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  1. Not sure, but the wheel is only a few months old and from ewheels so I’d assume the new one.
  2. No, sorry. I only have the King Song App. And it rarely connects on it's own. I have to manually open the app every time, and it usually disconnects again when I lock my phone.
  3. No dipping, it just shut off and went limp. I was still accelerating yes. I was leaning into it pretty hard. The wheel is sitting at about 850 miles.
  4. Mine used to do that too. I figured out it was the trolley handle sensor and disabled it. The Trolley handle sensor won't turn off the wheel while its moving, so don't worry about it dumping you at speed. But if you don't use it, you can disable the feature in the app. You'll just have to remember to shut the wheel off before picking it up.
  5. So it finally happened. One of my hobbies got the better of me. Two weeks ago, I was riding my King Song 18XL on my lunch break. I was on a park road that leads to the bike trail. The speed limit was 25mph and there was a car in front of me. He started slowing down (probably checking me out), until we were doing about 10mph. So I decided to pass. I leaned into it and as I pulled up alongside him the wheel beeped once and turned off. I was probably up to about 25mph. Usually, if I get too aggressive, the wheel beeps a few times and tilts me back. This time it just quit. Next thing I know I'm sliding across the pavement with the wheel tumbling past my head. Luckily I was wearing all my protective gear so my helmet, elbow pads and wrist guards took most of the impact. Minor Road Rash, Bruised hip, Separated Shoulder. I'm having surgery next week to repair the shoulder. The wheel has a broken trolley handle and a few scrapes, but fired right back up. Battery was at 80%. Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/WGwaOuj Wheel is a little beat up, but otherwise fine. The Pads took some battle damage. That shouldn't be there....=P
  6. Went on my first trail ride on the beautiful High Trestle Trail in Madrid, Iowa. The trail is a re-purposed train track and has a really cool bridge over the Des Moines River. Since this video, I've gotten much better and more confident. I've found some really great trails closer to home I'll likely share in a future video.
  7. Thanks! I think you are right. Took the wheel out again and I was fine for a while but it started back up again towards the end. I noticed on smoother surfaces everything was fine. But on a bumpier road (especially riding into the wind) I started to wobble again. I think my foot position has a bit to do with it as well. My mounts are getting better but still not great. I’m sometimes uneven and I have a hard time adjusting my foot position while riding. I’m pretty sure I just need time and practice to build up the correct leg muscles and coordination. In the meantime, I’m having a blast!
  8. Hey folks, new rider here. Got my first wheel a few days ago and finally got the courage up to go for a long ride. At first I had the wheel limited to 18mph. But after a while I I was feeling confident and decided to bump it up a bit. So I set it to 24mph mostly to stop the constant “please decelerate” warning. Everything went fine until I got towards the end of the the ride (about 30 miles). I then noticed at certain speeds (I think around 18-20) the wheel would pick up a side-to-side wobble for no apparent reason. I’d slow down and it would go away. At first it was slight (2-3 degrees) but eventually it got so bad I was afraid I was going to get thrown off. When I got home I checked the battery and it was at 35%. My tire pressure is at 37psi. The ride is set to “Learning Mode” the wheel seems to be straight with no wobble when I spin it. Could it be the lower battery? Maybe my legs getting tired? I’ve got it in the charger now and will test it again once it gets above 50%. But any insight would be appreciated. I’ve attached a few app screenshots for reference.
  9. Hopefully the weather settles down for you. I just got my wheel 2 days ago. I’m starting to get the hang of turning and stopping but I’m still not confident enough to go above 12 mph. Otherwise I’d be willing to go for a ride.
  10. Trying to do the same on the Apple app. Tried both phone number and email to get the verification code but I didn’t get it either way. Even checked my spam folder, nothing.
  11. Hey everyone, another total noob here. This thread has been super useful. I’m glad to be joining such a helpful and welcoming community. I was initially looking at the V-10F and KS-16s for my first wheel. I’d overlooked the MSX and KS-18 as I was worried the bigger wheels would be too hard to learn on. I was watching every review I could find and kept going back and forth but couldn’t make a decision. There a lot of great content on YouTube, but it seemed like nearly every wheel reviewed was the best thing since sliced bread, so not much help there. Now, thanks to you guys and the info you’ve shared in this thread (along with a few suggestions from the subreddit) I’ve settled on the 18XL. I’ll be getting a bodyguard cover and all the required safety gear as well. I also fly a paramotor which uses a super finicky and high strung 2-stroke to propel me through the air, so I know the value of good customer support. It looks like eWheels is the most recommended supplier in the US, so I’ll be ordering from them as soon as I get home from this overseas deployment. If anyone rides in the Des Moines area, hit me up. Wouldn’t mind a few personal pointers when I start learning. Thanks Again!
  12. A shopping cart? That sounds like it might be worth a shot, haha! I'll keep that in mind when I get my wheel.
  13. Hey, I'm about to purchase my first wheel, I'm in East Des Moines (Pleasant Hill), Iowa. Still trying to decide what I want to get. I'm stuck between a KS-16S, KS-18XL, or a V-10F. My primary hobby is flying Paramotors, and I want to use the wheel to get around the airfield during fly-ins and run to the corner store and back. I'll likely ride for fun as well when the weather isn't good for flying. I know I don't need a lot of range for that, but I don't want to buy a wheel and outgrow it too quickly. But I'm also worried if I go with the heavier 18XL I'll have trouble learning on it. The 10F seems to be a good middle ground and it comes with a protective cover which should help minimize the battle scars from learning. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. Though by the age of this post, I'm not holding out too much hope that you'll get back to me in time. Happy riding!
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