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  1. Doesn't have to be a Chinese man. It can be a European, American or Australian. If you buy a Kingsong wheel that's made for the Chinese market. It will not work with EUCWorld settings. Usually you'll get a wheel that's made for the Chinese market if you buy from AliExpress etc. Buy from your local dealer that has got his wheels from official channels. There shouldn't be any issues using EUCWorld to adjust settings. It's like this for Kingsong, don't know if it is the same for other Chinese brands. Edit: EUCWorld isn't available in China. Reason for this is because Google Play isn't available there.
  2. That's interesting. Well, let's see what @Seba thinks. @EUniCycles.eu Since it uses 3G. I guess we have to get a SIM for it?
  3. Ref. the answer I got from dealer. This put's the product in the same category as Pebble. If they stop supporting it; i.e. go bankrupt, sold etc The product will not work unless someone makes a hack. I'm not sure if I would buy it now... Got another response.They said that they where looking into working with @Seba for an integration into EUC World.
  4. I'd be open to buy one if it possible to use it with EUC World. I sent a mail to the dealer with some questions:
  5. If you go to euc.world and check out the specification page, you will see which watches are supported, at the moment:
  6. Here in Norway "speed limited by construction" means that the speed is locked in firmware and can't be changed by the user. Here the law says 20km/h. But I have also driven past police above 20 km/h but I respected other laws. Stopped for a pedestrian at a "zebra crossing" witch you have to do here in Norway. The police man actually smiled at med. Seemed impressed. As long as we behave and follow other traffic law. I think we'll be ok here. Edit: Here in Norway PEV's that can ride up to 20km/h regarded as bikes.
  7. Thanks, @The Fat Unicyclist! That file worked!
  8. I had the Play Store vesion. It worked until some time this fall. Since I'm using EUC world app. I just figured I'd wait for an update. That didn't come. I went to kingsong.com and downloaded that version. So now I got v. 3.2.0. I get a white shirt with Kingsong logo for a about 20 seconds. Then it closes. If I try to reopen it again, I only see white background with logo for a second. If I force close the app. The white background with logo show for 20 seconds. @The Fat Unicyclist If you have 3.14 I'd like to try it out.
  9. I'm struggling to get the Kingson app to work. It has been crashing for me since this fall. I was on Android 9.1 and now I'm on Android 10. I have tried it with another phone with Android 8.x The same result there. Looks like the app is gone from Google play. Maybe that's because of Android version. Tried the version from roll.nz. Didn't help. Have tried to reinstall and wipe the app storage. Anybody from Kingsong on the forum that could give an update for when app will be updated?
  10. Yes, it's the Sunday Current 18". No I didn't try the tyre before hand. I had a bad experience without studs on the tyre that comes with the EUC. Today it wouldn't have worked without. It's icey with water on top everywhere. Very polished and slippery. Even though the studs in the middle have been worn. It worked great. This is what I did. But I feel that if I hit a pothole at the right place. The screw would go through the glued tube. You might be right. I just had a look. The first pictures was from the day I made the tyre. Here's some updated photos. I didn't think about the wear. I was more concerned about the puncture. But even though the middle studs are especially worn. It worked great today over wet ice. I did expect a bit wear. Especially the tip of the screw. Any tips for stronger screws?
  11. I was looking for an option for driving in the winter. Winter in Drammen, Norway is very varying. From rainy day with 5°C to -15°C snow. Some days a very icy. I have been looking for studded tires. But to no avail. The closest thing I found was studs that could be screwed into the tyre. But that needed at least 6,2 mm rubber thickness. The tires I found was between 5,5-6 mm. I didn't want to chance it. One bump and the stud would puncture the tyre/tube. In the end I ended of with the following solution. I screwed in 196 screws through the tyre from the inside out. Then I added two layers of tube that i glued to the inside of the tyre. To protect the inner tube from puncture and wear and tear. I have now ridden my Kingsong KS18L for about two weeks in total. It has worked great. The only time I struggle is when it has snowed a lot, and people has walked in the snow. Before the road has been cleared. Else it has been worked great. I have some suggestions for making it better. It would be nice to get a thin, strong mesh to clue on the inside of the tyre over the screw heads. Any suggestions on where I could get this?
  12. @monocyclistePlease read the forum rules before posting:
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