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  1. That looks like an awesome idea.. where did you get the seat? I’d like to reinforce my own msx seat like this thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I'm 30 years old and I started riding roughly 14 months ago. Took me a month to learn (yup, Youtube wasn't doing justice... just full out persistence) since I bought Inmotion v8, and I currently have ~1700miles/2700km's to date. I ride my euc rain or shine, and it I've stop riding NYC subways completely. It's really the only real way to get around the endless traffic volume.
  3. Yeah, I could see in InMotion just really conforming to their minimalist form-factor. They really have the sleekest look in comparison to most euc competitors, and yet they manage to still be very durable. To add, hopefully their weatherproofing is just as good with the newer generation. I could run my v8 through downpours and never worry about moisture/humidity.
  4. Seems like we have a decent array of shoe styles across the board here. Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoe I'm a huge fan of the Nike Metcon cross training shoe especially for riding EUC's. Very solid sole especially when I want to get into some aggressive carving; the texture on the bottom definitely keeps me planted on my Inmotion v8 pedals, especially when I replaced with 3m safety walk cut-outs (here). Rain/shine, heavy or light downpours, I haven't had a problem with loss of grip. Pretty solid all around.
  5. Hopefully that new v8f keeps to the same tire specs... I enjoy my 16x1.95 tire so much, I was lucky to find a local store with like 5 maxxis hookworms because they completely discontinued that size. If the inner clearance is found to be much wider, this will definitely replace my older v8 in the near future
  6. High power and distance all in one.. can’t wait to see how far these actually go in real-time, especially with guys pushing it’s limits constantly. Already hyped with my incoming 84v, but reading up on this improved 100v is just as exciting.
  7. Hmmm.. still planning to sell it? I’m in NYC and I prefer a lower mileage z10, what you looking for shipped?
  8. Hi Daniel, Currently interested in this, just wanted to see pictures. I sent you a pm, hopefully you'll see when you get a chance.
  9. Yeah, I can tell Inmotion really enforces the safety factor. Ever since I switched my oem wheel (roughly 1080 miles) to a Maxxis Hookworm, I'm still getting used to the difference in tread. I bailed about 3 months ago pushing it aggressively unlocked with the Darknessbot, and still regret it. Maybe towards the end of the summer, I'll increase it back to the higher "unlocked" speeds.
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