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  1. This! Voice control -> voice speech switch. Doesn't help with the tiltback, but it makes much more bearable. Let's wait for v1.07!
  2. 16X is the best wheel for me, but there are also some problems.. Dust inside the wheel is not good. Speed limiting from 50% battery is a problem for those you want to ride >30 km/h. People are passionate about the wheel, it's an amazing wheel, that's why there is passionate to talk about the problems.
  3. Looking at this wheellog log, he discharged the battery fully (cell 3.26 V) at which point he either overpowered the wheel or the wheel turned off.
  4. According to Kingsong posts the speed throttling seems to depend on voltage drop during load. Took me whole day to make this graph, each point is a tiltback event. I don't think anyone else has done such extensive test. Just to be clear on the numbers.. Idle at 76 V, that is around 50%. Driving just from wind resistance the voltage drops to 72 V. Get tiltback at 40 km/h = 25 mph reported speed. Speed gets reduced further as the battery depletes. There is an additional problem that the wheel is reporting higher speed than GPS, so the actual speed is even lower. Maybe it's just me, this depends on tire pressure, I am riding with a lower pressure (=wheel radius is smaller).
  5. I have done a lot of diligent calibration with GPS and for my wheel: gps_speed = 0.94 * ks_speed Real (GPS) speed throttling graph:
  6. If you want to ride above 40 km/h, those tiltbacks will be really really annoying. And they start early, from 76 V idle. If you're happy staying below 30 km/h (=32 km/h wheel speed), then 16X is an amazing wheel!
  7. Just came back from riding v1.06. Logged all the tiltback events, here are the numbers after digging through Wheellog's log. Kingsong reports higher speed compared to GPS, to get real speed I correct kingsong's speed by factor of 0.94. KS16X v1.06 tiltbacks.ods
  8. What about self discharge? If some cells have higher self discharge, they will drain the good cells that are connected in parallel with the bad cells.
  9. Tadas

    Strange sound

    I've have the same on KS18XL, it's a faulty or obstructed fan. I just disconnected mine and ride without a fan. I ride in mostly flat area, so the temperature stays below 50 C.
  10. It's not a fair comparison. We're riding on one wheel. The wheel always needs a reserve of power to maintain balance. If I hit a pothole at high speed and fall forwards, the wheel needs huge power to catch up. Voltage drop is a real thing with the batteries.
  11. I am struggling to find any benefit to 18XL... 18XL probably has better range, but with the huge battery packs, I don't care about range. Agreed!!
  12. First real day of riding the KS16X v1.06 firmware CYT tire (wheel came with non-gyro CYT tire). I'm coming from KS18XL. KS16X is just amazing! It feels much zippier than KS18XL, thing is like a rocket. Accelerating at 2-3 m/s feels just amazing! Hard to express in words, but I am extremely satisfied so far. Have a huge smile on my face while riding. I had so much fun, I leaned too hard, the wheel gave out a beeping warning, but kept balance. Wheellog shows peak power 3980 W, 58 A current! With KS18XL I would never reach 40 A current even going up a hill, but here I reached 58 A going straight. It's just too much fun rocking back and forth. I don't mind the changes they made for v1.06. During my strong lean the voltage dropped from 79 V to 69 V. I understand their logic to protect riders at low battery. Do people who complain monitor their current, voltage and power output? The physics can get really nasty real fast, all you need is one pothole at high speed.
  13. I have KS18XL and now 16X. The 16X seems to demand higher current from the battery, it would explain the need for higher speed throttling than KS18XL.
  14. Call emergency services and pour water on the wheel.
  15. Kg is not a unit of force, but for most it's easier to understand 28 kg force much better than 280 N of force.
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