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  1. Just received mine yesterday!
  2. I believe Gotway has launched this.
  3. They store my EUC or electric scooter (whenever I bring either) behind the counter. They are generally nice about it to me.
  4. Thanks - I will be doing just that - guess I will also swap out the speaker too while I'm at it.
  5. I bought the Nikola recently (with the old board) and have been using it everyday since I got it. I think it's been a little over 8 days and I already have put 180 miles on it (mileage on the app tells me 293km or so). No problems so far and smooth sailing, although I did set the tiltback on the app to 37km / h or so (~22mph), so maybe I haven't really "stressed" the wheel. I have gone uphill and on steep ramps and bridges, but no beeping or issues so far either. Would it be worthwhile to install the new board, since it is being offered to me?
  6. Would it still be okay to order a Nikola right now (as a beginner) to learn on and get the new board when Gotway supplies them>
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