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    I thought there was freedom in Singapore.
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    What the hell was that???????? Where the hell was that?????
  3. It’s not even close to as easy as the 16X to get up to 30 mph and stay there. At least mine isn’t. You have to constantly press forward and hard to get there and stay there. It not bad getting to 30MPH just maintaining it or going faster. Also its just not as comfortable as king song in that area. Same thing with the 18XL much easier to get to and stay at 30 mph. I don’t really see how “to each their own” makes any sense when describing my statement. I didn’t say I didn’t like the wheel I just said you have to press harder to get to and maintain speed. You disagree with me? I assure you if you rode my Nik+ you would have to press harder into it to get 35 mph then you would if you rode my 16X. That’s not to each their own/opinion that’s just a scientific and engineering fact. Perhaps your Nik+ is different? I would have to try it to verify that.
  4. I’ll try it. I just wish you didn’t have to press into it so hard to get it past 30 mph. At least on mine you really have to lean your entire weight forward kind of like you do taking off from the start if you want to go as quick as possible. For me that’s a little scary 30+ miles per hour.
  5. I have been in and out of love with my Nikola Plus for a few months now. I just could not get the right ride going and I’ve been blaming the tires. Mine came with a CST 16-3 and as some of you might remember I complained that once I got past 18 mph it would wobble quite a bit. And one or two people were kind of unhelpful saying it was just me the rider not knowing what I was doing even know I can ride well pass that speed on plenty of other wheels without any issues but others were very helpful and encouraging. With help from several of you here I went ahead and did my first tire change on a wheel. I put the same tire that’s on my 16 X on my Nik+. A CX321 16x3. I really like that tire but I was hoping to get something more nimble. Besides it rode different on the Nik+ than it dose on my 16X. To me it’s better on/for the 16X. Still the CX was much better then the CST on the Nik+ IMO. Then I contacted Jason about a Chow Yang. He sent me one and I put that on the Nik+. The full model number is Chow Yang H-5167 16x3 / 76-305. This is by far the best tire I’ve had on this wheel. It has eliminated any slight bouncing sensations I was getting from both the other tires. It is very smooth and nimble when carving and I can easily get the wheel up to 30 mph without any issues as far as wobble. I can even carve at 30 mph no problem. It has caused me to really love this wheel and now the Nikola Plus is my favorite. The only complaint I have about this wheel is you really have to lean into it hard to get it up to speed. I still have not taken it to 40 mph because I just don’t feel safe putting all my weight forward at that speed. The 16 X is much easier to get to top speed with very little effort. I wish the Nik+ was the same way. I appreciate everyone’s help here. I really feel like I have the perfect wheel now.
  6. Thanks for that report. I was beginning to think some here thought that I might be on some sort of methamphetamines or something for saying the same thing about my 18XL motor change. LOL
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    You guys look awesome especially your safety equipment.
  8. I apologize but I think you didn’t understand my question. You made it sound as though I said he didn’t know what he was doing and then you stepped in to save his honor in a way. :-). I was looking for an explanation as to my exact wording that triggered your thought process having to do with him specifically. I suppose at this point it doesn’t matter. That’s not what I originally intended to relay so I’m sorry you misunderstood me.
  9. Just out of curiosity so I don’t ever make the mistake again what exactly did I say that made you think I said he doesn’t know what he’s doing?
  10. My guess is the people that are having problems didn’t download the firmware from the soft tuner app. Or if they did they didn’t pick the 18HL firmware. I could be wrong as I’m wrong quite often and if you don’t believe me then ask my wife. Lol. But that would be my guess.
  11. I really don’t think Jason would send them out if they weren’t. Do you? I mean if he did he would literally be giving himself more headaches of which I already know that he definitely doesn’t need. :-)
  12. How am I supposed to know that? I be glad to tell you if I can find out. I bout it from @Jason McNeil at ewheels. Perhaps he’ll know. I might have a slow leak on the tire. Perhaps I damaged it when I removed it. It’s only my second tire change after all and I did destroy the first one also. LOL. If I have to take the stupid thing apart again I’ll be able to take a picture of the board. But meanwhile maybe Jason will know. Either way it works 100% fine. Extremely quiet as I said before and absolutely none of the problems @Rywokast described. It did however act a little strange before the firmware update from Jason’s special app.
  13. Hey what is that pad? It looks perfect for my needs on my Nik+
  14. You have to install the new firmware with the directions Jason sent you via email. Once you do everything is perfect with this new motor. It’s absolutely quiet as the 16 X and it picks up quite a bit more zip. Mine is extremely stable and just as good if not better than the old motor but definitely faster and quieter. I’m not sure why anyone else is having problems. Download the new firmware following Jason’s directions. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  15. My motor vibrates a little bit at ultra low speed like less than 1 mph. Like when trolleying it around it vibrates a little. I figure they’ll get rid of that with the next firmware update.
  16. Unfortunately by the time I started reading answers to my question I already hit the road for the week. It’s a short week though so I’ll be home Wednesday afternoon and I will do it then. I’m looking forward to getting some nice riding time in this weekend. I really appreciate everyone’s help. As always this forum is awesome.
  17. Yeah man that was pretty loud.
  18. I can connect my KS18XL to the KS app on the iPhone ONLY not my Samsung and of course wheellog on my Samsung. However even connected on my Apple KS app I cannot go into the speed settings to adjust the speed higher. What the heck is going on with this stupid app? It’s pathetic enough it doesn’t work at all on the Samsung android device but even in a working app on iOS I can’t access one of the most important adjustments. Please help.
  19. Well it’s a foregone conclusion we didn’t get the same motor since it can’t be in two different countries at the same time. :-)
  20. I would say that it is as quick and as has much torque as my 16X now. I will race my son later today after church and get back to you. 16X and 18XL (with upgraded motor) side by side. @RoadRunner I rode for about 5 miles and 15 minutes last night and it was not making that high-pitched noise like the original motor did.
  21. I don’t know man. When I got the tune on my Mercedes-Benz computer it brought it from 378 hp to 490 hp. That’s only a 23% increase and believe me it completely blows my socks off. :-) It’s a totally different car.
  22. Absolutely. I think it was only $150.
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