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  1. Come along with me as I experience the V11 for the very first time! I decided to take my camera and mic with me so you could share my very first moments on this wheel. This video is longer than usual because I left the raw footage mostly in tact to preserve the timeline and flow of the ride. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Oh, hmm- I didn't think of that. If true, that's a decision I would respect, but can't a V8 and V10 easily and safely be charged at 2.5 amps? eWheels sells a 3A fast charger for the V8, and a 5A fast charger for the V10. **EDIT** Plus, since the wheels has two charging ports it would have been nice for existing customers to be able to use an older charger to boost the charge speed without having to lay out extra $
  3. Wow, I've got to say I'm pretty disappointed in Inmotion over this. Why change the negative to a different pin just to screw with customers? 🤔
  4. Ha- I was thinking the same thing. There was too much ambient light for the light to really "shine"
  5. Hmmm- yeah, that certainly does seem to indicate that the fan is designed to increase air flow over the controller housing. I guess I thought it was just for the headlight since the pre-production model just had the fan turn on anytime the headlight was on.
  6. Yes, I'm very excited for the firmware update that will allow you to turn off the fan under 40% intensity on the headlight, and automatically dim it to 40% and turn it off when you come to a stop.
  7. I don't believe the fan on the V11 has anything to do with cooling internal components. I'm pretty sure it's only designed to cool the light when it's operating.
  8. C'mon @Duf, no more Zombie riding 😄
  9. I think it wasn't mentioned because the pre-production units had a different tire- CY-666 I believe? Perhaps @Duf can chime in here since he now has a production unit with new tire?
  10. If you're concerned about that non-thread part being important, and you have a dremel, or something similar- grind a notch into the top of the factory screw. You basically convert it into a flat-head screw at that point and can use a standard screw driver to remove it , adjust the air pressure, and then re-install it until you get replacement screws from IM.
  11. Congrats! I can't justify the extra $ but I'll be living through you until I get mine 😄
  12. I'm getting the V11, and am pretty confident that's the right choice FOR ME, but I am still kinda feeling like this right now.
  13. Impressive! Congrats 😄
  14. Wow!!! How did you get this so fast?
  15. Is anyone else concerned about the effect on handling that the final tire will have compared to the tire all the reviewer's had on their wheels? One of the things I was really looking forward to is stepping up to a 3" tire from my V10F which has a 2.5" tire. If the final tire is only 2.75" that's a much smaller difference.
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