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  1. I was riding my Gotway Nikola in a little town in the Faroe Islands today when a police officer stopped me and told me that Segways and EUCs are illegal in Denmark and thus Faroe as well. She said that if she saw me riding again then she would give me a fine.
  2. I just got back from my first ride with the new board installed. Before, the Gotway app always crashed whenever I chose settings. But after installing the board it worked! For the first time I was able to turn off the tilt back speed and set the mode too soft. But the non-stop alarm still went off every time I accelerated. I ran Darknessbot and kept observing the stats when the alarm went off. It seemed that every time I went faster than 15 kph the non stop alarm would start and keep beeping until I slowed down. For the next hour I rode between 10-15 kph and kept bumping up to the 15 kph speed when the alarm would go off. Then I quit the Darknessbot app and ran the Gotway app again and immediately the alarm stopped beeping at 15 kph. Weird! I rode for the next hour without any alarms going off no matter how fast I went. YAYYYY!!!!! I think it may all be working right now. The thought of anything going wrong at high speed and doing is faceplant on concrete is such a scary thought. I think I'm going to get some armour with chest, back and torso protectection next.
  3. I tried riding the Nikola again today and closely observed the beeps. When I accelerate too fast my Nikola beeps continuously until I slow down. I read this means "80% power alarm, 5 beeps per second(continuously non-stop beeping without pause) " But I wonder why that would be happening? I also get the tilt back whenever I try to accelerate. So basically my Nikola really just wants to go pretty slow. I hope this gets fixed when I get the new board. Yes, we're in Stornoway. They have countless miles of hiking/mountain bike trails through dense forests with lots of mountains, rivers, and views of the open ocean - perfect for EUC riding! Yesterday on a whim I took a couple minutes of video with an old Apple iPod touch. Just having fun.
  4. They did ship the new board from China. I hope it arrives this week! That would be very cool to see on YouTube!
  5. Thanks meepmeepmayer, How do you disable the tiltback speed? In the Gotway app I can set "tilt up foot step speed" to anywhere between 15km/hr and 24 km/hr, but there doesn't seem to be an option to set it to a higher speed or to disable it. I was riding with a 90% charged battery and got the tiltback right away. The new replacement board was shipped direct from China. I hope it arrives this week! Thanks! From that list of beeps I think it might be this one: > over voltage, 3 short beep 2 second, tilt back when riding downhill < But on the Nikola I was also getting tilt back whenever I accelerated. Yes! We're in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, 50 miles from mainland Scotland. They have countless miles of hiking/mountain bike trails through dense forests with lots of mountains, rivers, and views of the open ocean - perfect for EUC riding! I pretty sure that I'm the first and only EUC rider on the island. I'm looking forward to filming my rides for YouTube as soon as I can get to the point where I can ride comfortably and safely enough to hold a camera. Soon I hope!
  6. Hi guys, Today was my 3rd day of riding my 84v Nikola with the original board with the small MOSFETs. At first it seemed that every time accelerated fast the pedals would slowly tilt backwards, but there were no alarms. The pedals would return to normal as soon as I slowed down. I wasn't sure if that was normal? 30 minutes later I started getting a 3 beep alarm whenever I tried to accelerate fast. I read that 3 beeps means over voltage, but I never noticed the voltage reading above 81. I'll look closer next time. Has anyone else had this happen? Any ideas? During the ride the Gotway app showed up to 36.9º C and the Darknessbot app showed up to 102º F. Is that overheating? What are the normal temperature ranges for a Gotway Nikola? I covered almost all of the Nikola with neoprene to protect it from me falling off. But I'm now wondering if the neoprene might be insulating it and causing higher temperatures, and if I should remove it. I'm wondering if I should stop riding it until I can get a new updated board with the bigger MOSFETs.. Any advice or recommendations much appreciated! Nikola
  7. I am able to send audio to the Nikola's bluetooth speakers using my iPhone 7 and my iPod touch just fine. But when I choose settings in the Gotway iOS app it always crashes. I hope they fix the app. I'd hate to have to purchase an Android phone just to change the settings on my Nikola.
  8. That's weird. On my Gotway Nikola 84v the iOS app Gotway app always crashes when I try to set the riding mode. ???
  9. Thanks LucasD, When I run the Gotway app and the press the Device button it does connect to my Nikola. It shows km/h, and that my Nikola is set to "Strong". But when I click the settings button it just crashes the Gotway app. I've tried this on both an iPhone 7 and an iPod touch.
  10. Thanks meepmeep. I've been using darknessbot on iOS, but I can't find any options in it for changing the riding mode on a Nikola.
  11. Hi, total newbie question - what iOS apps do people use with their Gotway EUCs? I see on my Gotway app on iPhone that my Nikola is set to mode: strong. But there doesn't seem to be any way I can change it. When I click on the settings icon the app always crashes. Is there a way to set the riding mode of a Nikola on an iPhone? Many thanks,
  12. Hi Meepmeep. Thanks. I bought my wheel on eBay.co.uk from a store called pro-optics based in the Netherlands. They had 580 positive votes, no negative votes, a good price + they shipped to me in Scotland from within the EU so I didn't have to pay VAT. But they mistakenly sent me a Nikola instead of the MSX that I ordered. They said they would arrange for return shipping and give me a refund. But after seeing it I decided that I wanted to keep the Nikola. I'm thinking that the Nikola may be more comfortable than the MSX for longer distance open road trips, which is what we will probably be using it for most. Thanks to Marty's overheat hill video I was able to verify that my Nikola had the first generation faulty board. So pro-optics said that they would ship me the new board soon.
  13. I just bought a Gotway Nikola - it's my first wheel. I just got back from my first attempt to learn how to ride it in a parking lot with a railing for me to hold on to. I had a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards, however I fell a bunch of times and got a pretty bad scrape on my elbow. Now getting elbow pads are definitely on my list! The sides of the wheel, and the pedals are now awfully scratched up which makes me wish I had covered the whole wheel with neoprene foam…especially while I’m learning. I will definitely do this soon! One problem: each time I fell the handle whipped open and got more and more damaged, and the last fall broke it off. Now I have a new handle on order from RCGeeks for £55 GBP ($70 US)! 😳 I was thinking that maybe the handle might not have gotten damaged if I had secured it down in place somehow. Has anyone done this? I think I might try to velcro it down when install the new handle. I'm sure I'll figure out how to ride it eventually, but man! It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be..
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