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  1. Hey just in case anyone is wondering, after going back and forth more than 50 times, I decided on, and just ordered the Kingsong 18XL Although i think the MSX looks like a beast of a machine, im confident that the 18xl can do everything I need it and want it to do, similar to the msx. And hopefully in a beginner friendly manner! Thank you to everyone who has helped my reach my decision! I will update sometime later
  2. @Benphysics what's the status on your KS18xl? Have you made any progress and got it working?
  3. So my wheel will be grey imported, (I'm getting it from aliexpress) can I adjust the speed settings with third party apps then? Like WheelLog? @US69 Will anything else be affected if I order a KS18xl from aliexpress.com? I'm also just looking for clarification, thanks!
  4. Anyone know the difference in range between the MSX and ks18xl? I know it's not drastic.
  5. Awesome, it works fine off road and through forests for you? If it can perform similar to the MSX in off road capabilities then that is reassuring
  6. @UniVehje Thanks for all the great input! @meepmeepmayer I think I secretly might want the MSX, but I am on the shorter side aswell, with not very long legs, will this affect my ability to ride it, or enjoyment thereof?
  7. Confused would be an understatement! Lol Yes I do believe that they are both right choices. Do you @meepmeepmayer own both of them? And that makes sense to go with the one I secretly want more!
  8. Hmmm very interesting! I really like what you said though, "some people are unwilling to adjust." I guess it's more of an unwilling, rather than an unable to adjust.
  9. @Marty Backe From what I've seen so far, it looks like a lot of the people who don't like the angled pedals on the MSX perhaps are coming from only having ridden Kingsongs, and then when they try the Gotway MSX it feels foreign to them and they take an immediate disliking to it? At least maybe in most cases? So far I've also heard that people who rode the MSX as their first wheel had no issues with the pedals. So perhaps it is just becoming accustomed to one or the other. Thoughts?
  10. @meepmeepmayer So is this a fair statement? - The MSX can do all that the KS18xl can do, maybe with the exception of zippiness, and a bit of range. It also does more than the ks18xl in terms of off road capabilities. By the way I'm going to be ordering my wheel today, so I'm making a last minute decision between the MSX and the KS18XL. Any and all inputs are welcome
  11. @Gundars Balodis I feel like ive watched every video there is on youtube about these 2 unicycles, I've even watched several videos upwards of 5 times over! Lol Do you have any experience with off roading on the Kingsong 18xl? It is a very compelling choice!
  12. Yes I've already looked into group rides up here and plan on getting out to one when I can! After i get my wheel of course. I'm thinking about getting the MSX, I have a gravel/ dirt driveway, and have all kinds of uneven country roads around me. Some of them are nice and smooth though. My reasoning is that every experienced rider I see on YouTube seems to prefer the MSX over the KS18xl, or at least can't say that the ks18xl is any better than the MSX. Such as @Marty Backe, also Ian from Speedy Feet I think feels the same, so does Chooch Tech, and also Kuji Rolls. (Yes i know im not experienced yet, but hopefully I will be in time) I guess Eddie Moy would be an example of someone who doesn't agree and who dislikes the MSX. I want to be able to ride on streets, grass, trails, gravel and dirt roads, and I am unsure about the ks18xl's off road capabilities, in comparison to the MSX. All video evidence tends to show that the MSX is superior off roading. As well as not over heating?
  13. I really wish there was a place to personally try out all these different wheels! Lol
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