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  1. As far as I can understand, it is safe and change the max speed of the Z10. I need android mob and buy a code. is there anything more, apart from the procedure?
  2. When I calibrate Gotway then just beep it and the wheel loses power. As if it is turned off, but the light is still on. Then I turn it on and off, and it beeps twice so just beeps it in one. then I have to turn on and off, and then it is like normal. Is this correct ?
  3. I wondered how I could turn off the alarm for speed and I found out. But have problems with tiltback not working. Does anyone have any advice? And where can I send Gotway for repair in Oslo?
  4. Jeg kjører Gotway MCM5 og bruker Gotway appen, og der kan jeg kun slå av enten alarm 1 eller alarm 2. Ikke begge to samtidig.
  5. In English please Jeg kjører Gotway MCM5. Jeg har iPhone, så får ikke brukt WheelLog-appen. Er det noen andre apper jeg kan bruke ? Google Translate: I drive Gotway MCM5. I have an iPhone, so I can't use the WheelLog app. Are there any other apps I can use?
  6. Hey, is there any way and change / remove pipeline / notice? Gotway my beeps / alerts when I get up to 20+ km / h. Thanks for all your help.
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