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  1. Hi Meepmeep. Thanks. I bought my wheel on eBay.co.uk from a store called pro-optics based in the Netherlands. They had 580 positive votes, no negative votes, a good price + they shipped to me in Scotland from within the EU so I didn't have to pay VAT. But they mistakenly sent me a Nikola instead of the MSX that I ordered. They said they would arrange for return shipping and give me a refund. But after seeing it I decided that I wanted to keep the Nikola. I'm thinking that the Nikola may be more comfortable than the MSX for longer distance open road trips, which is what we will probably be using it for most. Thanks to Marty's overheat hill video I was able to verify that my Nikola had the first generation faulty board. So pro-optics said that they would ship me the new board soon.
  2. I just bought a Gotway Nikola - it's my first wheel. I just got back from my first attempt to learn how to ride it in a parking lot with a railing for me to hold on to. I had a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards, however I fell a bunch of times and got a pretty bad scrape on my elbow. Now getting elbow pads are definitely on my list! The sides of the wheel, and the pedals are now awfully scratched up which makes me wish I had covered the whole wheel with neoprene foam…especially while I’m learning. I will definitely do this soon! One problem: each time I fell the handle whipped open and got more and more damaged, and the last fall broke it off. Now I have a new handle on order from RCGeeks for £55 GBP ($70 US)! 😳 I was thinking that maybe the handle might not have gotten damaged if I had secured it down in place somehow. Has anyone done this? I think I might try to velcro it down when install the new handle. I'm sure I'll figure out how to ride it eventually, but man! It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be..
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