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  1. I am posting this for a friend. This is an InMotion V10F he just bought a few months ago. The mileage is less than 100 miles. No problems with the wheel at all. Max speed is 25 mph. Battery is 960 Wh. Motor is 2000 watts. You can contact him either email or cell. Billyliu08859@gmail.com Cell# 7326682341
  2. If you are willing to wait, Ewheels.com might have a specially priced MTen3 325 Wh wheel for you for around $590. I just couldn't wait anymore and just ordered the 512 Wh version of the MTen3 from Jason of EWheels.com. As of a few days ago, Jason still has 2 MTen3 512 Wh models in stock. Jason is awesome and gives great after sales support too.
  3. The ios version is available now. i just updated on my iphone.
  4. Ethereal

    R.I.P. 18L

    Ulf- Light bulb just went on in my head. Makes sense now. We are also FB friends. What a small EUC world this is. My first name is Adam.
  5. Ethereal

    R.I.P. 18L

    So the KS18L really impresses you, huh? so why in the world did you have to change your name from KingSong69 to US69 for anyway? What does the US stand for now? Unicycle Supreme? ?
  6. Ethereal

    R.I.P. 18L

    I got your message the first time regarding the firmware of the wheel regarding the LED lights causing a board loop resulting in board frying. Your other added info of KS reproducing the fault and then FIXING it is reassuring to hear. Before that added news, no one could pinpoint what exactly was causing all these 18L frozen states. Glad to hear KS has isolated the cause at least. Hopefully no more surprises.
  7. Ethereal

    R.I.P. 18L

    Well, my KS18L should arrive in about 3 weeks since I chose the snail mail route anyway. Only time will tell whether this most recent firmware update is the real fix...For now, I will avoid the KS app like the plague.
  8. Ethereal

    R.I.P. 18L

    Sorry to hear about your wheel @hal2000. I hope you will have it up and running soon. When I finally get my KS18L, I will stay away from the native ios KS app despite this so called recent firmware “fix”. For now, I will just use DarknessBot to break free from the default beginner max speed. In fact, I will even delete the KS app from my phone before the wheel arrives.
  9. It is backwards. Based on the direction of the chevron pointing up, water would be directed towards the wheel when riding through a puddle. Since the power button is on the front (which would indicate the front of the wheel) and the chevron is pointing up, the wheel is mounted backwards. This would not really matter if the road is dry though. This would not affect performance on dry road at all. Wet road would be another matter. Since water would be directed towards the wheel, traction would be less.
  10. You are right about that. For some reason the whine for me was not that that annoying though. Maybe because i got used to that whine from my KS14C that i was relatively oblivious to the sound.
  11. i reviewed the V10 and I don’t recall an annoying whine at all. Maybe it was more evident when the V10 was climbing the steep hills of Cali as per Marty’s video but as I was traversing the park and riding it for about a half hour, there was no annoying whine heard by me.
  12. I am trying to make a DIY EUC learning brush like the Solowheel learning brush to help a friend learn riding his first EUC which is the Inmotion V10 when it arrives mid May. Does anybody have any idea as to the pedal height, plus the length x width and thickness of the V10 pedals? I had the V10 demo a couple days back but completely forgot to make these necessary measurements.
  13. That KS18L looks sleek and streamlined. I am loving those dual USB ports as well. Hopefully that mudguard will not be standard because it kind of reminds me of Mr. Snuffleupagus.
  14. I did my preorder too. I am torn between the KS18L and the Z10. For those getting the Z10 over KS18L, can you elaborate why?
  15. I put in my preorder deposit earlier today also and i am so psyched! Thank you, Jason for finally putting up the Pre-order page on your site. However, I am quite torn between the KS18L and the Z10. Having had the KS14C before and never had a single issue ever with the wheel I am quite biased. Unfortunately i don’t want to have 2 18 inch wheels either. For those getting the Z10, why would you prefer that over the KS18L? Jason- I know you have ridden both wheels. Which of the 2 do you feel at ease with in going faster and just overall feel of what a great EUC should ride like?
  16. Good to see you did well. Definitely a complicated fracture but your ortho did an amazing job putting you back together. The next several months of recuperation and physical rehabilitation will be tough but hang in there. i will be rooting for your quick recovery.
  17. Looks like you are the first patient in the lineup. it is always best to be the first patient. Everybody is awake and alert and it will be less likely for your case to be bumped by an emergency and then you won’t be waiting too long for your surgery to start. Best of luck to you!
  18. That is an awesome looking helmet! How's your peripheral view with that? At least your wife supported your passion with EUC prior to the accident. I get nothing but grief that I will injure myself someday. Lol.
  19. Ha Ha! Take the shoulder block along with the sleep and you will do fine. Sorry about my anesthesia talk. Let's get back to the EUC talk.....
  20. Great that you will talk to Anesthesia in the morning. Assignments for the following day cases are usually done in the early afternoon so there is plenty of time to get your request in.
  21. You are welcome. The surgical department will notify the anesthesia department that a request for an inter-scalene nerve block has been made by you. The day before surgery, the Site Manager (anesthesiologist in charge of the operating room) will oblige your request since you made it at least 2 days ahead of time and assign you an anesthesiologist adept at inter-scalene nerve blocks. Inter-scalene nerve blocks are now done with ultrasound guidance unlike when I was in training in the late 90's when it was just by never stimulator technique. The big picture is that there is less chance of pneumothorax or punctured lung now with ultrasound (US) guidance approach. I have never caused pneumothorax doing it the old fashioned way but you want the most skilled doc using US guidance to do your block so it is best to give the anesthesia department a heads up of your request. Regarding lidocaine mixed with propofol, not all anesthesiologists are as nice as me so since you will tell your anesthesiologist that you don't want pain on injection of propofol, he will make sure you do not have that experience. We like to have happy patients.
  22. @Rehab1 - I am so sorry to hear of your accident. i have always enjoyed reading all your EUC experiences from a physician’s point of view as i am also one. I am a pediatric anesthesiologist but also do adult anesthesia since i work in a regular community hospital. i wish you the best in your upcoming surgery. i highly recommend consenting to an interscalene block on top of course to the general endotracheal anesthesia that you will require. The interscalene block will provide intra-op and postop analgesia. You will require less narcotics under general anesthesia with the block and therefore less likely to have post- op nausea. You will also have less pain once the block wears off because of pre-emptive analgesia. Make sure you tell your anesthesiologist to put some lidocaine in your propofol when he induces you to sleep as the propofol can be very painful when injected. Anyway, I sincerely do wish you the best during the next few days and beyond. Once all healed and Wifey comes down, please reconsider coming back to EUCing as it would not be the same reading the forums without your insight. Take it easy, Bro!
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