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  1. Quick update (I know I couldn't resist, miss you guys too much ;_;): swapped out controller. Imgur is glitching out - I'll fix the pics later. Old controller: v1.4 New controller: v1.5 The black antenna coil has been moved aside:
  2. Exact address that's on his driver's license. Edit: and DOB
  3. Thank you, but I need the information explicitly in one post. Please post it here. If it's worth ending that distraction here you go: sure, I am all those accounts. Please do not attempt to doxx the other accounts. You're absolutely right, I am 100% 'demented' and 'immature' - you win, fair and clean. Savor it.
  4. Just caught up with everything. I'll like to emphasize there was malicious intent with Eddie, and please do not be led astray by his attempts to dismiss his actions ("I didn't know that only mods could see IPs! Who cares if you know your IP!"). He's not contrite at all. This is 100% reality to me: I have been compromised in a way that I can no longer safely post here without jeopardizing something very dear to me. With that said, there is one thing I need that warranted me logging back in and posting: Please provide the following: Full legal name: First, middle and last
  5. I guess this topic will be my last contribution on this forum. @photorph will carry on the torch from here. == Farewell == I love this community, and as open as I am, there are certain pieces of personally identifying information I guard closely. Tonight, a certain staff member abused his power and published a piece of private information I care about on this public forum. Everything else about him I could tolerate, but that - that crossed the line. Not only did he doxx me, but several other people that wished to remain completely anonymous. I have also explicitly asked t
  6. That's a good 15° dip at 20 mph? Be careful, at 25mph, that same impulse will dip ~30°
  7. The irony in responding with a personal attack, and a blatant power trip. Please remove yourself from this thread and not show up any of my youtube/facebook/instagram/real-life. I do not appreciate your presence, nor the negativity you carry around. That is a direct and clear ask.
  8. That's the irony - Eddie's the biggest cry baby. Which is probably why he reads my posts that way. In all his videos he's just frowning and miserable. In contrast, all of mine are lighthearted - yet, he persistently shows up on *all* of my social media threads to whine. That in itself should give you an idea of how miserable the guy is.
  9. And to be clear, unlike what salty-moy states, I'm not complaining about this wheel, nor do I believe it's defective. I'm here to provide data and make suggestions which contribute to the community.
  10. For a staff member you're unprofessionally salty and just an overall miserably toxic person. If you don't like what you read, no need to feel threatened, move on. Stay out of my threads, whether it be youtube, facebook, etc. I don't want your attention - understand?
  11. How fast were you going? Do you have wheelogs we can take a look at?
  12. Your issue sounds like the random tilting issue @Jon Sternhad. My wheel has been consistent and reliable for 1300 miles. I think besides Kuji and bleepbop, I have the most mileage on the 16X by a long shot.
  13. Find a safe pace where you can maintain at least 25mph. Make sure you're using a neutral symmetric stance. Be careful Also give me a shoutout in your video :p
  14. Me and 2 other people = "no one" to Salty-moy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. I only have so much time to respond and go into detail. I leave a lot of things out because: too much context and we suck at retaining context - case in point, I mentioned at least twice in this topic that the android app is completely hosed for me generate too much noise, drowning out the important bits. Originally I wanted this topic to be a tightly written journal - the earlier posts I spent ~ an hour per post carefully re-writing things to be succinct. You'll see the posts edited days later to correct a typo or add more info/pics etc. Lately it's been more discussion like the m
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