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  1. Today i bought used Mten 3. For past one month I was riding V10f. Is it normal that at first I feel like the mten floats?
  2. Nicola has one problem for me. How to carry it in hands???
  3. If You can afford then always buy better. I have v10f for one week and I want to buy a better one already even tho the v10f is excellent:)
  4. I'm almost 40 Years old and being excited like a child From small wheels Im thinking od mten3 - just for fun.
  5. Hello. You may also buy it in Poland www.kingsong.pl - MSX is availabl.
  6. Little update: The more I ride the more I love it! I can honestly say that EUC is my first gadget ever which I just absolutely adore. Yesterday before falling a sleep I was thinking where I will ride tomorrow! Thats insane! Please make a lilt ranking here of 3 best EUC to buy right now and give me in few worlds reason? (im preparing my self to buy second one, but I don't kn ow whitish one)
  7. Ladies and Gentleman half of a "click" has just happened After 25km of riding at closed parking I can almost with no problems ride on EUC! I can say that this machine is incredible! 2 years ago I was riding (for 1 season) on electric skateboard (evolve bamboo gt) but even now I can say that EUC is far more better! I decided that I will leave parking for other places after riding 100km. This thing is just insane.
  8. Thanks for this tip. Starting from today I will ride few times a day for at least 20 minutes. Im glad that im not the only one who have problems with fluid ride at beginning
  9. I don't really care about crashing my v10f, I just want to learn how to drive it. After that I will consider buying Z10, KS18XL or new KS16X. As for now my favorit is Z10 (it just looks amazing!)
  10. I wii ride daily for at least one hour. I hope it will "click" and I will be rady to ride like Kuji :
  11. Seba maybe You know someone from WrocΕ‚aw who's riding on EUC? I have just started learning riding on my V10F and I think it would be much easier if someone would take a look what im doing bad:/ And please tell me how long did it take you to ride comfortable on EUC?
  12. Thanks everyone for Your support! Thanks to You I know that i'm not the only one who have problem to ride comfortable at beginning. I did watch all tutorials one YouTube but still it's not as easy as it' been shown. I am going to ride everyday for at least one hour. Hope it will "click" fast
  13. I did not listen to music as for now. Tomorrow I will try that.
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