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  1. That's awful someone ripped you off, hope you recover it.
  2. Been here temporarily for 7 years. New Zealand V. Namibia in Tokyo Sunday (not going) New Zealand should win that easy.
  3. I have a KS18L on the way, what is the latest firmware version? Thanks...
  4. Torii Station, always with a car.
  5. If any one here gets up to Camp Zama, let me know. I go to Okinawa for work time to time. I can Blackcat the wheel next trip.
  6. Got my wheel (KS16S) registered as a bicycle on Camp Zama, Japan (United States Army). Now that is done, I will attempt to buy bicycle liability Insurance from the Japanese with my registered “Bicycle”. Buying Bicycle insurance here in Japan is done at your local convenience store (7-11, Larson’s), you also can pay your utility bills there such as electric and water.
  7. Just bought a Ticwatch to use this App with my KS16S, works great.
  8. I think the cops in Fukuoka play hardball, a couple years ago three co-workers and myself was on a job there. We got stopped walking on the sidewalk and had to go with the cops back to the hotel to show them our passports. We all had military contractor ID cards that was not good enough for him. It all ended well, just a temporary pain in the butt.
  9. I ordered from ewheels, had it fedex to Japan, not many EUC riders here.
  10. Here in Zama, about 20 miles SW of Tokyo. There are no EUCs around here except of one other American and me. I have asked the Japanese police about them and they tell me to keep them out of the traffic, I passed a couple cops on side streets and rode past a few Kobans (small police Stand) in the past couple days with just looks of WTF! A friendly smile goes a long way with the Japanese . Just don't ride your wheel like a Jackass and you should be fine.
  11. A suicide by train, a popular thing here in Japan forced me to take my 1st ride in the public streets about an 8-mile trip. Being new to the EUC I only have been riding at lunch at my work place where there is little traffic or people, On my way home by train the other day the train line was shut down do to the suicide. So off I went. After the 1st mile I relaxed and had a great time all the way home. Too bad for the guy jumping into the train, but it got me to overcome my fear riding around people.
  12. There I was: (As any old soldiers story should start) I’m on my KS16S, 1st wheel and less then 70Km experience. Leaving the only place to eat lunch on the installation (Sagami, Japan) I approach an intersection I have indecision to turn left or go straight. I decide to go left, cutting the corner by two feet in the grass. It is monsoon season here with a lot of rain. I was not going fast but when I hit the grass my wheel sank in the wet grass and hit the edge of the intersecting street. My wheel stopped and I kept going. I did my 1st face plant. I was going slow enough to catch myself before kissing the concreate. Wearing wrist guards, elbow pads, and cheap bicycle Helmut. Received a small road rash on the knee, ruined Dockers pants, and my palms stung for a good while. Lessons I learned: 1. I’m 55 years old, not 20 anymore. My broken bones take longer to heal. 2. I will wear gear, even on short rides. (including knee pads) 3. When riding my wheel past my limits and speed, I will put on my full-face helmet. 4. I will keep situational awareness when I Ride.
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