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  1. Hello everyone ! The KS-16X is my first wheel ever and so far I love it a lot. I’ve ridden for two days, it took me 6 hours by myself to comfortably ride it. I do have however questions to ask (I’m 70kg/154lbs, running on the CX tire at 35 psi, firmware v1.06) 1) The tire feels very comfortable to ride, however bumps and uneven terrain will throw me off balance and I have to ride at very low speed to avoid falling. How can I prevent this ? Does it just come with experience? 2) I still don’t know how to ride past 25kmh/15mph as you might expect, the wheel wobbles because I’m still new at this. How do I deal with this ? I tried to squeeze the wheel harder with my legs but it still wobbles. I had wobbles early on with my electric skateboard, but they were easier to manage and I could quickly go over 40kmh/24mph
  2. Hello everyone, I can see a soft red light shining through the shell in the front of the wheel, is this normal ?https://imgur.com/a/vpmrnpQ
  3. Is this wheel fine as my only wheel ? I have an electric skateboard for shorter trips, to get groceries etc..
  4. I know lithium batteries perform poorly in cold weather, but should I expect any permanent damage ?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm a student and I wanted the KS16X to be my first wheel, it's quite an investment but I needed a better mean of transportation. This thread has got me really worried, should I just cancel my order and get something else ? I really can't afford to waste 2k
  6. Oh now that I think about it, EUCs can get quite pricey. Do they last long ? What’s the lifespan of a wheel with moderate use (less than 10km/day)? As a student, I can’t afford to buy one every year unfortunately
  7. Little update : I am getting the KS-16X instead ! Hope it's a comfortable ride..
  8. The comfortable ride on the V10F seems like a huge selling point for me. I can't tell how many times I fell off my electric skateboard because of a tiny pothole and/or bad roads in general. I really want to experience something smooth, being able to ride at a good speed without having to look at everything that might make me fall. EDIT: With that being said, for that price, I'm really tempted with the Tesla for its range. Would it be possible to do food delivery with it ?
  9. Alright, my mind is set, I’m getting the V10F. Thank you everyone !
  10. Now I'm wondering whether to get the V10F or the Gotway Tesla 1020 :/
  11. Hello everyone, I’m want to buy my first EUC, and I’m unsure of which one to get. I have ridden many different types of vehicules in my city, such as a bike, an electric scooter, an electric skateboard and finally a motorbike. However none of these mode of transport seem as convenient as an EUC. I want to change from my electric skateboard because the roads are really bad and I don’t really get a lot of range out of it. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to learn ? Well at least I hope. A friend let me try his OneWheel and I could ride it instantly. Now for the V8 or the V10. Is the extra range and extra speed worth it on the V10 ? I am kinda scared of it because I’ve read it is quite heavy and hard to handle. I live in Brussels, the roads are bad and there are quite a lot of slopes, would the V8 struggle ? I need the wheel to get my groceries, go to work, but most importantly ride for fun with my dad. P.S: I’m 5’9 , 150lbs
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