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  1. I rode the EUC to pick up my daughter at school and all the elementary school boys dropped everything and pointed
  2. Hello all. I know this post has a very immodest title, but I hope it helps someone. I've been thinking about getting an EUC for two weeks but couldn't pull the trigger because everything I've read about how difficult it is to learn. I have three little kids and a busy job, so I can't afford to be practicing two hours a day for four weeks before I start getting wind on my face. I knew that if I can't learn it in four days and start using it to get milk, I'd probably get rid of it. I also have no skating / skiing / rollerblading experience of any sort, so it will be a gamble. I finally bought a used InMotion V8 from one of you fantastic people here Monday night and got around to riding it at 12:30 am Tuesday (yes, midnight -- I'm on paternity leave :). I was going to watch a how-to video but it was getting too late so I just winged it. The first twenty minutes was ridiculously hard but I just kept going. I tried using the wall for support per the instruction manual but I gave up on it after ten minutes. I switched to pushing forward a bit and standing without support and just kept doing that. I was huffing and puffing, flailing my arms around, making all types of groans and have beats of sweat all over my face -- it was a ridiculous sight but unluckily only a few people witnessed it (I live in NYC so there are always people walking about). After twenty or so minutes, I made a break through. I was able to go forward for about three seconds, enough to feel wind on my face. I kept building on it and took multiple rests to catch my breath. My arms and body was flailing and twitching but I was able to stay on the wheel for 2 meters, then , then 20, then 100. I kept practicing until I felt more at ease, and then I started tackling corners. It took maybe 10 tries but then I got my first corner. Soon I did a city block. Then I rode it to a local park, went around the park, and went back home with only a couple of stumbles. By the time I got home, it was 2 am, so I practiced for around 90 minutes before I felt like "I got this". I have a ton of fun and a hell of a workout. If anyone is hesitant about getting an EUC because they are "hard to learn", just give it a shot and see how you do! Everybody is different. I'll add that thanks for my wife, I took maybe 30 yoga classes and thanks to my daughter, I took 6 months of Taekwondo classes. If you can hold a tree pose and transition to a half moon (I'm that guy who is trying desperation not to fall over), or if you can execute a clean spinning back kick, or if you have decent balance from other activities, it shouldn't be too difficult to pick up riding. Also, if you have decent focus from your studies, work or meditation, learning should be easier too because a lot of it is focusing on the body, making dynamic adjustments, and remaining calm as you fall down over and over again. Tips Don't be afraid to fall. The used EUC I bought only had two scratches on it in 6 months of ownership, and I added about 15 more to it in 90 minutes. But I also learned how to ride in 90 minutes. You have to take measured risk to learn. Stay low at first and use your entire lower leg to control the EUC rather than just your feet. Use your arms liberally. You'll look like a crazy person at first but you'll use them less and less as you get a handle on riding. Have fun -- that's what will get you going. Although I think it would be very difficult not to have a blast on an EUC.
  3. Hello, I would like to purchase my first EUC this weekend. I am open to a number of models from the MCM5 to KS18XL. However, I don't want to deal with maintenance so open to only lightly used EUCs. Thank you!
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