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  1. Of course quality!safety first,I'll pay more for excellent quality and even cool appearance.
  2. Before all,I suggest you to ask the manufacturer for professional help. As I know,there are two kinds of hoverboard batteries:24V and 36V.And their voltage will change in the range of 24V-29.5V ,or 36V -42V.You'd better make sure the voltage is right(maximum of the range) while the battery full charging.If you have an ampermeter,try to measure the current(be careful) of the battery with a load.Normally,the output current will be 5A to 10A in different dip angle.If your battery works well,maybe the reason is the boards.
  3. u changde the circuit boards yourself?Different boards for different motor and batteries,so I think you'd better ask the manufacturer for help.
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