrating. Doesn't seem like a good idea to ride one of these! The gotway app seems rather basic as well, haven't noticed any difference between soft, medium, hard modes. Going walk to Rubios and get some fish tacos, need a lot of protein for recovery!
  14. @Marty Backe looks amazing! The idea of riding in red rock was part of my motivation for getting a ewheel. I'm down, going sign up when i recoup some cash. Might be willing to open up my apartment for people to crash in if needed.
  15. @Rywokasttwo totally different people asked that, caught me off guard, maybe because of all the pads or something...
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