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  1. You’ve ridden the 5167 before and been happy with them too?
  2. Current Tire, Chao Yang 5167. Miles: 4,200. This is the tire I learned how to ride with so it’s all I know. I almost exclusively ride street. The choices eWheels is offering me are: Chao Yang 5146 (looks very similar to mine) CST C-1488 Please advise, thanks!
  3. Lol. You mind directing me to the where & how to do the patch? Thanks.
  4. Hmmm, this is interesting! Almost every day when I pass over the north end of Diamond Head Crater here in Honolulu there's this stretch of about 1/2 mile where the old board would always do that tiltback. Must be some kind of frequency radiation around there, eh? I always thought that was weird. No, this one is happening almost everywhere. Maybe I should do the bluetooth patch. I have calibrated it horizontally 3 or 4 times already but I'll continue doing that as well
  5. That's just it - I just installed it the other day and it's really jittery like this. Also, if it's not tilting back, I can feel it "hunting" around, incrementally, fore & aft, trying to find a suitable horizontal as I cruise at around 26 to 28mph. I think I might put the original board back in. It had somewhat similar problems but not this bad.
  6. I just want this random, slow tilt-back issue to go away on mine. FW 1.07. Every time I get past 22mph I get a very slow, gradual, incremental tilt-back until I have to slowly slow down to at least 12mph before it nearly dumps me on my ass backward. Anyone experience this? Doesn't always happen but more often than not.
  7. Same here, I'm 135 lbs and when I have the tire filled to at least 30psi I get a flop-over to the right and it wants to slowly turn right as well. I found that if i put my right palm out like a sail off my hip it counteracts the bad effect and I go straighter, lol. Yes, my stem is bent inwards. Do you mean the stem should stick straight out like on a regular tire? This won't hit something on the inside, eh?
  8. I'm good! After hitting 22km I am now unlocked, at least for now, to 50km, thank goodness.
  9. Setting mine exactly like that gives me the "set failed" announcement then resets back to 3rd: 37km, TB: 38km (1&2 are 0) .. I probably have to put the initial miles on it first...
  10. 1.07. By 'guessing-game' I mean that as I input speed settings the app will deny my parameters by saying "X - Set Failed". .. then it resets the tiltback to 38km. I remember about 3 thousand miles ago that it took a number of combinations with the 3rd level alarm and the tiltback before it would finally accept something over 50km Yes, perhaps i have to put another 200km before I can set the TB past 38km
  11. Yes, the app had me jump through a couple hoops of confirmation making me agree that i understand the risks involved but still having a guessing game problem getting past 38km
  12. Howdy y'all ... I'm here because I just installed a newer control/mother board and now having to deal with SPEED SETTINGS anew again after 4,000 miles on the old board. This one reads like brand new and is only allowing my 3rd level alarm 22km, TiltBack 38km. Mileage on the new board reads .16 miles. Do i have to put a certain amount of miles before unlocking more? Or what's the "magic combination" to allow highest speed possible? I finally had my old one all figured out nicely but unfortunately never wrote down the parameters of my Speed Settings or took a screen shot. Thanks, Happy Easter!
  13. Big thanks to you guys. Got it sorted out, as far as the pedal jam is concerned that is. Made a miraculous discovery. Here's my letter to Buell47: So I hammered the bent rod pretty straight with little effort by placing into the track of my sliding patio door, rotating to view the gaps. Got it pretty straight from what it was. Had to go run some errands around the city so quickly put the pedals back on and THEN: Whoa, the ride is TOTALLY different, lol - in A GOOD WAY! For awhile the riding characteristics seemed to be waning quite a bit and so I figured it was that motherboard , that's why I had eWheels send me another. I was even getting speed wobbles when braking hard. Those are now totally gone and the whole ride is smooth as silk again, nimbleness /quickness regained! Who knew??!! Don't know if you guys already discovered this, I haven't been on the board in awhile (4K miles since), but I now see how the pedal damage can greatly affect the ride. Makes sense.
  14. I mean, my pedal is no where near as bent as Marty's so i'm going to leave it soaking in WD overnight again, and I have thought of heating it up, hammering some more, cooling, repeat. Will update...
  15. Yup, got that down and one side came out with a lot of effort this way. The other side however, though it has moved some, doesn't want to budge all the way. Yes, lol, the pedals are VERY banged up and I have indeed attributed this situation to those blows. What do you think of the possibility of changing the controller/motherboard from one side only?
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