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  1. Still tinkering with my battery - mainly out of fear before i get welding but I was looking at the BMS when i came across this on ebay. If my BMS is not working (Hypothetically) could i replace with one of there? I'm only curios, but might need this down the line.
  2. I have been a member for a little while and been posting quite regularly but still unable to send any messages. yes i have read the intro page but assumed i would be able to send a message by now. is this an error or can you tell me what i need to do???
  3. Sorry the cheap cells bit is irrelevant info - I purchased an old broken elite to harvest the BMS, have a look at battery build and harvest some other parts. The machine was not at all functional and had a few mismatched bits - so i assume it had been rebuilt. The cells were 2000mah so rather than try and harvest them for a rebuild i would like to buy new cells - and make sure they are the correct ones. For your interest though, i have attached a pic of one of the cells. I still need to know what cells i need for the an elite battery and elite+ battery rebuild.
  4. So the battery i opened up had clearly already been rebuilt using cheap unbranded cells. so I need to source correct replacement cells for a ninebot elite and an elite+ (i have one of each). samsung 25r's are pretty easy to source here in the UK, will they work? - 18650/2500mAh/20A INRs what mah do i need and what other ratings etc to be aware of to get the correct cells.
  5. ninebattery app not connecting despite trying everything listed on here and using several different android phones with different os
  6. what is the nickel stripping you use for the weld, it makes the job look really neat and professional, all i can find is basic nickel ribbon or the ladder style stuff. i would like to use what you have used as it has the tabs needed as well - is there a link, or what do i need to search for?
  7. It states it is the same BMS for elite and elite+, are they interchangeable? I have a few BMS's from different batteries, so hoping not to spend the money unless necessary.
  8. Do you have a link? I'm getting desperate for a new battery or battery rebuild and not getting anywhere fast! - on foot or via a ninebot (sorry couldn't resist)
  9. Regarding the BMS - I have one battery that is completly dead, i don't know what has happened but i was hoping to salvage the BMS, is there a way to test them, or does anyone know if there is a replacement available?
  10. I just re tried it with the handle bar inserted - realised i was trying it without that but it made no difference except i could see the bluetooth signal. it was flashing until i connected the ninebot app then goes solid but still nothing from the ninebattery app apart from the BLE not connected. Has anyone else managed to make this work on an Elite? maybe it doesn't work on the elite, but if anyone has i would be interested in knowing how you made it work.
  11. Thanks Trevmar, I'm working with an elite which is using 18650 cells i know the plus uses 2900mah cells, i need to rebuild a lower capacity battery first as that is the one playing up, so i'll see what cells are used when i open it i guess. is there any way of checking the bms is working ok?
  12. Thank you, I had read that and tried it but no success. I have just borrowed an android running 6 in case that helped but still nothing. The ninebot app is connecting fine but nothing for the ninebattery app - any more ideas? I would love to get this to work.
  13. OK, have borrowed a 'pixel 2' (I believe that's a good one), but I'm getting BLE not connected, have re-scanned and nothing. installed the ninebot app and that works fine, picking up my elite+ without any issues. Any advice, thoughts or tips to get this to work. I have a few misbehaving batteries and need to know whats going on before i get physical!
  14. What android phone would be sufficient to use ninebattery and check my ninebot elites? sorry i dont have an android and know nothing about them so need to buy a cheap one to run this.
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