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  1. Thanks Jia. Did FedEx tracking update your delivery date real time so you knew the new date... Or did it just show up 2 days 'late'?
  2. So update on this. Just got a FedEx tracking number with status "Shipment information sent to FedEx". Estimated delivery supposed to be Wednesday. However that status has not budged in 48hrs. Can anyone weigh in on if this is a sign that the wheel is indeed close to be in country and will likely be in the hands of FedEx soon...or could I potentially be waiting in this phase until the wheel actually gets to CA (which could potentially take a couple more weeks). How far ahead does FedEx allow shipment notices ...what happens if they've been notified of a shipment but dont actually have anything it pick up yet ...do they cancel the number or does it stay open in limbo until the shipment is actually ready to be picked up.
  3. Then I need more ppl to get a wheel from China and join my shipment !!!
  4. Hello, if you're in the US and have ordered a wheel from AliExpress (Green Fashion store preferably), do you mind sharing your experience on shipping times. Would you mind sharing State and time to delivery from date ordered. 15-20 days to the East coast sounds too good to be true and am just looking to set expectations based on what others have experienced. I assume the wheel would come via ship freight to California (and this is likely the biggest variable as I assume the sellers would like to consolidate as many orders together when shipping freight), once landed in CA I assume this is where I can expect an actual FedEx or UPS tracking number with a high confidence of 4-5 days right? Thanks in advance for any feedback. In case youre wondering why not Ewheels...they don't carry the wheel I'm interested in.
  5. Ninebot Z10 and figure why so many control boards fry, and the battery vampire drain
  6. I've heard that Ninebot now ships to dealers/overseas with the batteries disconnected. One dealer I spoke to recently says it'll ship disconnected and they'll provided instructions on how to connect for new buyers.
  7. Thanks. Just checked the website. Is that $1899 CANADIAN w/ 1 yr warranty?
  8. Hey, would you mind sharing who you ordered from? I'm on the fence between the Z10 or KS 16x for a first wheel...but really like the Z aesthetics and was only really concerned with the old batch and warranty issues
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