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  1. Ich hatte genau das Gegenteil, bergauf oder beim Beschleunigen gegen den Wind mit erhöhter Belastung des Rades. Mir wurde geraten, meine Beine nach vorne zu bewegen, damit die Ferse mit der Kante des Pedals ausgerichtet war. Es hat geholfen
  2. Komoot offers now "premium", now it means annual payments, in your opinion, is it worth it? The inability to exclude certain types of roads is annoying, even ordinary navi offers to exclude some roads.
  3. I tried to find it on CST website to no avail, would br great if you have a link.
  4. I don't know anything about slime, didn't use it before, but it seems to be an option just to get to the workshop.
  5. I'm using this app few years already, first with my mountainbike, than with pedelec, and now with my EUC (well, I'm still using it for pedelec tours too), bought a full version a couple years ago and newer regretted, IMHO waiting for couple euro discount is simply ridiculous, but, considering EUCs aren't legal here in Germany, it would be great to add option "avoid main roads" or something similar, I think it's not a very difficult to make and could make a life for us, EUC riders in Germany, a bit easier
  6. I'll try it next time, but that's not a long therm option.
  7. Hi! Wednesday morning, as always, wanted to go to work and discovered that my EUC tyre is flat, had to use a bike. In the evening disassembled my EUC, have to say it was pain in ass to get that wheel out of housing, I don't know it's only my wheel or all XLs are now made so, but the Chinese this time did their best, on the wires where they get out of the wheel, they stuck a whole bunch of sealant, maybe it was good enough while it was soft, but now this mountain is rock solid, I managed to get it out but only together with my son I was able to put it back. and I found that the ordinary little blackberry spike was to blame, that "Chao-Yang" tyre is soft as chewing gum. I would like to know is it possible to buy a better tire somewhere, in the local bike shop they said that they didn’t have tires of this size, and they weren’t in the catalog either, so there was no way to order, are those "Chao-Yang" tyres really the only one option? Perspective often pull out the wheel doesn't make me happy.
  8. Mochte nur fragen ob man einen besseren Reifen für KS18XL kaufen kann, oder ist diese "Chao Yang" die einzige möglichkeit? Es sieht aus wie es aus Kaugummi gemacht ist. Ich habe sie mit einem gewöhnlichen kleinen Dorn, wie ein Dorn aus wilden Brombeeren, zerstechen.
  9. I always try to stand in the middle, next time i'll try to shift forward a little, we'll see if thet helps, thanks for tips.
  10. Well, I'm doing fast every time I'm riding, not quite mountain, but steep climbs and descents here are the norm, I live in the middle of vineyards, for example a picture from one of my rides
  11. Maybe, but then, how to get rid of it? In my case, problem is not a speed but acceleration load, for example uphills or against the wind, I tried different ways, tried to squeeze the wheel between the legs, or quite the opposite, kept it as free as possible, tried to shift weight from one leg to another, nothing helps, that thing keeps wobbling when pushed harder, I like my wheel, it's really superb, but those wobbles sometimes makes me sick
  12. Genau in der Ortsmitte, unmöglich nicht zu bemerken
  13. Wir haben bereits ein Denkmal in Deutschland
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