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  1. @Rywokast I remember when I was trying to choose my first EUC you recommended getting one from aliexpress, as you had gotten them from there before. I ordered a Kingsong 18XL from Ali and I've never had any issues with it. Its still the only wheel I own, and i ride it every day. I love it. I guess just make sure it's a reputable seller on aliexpress? I'm hoping to get another wheel this year, perhaps a gotway, and if I can I'll order on Ali because its significantly cheaper than buying them from a local vendor here in Canada
  2. So if you decide to buy a wheel other than kingsong from aliexpress (like a gotway, or inmotion) they should work fine, and you wouldn't need to worry about any of this?
  3. @bigwave I updated the firmware to 2.0 today and took it for a brief test ride. So far I think I like it, i notice some differences, but all good I feel! I think it has better acceleration and I can keep it at higher speeds easier! Thanks again!
  4. @ShanesPlanet did you ever resolve this somehow? Im wondering if I should update my ks18xl to 2.0 or not. I'll be using the EUC world app
  5. Thanks I appreciate your input. While I love my 18XL, I spend half my time off roading, and there have been many inclines and situations where I wished I had something more powerful. Although I've never even been on a group ride so it's not like I've ever tried any other wheels than my Kingsong. So I'm hoping MSP has got a lot more power and torque. @bigwave Thanks for linking me to that thread, most things about the new firmware look good, although the thing I see pop up a few times is people who say that after updating that it limited their speed again to very slow. Did you experience this when you updated your wheel?
  6. @bigwave Huh so maybe not so bad after all! No I haven't updated the firmware to 2.0. Should I? My kingsong app doesn't work but I think I can do that through the EUC world app
  7. @bigwave Hey thanks! I checked my serial number and it doesn't have a ZX lol So mine must be before they beefed up the motor. I guess that begs a new question, what was the motor on the older ones. Maybe I can find that info online
  8. Hey I just have a quick question if anyone could enlighten me. I have a Kingsong 18xl that I got last summer. It was my first wheel and still my only wheel, i love it. But there's one thing I'm trying to figure out. I read somewhere that the later ks18xl wheels in production were given stronger motors. Either 2000w or 2200w I cant remember. How do I tell what motor my current 18XL has? Is there some way to see it on the EUC world app or something? The reason I want to know, is if I know what motor mine has, it can give me a better idea if I want something like a KS S18 to be my next wheel because I'm fine with the power it has, or if I should go the route of MSP. Hopefully someone could help with that! Thanks!
  9. Hey thanks! So the "experient mode' (as it says on my app lol) uses more power, therefore less range? Very interesting to hear that you ride on "riding mode". I figured that everyone rode on the "experient mode", but I was pleasantly surprised when I started playing around with "riding mode"
  10. Im curious to see what other people think of the 3 different riding modes you can choose between on the Kingsong wheels, and how it affects the performance, and the feeling of riding, and also importantly which mode you prefer to ride on? I ride a Kingsong 18XL, which is my first wheel, and the one i've learned to ride on. So far I've ridden the entire time completely on "experient mode", with the exception of trying learner mode while I was learning. Recently I've been playing around with the settings and have been trying "riding mode" I can notice some difference between these modes, and I'm not sure which one I like more now. Anyways, what are your thoughts/ experiences?
  11. 3 days in and I've got more than 100 km behind me! I feel like im picking it up fairly quick. I'm whizzing around everywhere, on road and off road, every so often trying new things to see what I'm capable of doing. I feel like a superhero who is just figuring out the extent of his powers lol I'm extremely happy with my purchase, and with how quick it's coming. Although I'm sure there are many many more advanced maneuvers to master with time. Things are going great, and this is some of the most fun I've ever had! Although my legs and especially my feet feel like I just walked across the country on them
  12. After a lengthy battle with UPS to get my parcel, I got my Kingsong 18xl yesterday I padded it up with a camping mat I bought from the dollar store, and today I went out to ride an EUC for the first time ever. I went to an empty park and field, and for the first half hour I nearly never took my hand off the fence for balance. But soon I was going 5, 10, 20 feet without needing to hold on. Eventually I got to the point where I was riding without holding on to anything for a minute straight. It felt amazing progressing and seeing how in about an hour I went from having to hold on to something constantly, to being able to ride through a field as I twisted and turned trying to keep my balance. I can go straight, but turning is gonna take some more practice The only downside is that my cheap camping mat cover is now ruined (better that than the unicycle) and my new wheel took a few tumbles and has some scrapes, but no crazy substantial amount of damage. I left it at that for today, partially because my makeshift cover was ruined, and also because my legs and feet need some rest! Lol I'm making a new cover, hopefully a bit more durable, and will be back out there again tomorrow!
  13. Hey just in case anyone is wondering, after going back and forth more than 50 times, I decided on, and just ordered the Kingsong 18XL Although i think the MSX looks like a beast of a machine, im confident that the 18xl can do everything I need it and want it to do, similar to the msx. And hopefully in a beginner friendly manner! Thank you to everyone who has helped my reach my decision! I will update sometime later
  14. @Benphysics what's the status on your KS18xl? Have you made any progress and got it working?
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