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  1. Cherry blossoms in bloom. Sagamihara, Japan
  2. No trolley handle is a non-starter with me. I move though a train station going to work and home with my wheel.
  3. I'm not far from Tokyo, we could get together if he is in the area.
  4. Do not neglect safety gear. Helmet, wrist, elbow and knees. The proper gear is goes along with the proper wheel.
  5. Lake Yamanakako, below Mt Fuji
  6. I updated Darkness bot via the Apple App store, then updated the firmware on my Kingsongs, no issues at all.
  7. That's awful someone ripped you off, hope you recover it.
  8. Been here temporarily for 7 years. New Zealand V. Namibia in Tokyo Sunday (not going) New Zealand should win that easy.
  9. I have a KS18L on the way, what is the latest firmware version? Thanks...
  10. If any one here gets up to Camp Zama, let me know. I go to Okinawa for work time to time. I can Blackcat the wheel next trip.
  11. Got my wheel (KS16S) registered as a bicycle on Camp Zama, Japan (United States Army). Now that is done, I will attempt to buy bicycle liability Insurance from the Japanese with my registered “Bicycle”. Buying Bicycle insurance here in Japan is done at your local convenience store (7-11, Larson’s), you also can pay your utility bills there such as electric and water.
  12. Just bought a Ticwatch to use this App with my KS16S, works great.
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