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  1. Does anyone know if there are larger pedals available for this wheel? I wear a size 10 shoe (10.5 in the current brand) and my left foot tends to get uncomfortable when riding. It happens with both my old worn out Nikes and my brand new ASICS running shoes so I don't think the shoes are the problem. I don't know if it's because of the angled pedals or what. Are flat pedals more comfortable?
  2. What size molding did you use? Do you have a part #? Thanks.
  3. Are these grippy or smooth? I saw someone asked this question but did not get an answer. If they are smooth plastic then I would buy them for riding. If they are grippy then I would not. Thanks.
  4. I covered mine with vinyl tape but a bit too late. I banged it up pretty good before deciding I needed to cover it up with tape. The fact that the handle is not cut all the way through doesn't help matters as you can't slip a strap through the handle. The bottom plastic flashing keeps popping out when the wheel takes a spill. It snaps back in but it's a PITA. I will be installing custom padding soon. In the meantime I am taking it easy, now that I am past the falling down stage (4th day).
  5. Rehab1, do you have a link to the round ankle pads? I would like to order these. My ankles are feeling the most pain from riding. My MCM5 arrived with 2 thick pads for the upper legs which I have not installed yet but the ankle pads are the ones I really need. I am testing the best position for these pads and will perhaps attach them with velcro in case I decide I don't need them later. I heard someone say you can turn better without the pads.
  6. My new Gotway MCM5 already looks 1yr old and I've only been riding it for 2 days. First wheel, total beginner. I started learning on grass but eventually you see pavement and so it goes. I will cover it up with tape but it's too late for that now.
  7. It guarantees parts and labor if anything should go wrong. For $34 it's not a bad idea considering the plan is by a major insurance carrier (All State) and the reviews online for this plan were quite good. Paying for peace of mind I guess. I am a capable DIYer if anything.
  8. I found an MCM5 (800wh) on eBay for $920 +$35 2 yr protection plan. Seller has 99% positive ratings and ships from Houston, delivery in 7 days. On ewheels it's priced at $1350. I wanna avoid Aliexpress because of the long delivery times. Anyone ever buy from eBay?
  9. So then it's either MCM5 or KS16S. I am leaning towards the Gotway MCM5 because of the cut-off button under the handle and the torque.
  10. I am trying to decide which wheel to buy as my first wheel. I like both the Mten3 and the MCM5. I live in San Francisco so the MCM5 seems like it would be good for the hills but the Mten3 is also very capable hill climber from the videos I watched on YT plus its more compact and that is important for me as well. I think Marty Backe said the MCM5 is not a beginner's wheel. Which wheel would you recommend as a first wheel?
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