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  1. The original insoles are fine for walking, at least to me. However, I did a 3km ride and was starting to feel some discomfort. The padding is about 5mm is depth, and shape to your foot slightly. Definitely doesn't feel like walking on concrete imo. As for the comfortlast insoles I bought, the arch was too high for me, started to hurt. Other than that though, they seem like a good option for someone with high arches. Trying out the gamechangers by fpinsoles next
  2. @FreeRide @mrelwood Well that's unfortunate, Thank you for the insight though. I'll figure out a way someday. *Crosses fingers* lol
  3. Just bought these DC's water resistant skate boot and they feel amazing. Super grippy, plus good ankle protection. Plus I feel as if I have way more control, was even able to ride backwards easier. Didn't ride for long, so idk how they are for a long ride. However, I'm trying out powerstep comfortlast insoles once they get delivered. Will report back after trying the insoles with the DC's. If interested I'll try a long ride with regular insoles too.
  4. Just a wild idea..... Ride the thing backwards. Just have a handle that's modified so that your input is reversed. Set the handle so that there is a pivot point, which can be installed on a brace that holds the center portion. On that brace have a disk that has 2 pins. When one pin is moved from handle input, the bottom pin will move opposite. Thus as you turn one direction, the input will get reversed and you can steer regular while driving reverse. Shouldn't be to hard of a mechanical design? Then you wouldn't have to worry about screwing with the software
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