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  1. Yeah they look very dodgy indeed. But eventually they wear to nothing but airless excess baggage with nothing in them. The good thing is, the more you ride with them, the more you wear them down, the more you wear them down the more you have to stabilise yourself and really learn to balance. To be honest I think it’s mind over matter, just knowing somethings there is a little comfort for the confidence.
  2. Best mindset for learning is: 'everytime i get on its going to end with a crash, and pain, so prepare yourself' and when you get to a point when that doesnt happen: 1) Your learning 2) You have made progress 3)It get easier Just wished I was wearing the 'Yes I know How It Looks' T-Shirt and some L Plates
  3. As it stands, I dont need them on at all, as I have the confidence now and a little more skill and control on the wheel now. It was a mad idea completely out the norm that got me going, so this idea was a god send!
  4. Ive only got a floor bike pump anyway so I wouldn't get much more pressure out of it.
  5. Indeed! Very much so! Feels solid.
  6. For the first time in my life I have experienced the sensation where you have to really twist your hips to turn tight corners, and really lean forward to go up steep hills etc, only something Im learning now! Anyway, will let you know how I progress!
  7. Yeah sorry, move as you wish. I dont know any EUC riders nor had a go on any other EUC but my way has helped tremendously, as ridiculous as it may seem, it works and has increased my enthusiasm and now I cant wait to get back on! Thought I would share as I know you guys like anything out the ordinary lol!
  8. Yeah I knew about that one, but there was a little too much DIY involved, my way is just like puncturing an air bag very slowly until nothing left haha!
  9. Hi All, After struggling to stabilise on my E+ and getting very frustrated, I knew I needed a way around this other than everything thats been thought of and mentioned so far. Still I was struggling. So I had a crazy brain wave, and its soo daft but works so well. So here it is 'The Bubble Wrap and Tape Method' So simple and I have gone by far the furthest I have ever gone and my confidence is 1000% more than before. I just rolled a load of bubble wrap up into a roll and taped around it using pretty much a whole roll of tape, and taped the roll to each paddle of my wheel. If its too thick, simply get a sharp instrument and prick it to the desired thickness (as air escapes). As you get more confident, just prick it more and eventually the bubble wrap rolla are nothing more than flat air bags and you can just pull them off. The idea is just soo ridiculous, but it really does work! So anyone struggling, try it, you may look a right weirdo but you will be amazed! just keep adding more tape if needed. I got 100m of tape for £1! Bargain! It works and i'm amazed quite frankly! Alex
  10. Hi All, I have had my Ninebot E+ for a good few months, and has only travelled meters not miles. I am really struggling to learn on my own and sadly doesnt have a shoulder to fall on haha! I am really struggling with balance and falling off as soon as I move off. I have tried several techniques, tips and watched countless youtube videos and still I cannot master it. So was wondering if there was anyone preferably in the southeast of uk that would be willing to give me a booster session and get me going, will pay cash for a session, can meet in London somewhere like a park or something if easier. If anyone could help please drop me a message. Thank you
  11. Decided to keep and give it another go....
  12. No pictures at yet but will post soon once i have pulled off all the padding and cleaned it up. Total millage is about 180miles. Excellent battery. Collection only.
  13. Selling my Ninebot E+ as too hard to learn on my own. Sensible offers over £200 thanks you.
  14. Okay, so its something like day 5 or 6 maybe. Now, i just walked by my ninebot in the house and see it propped up, and thought 'hey lets switch it on and have another go / try of one foot on the ground, one foot on wheel' literally knowing I cant do this yet, but somehow, i dont know how, its really weird but i can do the full semi-circles now, and now full circles with one foot on ground and one on pedal just spinning as I please. I can really feel the tension in my foot trying to keep a good firm grip of the pedal one footed, taking a little break now, but later on going to try practicing this again. How this happened I have no idea because ive been struggling. But today I can actually do a practice excersise. Very weird indeed!
  15. I will take the deeper pad off and look under, I suspect its a mod! Edit: Just checked and the bottom of the pad had come away from the ninebot, probably when i fell off it. I have pushed it back in place now and both sides symmetrical now! Thanks for the heads up!
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