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  1. Wow, that turned out well! Is there any way to get custom vinyl prints?
  2. I don't know how the side mirror didn't hit me.
  3. I hit 42.9 mph the other day, and I think it was while texting @houseofjob 🤫
  4. Just teasing ya~ I'm new to overlays and picked up the GoPro specifically for the 18 Hz GPS (hi @Ben Kim) and the gopro overlays (hi @Mike Sacristan). The workflow is wonky and the GPS lock-in is flakey, but it's great when it works. Outside OEM software, DashWare seems popular, but I haven't tried it yet. The workflow is wonky as well: to get the best quality, you need to export the gauges on a greenscreen, then merge your clip in premiere. I'm surprised there isn't a 1st class plugin solution for after effects / premiere. There is a brute force alternative: screen record wheelog. That presents its own problems to babysit (screen has to be on, isolate the touchscreen, etc). But it work in a pinch for that special highlight, and the audio can be surprisingly good. And my god, who would've thought a 20 second wheelog readout could be so compelling - my heart is racing just watching that again 💓
  5. If only you weren't so paranoid about speed overlays we could see how fast you were going ;) That's definitely a lot better than what I'm hearing from my setup. Are you putting the mic completely outside?
  6. In preparation for my Nikola 100V vs 16X video, I would like to record clear audio while really pushing them. I know the current EUC vloggers use lavalier mics clipped to their shirts - and that seems to work fine at lower speeds. I picked up a Tascam DR-10L, and gave it a go. And thus far, anything over 20 mph is unusable. Positions I've tried: clipping on collar: excellent SNR (signal to noise ratio), but prone to turbulence clipping inside breast pocket: poor SNR, better resistance to turbulence (due to more laminar floor), but still unusable There are expensive deadcat covers, but those will be ineffective at speed. My intuition is, we need highest SNR + completely dead airspace within a laminar flow bubble. And the only way to do that is either: throat contact mic full face helmet with chin seal + mic near side of mouth At this point, I'm leaning towards the latter. Which would mean picking up a Shoei full face and modding it for recording. I've looked into Sena's offering, but I'm not happy with their sound quality; they apply an aggressive bandpass, and it sounds too artificial. That also means their boom mic would not need to be good quality. For posterity, here's IMHO, the BOM for the ultimate no-compromise audio setup: shoei full face - $500 chin curtain - $10 mic: sanken cos-11d - $400 bubblebee: $50 sennheiser EW system - $600 (the rode wireless is a decent $200 alternative if they work out the pops) So before I jump into this project, is there anything obvious I'm overlooking? On another note, here's an interesting post from the moto community: https://motovlog.com/threads/why-youre-getting-wind-noise.13605/
  7. CST: I feel the gyro set point to be 33 mph. I can significantly relax my stabilizers at that point. CX: gyro effect kicks in way sooner, 15 mph? I love it for safety, since it makes braking hard much easier.
  8. Wow. Just wow. I am speechless at that talent 😮. My knees can barely handle a curb drop, and here’s this guy jumping off buildings and nailing it with with no protective gear 😮. You understand 😍! I love data, especially big data, where the data takes a life of its own, providing answers to questions we never knew we needed! It’s very empowering. I want that power to be in our hands, and not stashed away by Kingsong/Gotway who already collect that telemetry with their apps. That is the main reason I love wheelog - it gives us our data and let’s us choose what to do with it in an opt-in model. It’s beautiful. @Seba
  9. I aspire to be as awesome as this fella:
  10. Any costume ideas leveraging our EUC awesomeness? Post your favorites that you've seen as well.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, but I'm going to continue doing what I do. FWIW, I would focus more on contributing vs busting people's kneecaps. == Funny cyclist story time == Couple weeks ago, going uphill on 520 trail, I'm stuck behind a pedestrian talking on a cellphone. Up ahead, there's a bicyclist speeding downhill, about 7 seconds away. I'm usually a conservative 10 second buffer passer, so I patiently stroll behind the pedestrian (I also don't like bugging people to move, bursting their happy bubble 😊). So far so good - life is peachy 🍑 As the biker passes, he fires off his 120dB electronic horn, screaming at the dude, pointing at me "PAY TF ATTENTION AND LOOK BEHIND YOU. STUPID F@#$!!! 🤬" . . . . My reaction:
  12. Wet Nikola stock grips are slipperier than a YMCA swimming pool 💦 With that said, what's the best abrasive 🦈 and non-abrasive ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ grip tape? @houseofjob recommended vicious (abrasive) and DKL (non-abrasive). Any other favorites? DKL
  13. This is my last month riding. Wasn't expecting the rain to hit so soon. Riding season was only 2 months this year. I don't the mind the weather as much as how bad the drivers get. We're talking about H1-Visa tech workers, 1st time driving, clueless af. Also, not much goretex socks can do when water is flooding down your legs
  14. == Day 25 - Mon 9/14/2019 == There is much I want to share, but been busy to set aside the hour or so it takes me to write up each update (it takes time to structure my thoughts, write and revise). I've surpassed 800 miles on the Nikola - and the tides have finally turned. Despite the many flaws, the Nikola has surpassed the 16X as my favorite wheel. The reasons are ironic, and I'll cover the nuances of it in a separate update or video. The one line preview: if you value your safety, the Nikola 100V is the way to go. Been logging my rides on euc.world, and umm: It's been raining hard lately, and I've been riding through that heavy rain. We're talking about socks completely drenched within a minute of riding heavy rain. The Nikola is holding up fine, but I do worry. At some point, @greentung will be opening up my Nikola for a speaker upgrade, so we'll see then. On another note, my Leatte Dual Axis Guards are leaking rust at every pin. Rust = complete compromise of structural integrity. I suspect it started rusting the first downpour. [reminder: why the CST tire sucks during hard cornering] I want to get to my most important update before I run out of time: advancing on high speed cornering technique. In an earlier post, I mentioned having a blissful moment in cornering via motorcycle body positioning. As I take turns faster and faster, I'm naturally edging towards the hanging off technique. Today I progressed one more step: I'm now resting my outer thigh on the crest of the wheel, outer arm completely outstretched grabbing/pushing off the handle. And at speed, with enough G-force, this feels utterly natural. For those with motorcycle track experience, this is all too familiar. I'm maybe 60% to dragging knee - just need to figure out the foot placement. The slippery stock griptape has not been helping in that regard I want to spend time refining this, but the days are dark and wet here, and I don't have access to a controlled environment (track). So expect slow progress on this
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