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  1. The 2nd Batch comes with this letter from Jason (eWheels): "Our KS contact has advised that in this 2nd batch, they're using the Chaoyang 16x3 vs Dalishen tires used in batch 1—tire on the right is Chaoyang. The feedback from other regions is that they prefer the Chaoyangs over the Dalishen. "
  2. I made this short vid wearing my Leatt Dual Axis. I have super skinny legs so got the smallest size, S/M, they fit perfect:
  3. I was concerned myself regarding the Leatts for that very reason especially thinking they’d be a pain to pull on & off over pants with all those harness straps, but when they arrived the other day I was surprised to see they have easy harness push-on buckle/hook stays so you don’t have to pull them up over shoes or pants. They just wrap around at 3 different points very easily. Plus they’re not over bulky-looking and actually have a very nice high-tech design look about them. I almost didn’t want to scratch them because it has such a nice shiny surface but as soon as I put them on I immediately started jumping to my knees to test them out onto the floor at my work and they felt great. But even with that they still didn’t get scratched up that much, of course our floor is kind of shiny
  4. Awesome. I’m starting to get the feeling there are a lot more riders out there that are perfectly happy with it as well but haven’t mentioned it, good to hear. I’ve been on the edge of my seat clinging to this thread, lol, still waiting on mine - it will be 2nd gen with the new tire and Fw 1.05 still on it due to the delay caused by the issues in Hong Kong and the tariff war. Possibly next week.
  5. Yesterday spotted a guy riding a EUC (not sure what model but older, smaller) wearing no protection whatsoever and footwear was flip flops, lol, zipping along very confidently. I wanted to try to catch him and talk to him a little bit, not to castigate him or anything, I just wanted to know how long he’s been riding and such because it’s actually a rare sight to find anyone here in Honolulu riding EUC. My LEATT’s are on the way, S/M Black...Amazon.com for only 55.00 due to a nice accumulation of over 35 point bucks accumulated on my AMAZON Prime VISA! Still waiting on my 16X and continuing to follow the saga here surrounding it, edge of my seat...
  6. I'm really liking the way these look too, and they look like they'd slide good as well.
  7. Yes, this is my concern that the knee pads perhaps should be lower profile and have the Knox Slider material so that they’re not just torn away from gripping rough pavement. I already have gloves with the sliders for that reason (ScorpionExo SGS MKII). Those big bulbous-looking pads don’t seem right for our application.
  8. I’m starting to think that knee pads are the most important (in regard to what hits the ground first) gear now after watching several vids of riders going down. This being mainly when the wheel cuts out for whatever reason endo’ing, toes into the ground followed by the knees. Those are the ONLY pieces I haven’t gotten yet. Back to Amazon for research, plenty of time before my wheel arrives.
  9. Lucky me: My new 2nd Batch 16x wheel will ship with FW v1.05, CYT tire, loctite applied to trolly handle threads. Unlucky me: I will continue to wait until at least the 20th...
  10. I'm with you - on my Haibike (eBike) I found that right around 23/24 mph was the sweet spot, I felt like I was really moving fast, could contend with traffic, etc. Sometimes the situation called for for higher speeds but because of the final gear I could only get around 28 to 30 mph with effort (crazy-fast cadence) but my record was 38mph. Still waiting on my order which will be my first wheel ever, this forum has me on the edge of my seat, lol. But yes, I have a feeling I'll be happy with average speeds of 20 to 24mph but we'll see... It will be my sole method of transportation, I've been on foot, city hire bike and bus for a little more than a month now since the Haibike was stolen,... can't wait!
  11. Lights; Is there an easy way to disable ALL lights (including headlight) while riding? And of course the ability to toggle back & forth, lights on/lights off.
  12. Bizarre? Yes, if you are under the assumption that the downvote button is for harmful or offensive comments. I voted his comment down for complicated reasons as a way to say “nay” rather than to have to go into unnecessary detail. Then one other person seemed to acknowledge what I was thinking. I then followed by downvoting your comment on the matter simply for your attempts at virtue signaling. I think Chris can handle himself fine without your help as he’s already proven by his past volley of constructive criticism from more than a few members.
  13. Indeed, and at least Kuji admits that in his video but that doesn't negate the fact they prove firsthand in their videos how this wheel can be ridden under capable feet.
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