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  1. When did you pick up the MCM5, and how many miles do you have on it? I started getting the hang of it yesterday, at 200 miles . Why do you like the Z10 in the rain? Seattle e-rider group: www.facebook.com/groups/SeattleAreaERiders/
  2. Pebble watch doesn't show distance information (second page, shows all 0's). Is this a known issue?
  3. It's all about motor load. Max speed is the lower of: x % of motor load (let's say 80%) an artificial set point: so even if you're only using 10% of power, there's a fixed software limit.
  4. That is such a good point. Cross-sectional area! I'm at 63kg, so I'm definitely enjoying the benefits I also think there's a critical point for the motor load, where beyond it, performance/efficiency falls off a cliff. Wish I had actual spec sheets so I could quantify it better.
  5. Lose 20 lbs 😋 But seriously, I wonder how much of a difference shedding a bit of weight would make. @houseofjobmirin my clickbaiting skills?
  6. Can we get a confirmation of this?
  7. I've gone down at speed on motorcycles, from 20mph to 90+ mph. I have never, ever hit my tailbone. It's landing on one buttcheek/side, then a lonnnnng slide to scrub off speed. I've had one forward crash, and that was the worst - horizontal velocity has a tendency to become rotational when you tumble forward. I don't know a single motorcyclist that would say crashing forward (highside) is better than falling backwards (lowside). I'm guessing that skateboard wisdom is based on experiences at much lower speeds, the bulk of it being < 8 mph learning falls. In those cases, it's always better to fall forwards, since you can run it off and/or land on your feet. At higher speeds, well, it's clear I'm not going to change your minds. I speak from personal experience, not just armchair conjecturing, but your welcome to believe what you want.
  8. I have a coworker that's recently gone from 14D to 18XL. I'll ask him when he gets in next week. What's your budget?
  9. I was thinking of the z10 next! Do you still ride the mcm5? Thank you for the neoprene offer, I take up on that. Are you part of the Seattle e-riders group?
  10. Fall forward: smash your face (expensive dental and jaw reconstruction), break your wrists, elbows and knees. And a giant wheel tumbling after you. Fall backward: tailbone and back of head if you don't know how to tuck your chin in (first thing they teach you in judo) Take your pick.
  11. I put in some quality hours in a parking garage working on slow speed maneuvers and trying things out. And being my first wheel, it's so scruffed up at this point, that I don't care about risking dropping it. I'm so nimble on this, I love it.
  12. Move over Ricardo Milos, we got a new fire in town 🔥
  13. I opted in as well. $250 is so worth it for me to enjoy 3 extra weeks of summer riding! ☀️
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