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  1. I've got both my helmet and top body armour for sale in the sale section, brand new, unused...
  2. New, never worn. Medium (chest 36-38) SPECIFICATIONS Upper Protection Layer 7855 Hot Weather Wide neck opening for added comfort Durable, abrasion-resistant panels Open armpit design for maximum ventilation and mobility Anatomical design integrated protection zones Integrates seamlessly with neck braces CE EN 14120-2003+A1-2007 tested for abrasion resistance
  3. Never used this helmet though I DID unbox it. All the size-tweaking pads are included. This is Troy Lee's MED/LG size. Hat sizing: Place the string or tape around your head about 1/8" above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.
  4. Oh my gosh I am terror on this thing. Today I spent the whole morning riding up behind people at the beach and honking the horn from the app. Man, that cracked me up to no end, lol.
  5. I don't have that issue but I DO have random loud beeping WHILE charging which is super 'no-bueno' because I charge it at work in the break room and now my boss is starting to threaten me about it. She's scared it's going to blow up or something, lol. Thankfully, I just discovered this morning that by using the original charger that came with the wheel it hasn't beeped yet. It was happening with the fast-charger that was sent to me later. UPDATE: Wow, only a few hours later, THIS from Jason: (Fire). What is being done & recommendation: This charger is being sent to an independent laboratory for analysis, I am also coordinating for the King Song 16X battery to be sent in the laboratory for over-voltage testing. Until we receive the lab results back & have a complete understanding of exactly what went wrong, it is strongly recommended not to continue using the rapid-charger. WARNING: if you do continue using the rapid-charger, please double-check that the voltage readout displays ~84v before plugging into the Wheel & keep an eye on the charging progress. For context, the charger supplier, JaiRui, has produced hundreds-of-thousands of chargers, we have seen many cases of the charger failing in a multitude of ways, but invariably it has been in a harmless under-voltage state. This is the first & only such case of an over-voltage condition, but considering the extreme severity & intensity of a battery fire, other chargers from this production batch may also be effected. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.
  6. WHOA~!! Dude, that's totally scary. That hasn't happened to me yet thank god, lol. I noticed your footstance is what I have settled on myself recently - mostly toes off the front edge, little heel.
  7. Can you elaborate on this? I've had a weird issue that I've bee working on with mine where every now and again it gives me the eerie feeling that it wants to flop over to the right while at the same time sort of pulling to the left. Sometimes in a strong headwind this gets stronger along with wild but slow wobbling. I've corrected a lot of it by moving my stance WAY forward (more toes hanging 10 and just a little heel off the back). Various horizontal calibrations have helped too as well as psi experimentation..- so far happy with a range of 27 to 32 psi
  8. CHARGING BEEP Welp, the complaint has begun. My boss at work asked me what that beeping noise is, I told her it's my wheel charging. She's really nervous about it, she says, and it's annoying. I told her that it's nothing to worry about, just a firmware bug that will be resolved soon. She hinted that maybe I shouldn't be charging such a "big wheel" at work. Sheesh...
  9. It finally quit beeping when it got to around 83 volts.
  10. Same here. I charge mine in the small break room at work and it's a bit annoying - -thank goodness I usually only have to charge from 79Volts on the fast charger.
  11. Was there a fix posted yet where I'm getting an endless spinning double-circle on the FW upgrade? How long should it typically take? I'm using the latest Android app, upgrading from 1.05. Thanks! **EDIT** --Okay, it's working now. Android app won't do it. ioS app on my iPad is doing the job! ...Wow - SUPER responsive to direction (inspiring way more confidence in tight turns), quicker, and the best thing is that it seems solidly level at all times during slow movement, ,, so far only tested in the back hallways here at work. **UPDATE** - 10/7: Okay, my full commute of riding throughout the typical day. Briefly; Sluggish but stable. I mentioned that at low speeds it was very responsive in the hallway but anything at higher speeds, and especially even higher, it is SLUGGISH to respond! Especially one of my favorite features of powering out of turns. NO, it requires at least 3 to 4 times more effort to do anything, speed up, turn. The stability however is far more, well, stable - but only because it feels like there's a new sensor constantly working to "fight" against any hard effort, and that is why I think it's naturally very nimble & responsive at walking speeds. I've checked 3x now my RIDING MODE to see if it was accidentally put into "Learner Mode" because this now feels like it would be ideal for learning. No, it's in Experient Mode where I've had it. I've tried re-calibrating the Horizontal 3 times as well - this made only a very slight difference. I'm already adapting pretty quickly by having to majorly change my riding style,- this involves huge over-leaning of my body and strong compression pumps at the knees to get it going. Of course this makes me look way more over-dramatic in my body language, lol, which just acts to impress my fans on the street even more so. Yes and I haven't even been able to push it past 24mph yet because the faster I go the MORE it "pushes" against me. It's also started doing this weird flop-over-to-my-right-leg thing while at the same time trying to do a slow, long turn to the left - even more if there's a headwind. I'm finding that a more forward-placed foot stance is starting to rectify this. ...sheesh! OH! And to prove my theory that the computer/motor is working harder to "fight" against my strong moves, the battery level when I arrived at work was all the way down to 76, whereas it has been consistently at 79! Same commute, possibly even less and definitely slower! UPDATE 10/8/19: Tried “Riding Mode” in riding mode setting and finding that it behaves more like what I was used to in “Experient Mode” under fw 1.05. Also have adopted a more toes-forward off the pedals stance, and positioning my right foot a bit farther forward than the left to address the right-leaning quirk. This happens more when I’m riding along a right-leaning slope or a strong headwind .
  12. Is it a slow, forward tilt, randomly and then in a few seconds tilts back to level? I get this regularly with my 1.05. Worst is when it it dips down just as I'm about to climb a steep incline so my toes are almost about to touch the pavement. Come to think of it, no, it doesn't seem to happen at speeds 18mph and more thank goodness.
  13. Turns out my 2nd Batch wheel already comes with it patched, according to Jason. Lost my charge port rubber bootie - he'll be getting them in soon...
  14. Can you walk me through the procedure?
  15. I have not. I was under the impression that the BT patch was included with the 1.06 upgrade and we all know what else that came with so I've stuck with 1.05 that my 2nd Batch wheel came with.
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