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  1. No idea:) Perhaps someone on the forum elsewhere knowZ;) Best of luck and peace and love be with you no matter your decision!!!;)
  2. Thanks so much!!!;) I want to change the price to $750 and add "PRICE DROP" and price is firm in the description Thanks so much for the fast response!!!;)
  3. Hey I have a KS16S for sale and I need to edit the post, specifically the title New here, PLEASE HELP! THANKS!!!;)
  4. Great shape overall!Comes with standard charger and fast charger--never personally used it or needed it:)Best guess 100+ miles on itAccelerates fast and is SUPER FUN!!!;)Selling because I'm using an ebike!!!;)Specs:22mph tOP SPEED840wH batteryWeight: 39 lbsMax range 35-40 miles per manufacturer, real world closer to 25-30.Max load 250 lbs1200w motor In Berkeley, CA Willing to ship, shipping will be $100 from USPS or UPS, if you can find a way to ship it cheaper, lmk--I'd be happy to do that for ya!!!;)
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