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  1. My 84 V 1600wh board is on the top 84v 650wh top 84v 600wh top 84v 1300wh top 84v 1600wh top 84v 2100wh side bottom 100V 1230wh top 100V 1845wh side bottom
  2. In Hong Kong, My distributor said all version have Black Version. Also my distributor he is friend of Gotway Boss. He get the newest information directly. I confused between Plan A: 84V 1600wh White or Plan B: 100V 1845wh Black but my distributor said there are Plan C: 84V 1600wh Black 7 days before so i order it, only 7 days, it come to Hong Kong from China
  3. Yeah!!! My 84V 1600wh Black Version (official black, not painted)!! Next, I change better fan later.
  4. OK, i will ask my distributor for this. OH! I forget this. My distributor he is friend of the boss of Gotway !! The Man who drive Nikola plus with seat he is the Boss of Gotway. HK distributor who drive red Monster. They go Tibet last month.
  5. Yes, but only few money about ~$20 US dollars handling charge, you can bring your fan to him to install Thank you Chriull, you are professional, In my mind you look like computer engineer Um.. not broken (sorry my bad english ) just not work. The fan doesn't work which make the board and mosfect overheat I just find the famous fan brand at computer and Industry forum last hour. ( Noctua ) Many computer forum say this is best fan brand Um.., I try buy two of this fan and give my distributor to install. Thank you Chriull ,meepmeepmayer I will take photo after I buying the Nikola and setting up the fans. (About August middle)
  6. Thank you meepmeepmayer I know what i want now. (New)84V Nikola have the same board, motor and battery of 100V Nikola. (New)84V is more cheaper. So I will buy (New)84V Nikola at the end of this month. OK, More question (Haha, sorry i am very bothering ) My distributor tell me that the original "fan" is very weak and very easy to broken He can change fan for me, change from 1 original to 2 New powerful "fan" He already has suggestion of fan but i want ask more suggestion 1. Which brands of "fan" are better quality? (Silverstone: famous computer product brand, Sanyo: Top Japan battery brand....or other?) 2. "12V" and "4 Pin" Fan is it? 3. How many "rpm" (rounds per minute) should use? Is it more bigger more better? (10000 rpm?!) *** I understand more bigger "rpm" more louder but the wheel driven more louder than the fan*** 4. How to set the fan? ( blow to board? opposite direction to board? or set on the Heat dissipation metal?)
  7. Thank you Chriull 1. Is it same board ? (new)84 Nikola and 100V Nikola 2. If they are same board and motor, (new) 84V and 100V have same performance in 20 kph up hill and down hill, Is it? 3. If same board, I don't know what benefit can 100V provide in 20kph? Sorry too many question. I will order the end of this month, so I want make sure what I want.
  8. I want to buy New Nikola but I don't know (New Board)84V or 100V would be better? For my case * I use it to up hill and down hill on off road more than flat city road * I don't use it for speed 40 or 50 kmh just only run 15-25 kmh for "Safety" The distributor tells me that 100V have more power to up hill. He means more power to overcome any obstruction (rock or big angle) that mean more safety. Is it right? Another issue my concern is "heat" less heat mean good environment for electronic board Is it 100V more heat than 84V? or Higher voltage means less current, Less current mean less heat? My physics not good, Which one is correct?
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