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  1. capturing the charge state of individual cells should be mandatory design feature of PEVs. I think the issue (at least for current EUC) is that there is no interface or intelligence on BMS that allows for this data getting to the controller (as batt state is simply computed off the total voltage). BMS have gotten more robust over time but this is a crucial next step for signalling cell state problems. @Jack King Song (and other brand reps) should be listening as wheels that self-immolate are not good for business!
  2. with the s1/s2 is the problem contact point is the center of the convex shell (convex looks slick but is very bad design for riding). so these pads are cool but imo don't really deal with the problem. Just for kicks I hopped on my s1 to make a grocery run (opened to 30kph via 9tools) - beyond 24kph thing is always on the edge ( beeping like crazy, you know yu have very little headroom for overlean,etc., no night light, very bad range - operating range for the dual bat version is only about 12km). z10 is such a beast - really a drag 9bot has decided to focus on scooters and other PEVs. All th
  3. Sadly I have once again been forced to join the ranks of the indoor walking suckers - inspector buzzkill ( aka Chuck the Repairman ) lodged a complaint against me and my indoor land-gliding licence has been revoked. Chuck will now move onto investigating other heinous crimes - rumors of a teacher seen running with scissors!
  4. you are partly to blame - the dual charger mob has sadly taken off :-( If only someone had your 2x charger mop to clean this s!*t up!!!
  5. Why is that - I have damn near destroyed my ankles with the vorpal pedals while learning backwards. What makes the mten so good for backwards (besides less mass to de-anklify)?
  6. mten not an ez learner wheel! im sure he will find 16x way easier!!!
  7. Lord above! A small minority of posters continue to criticise & call OP a liar etc. (which should never have happened imo - benefit of the doubt!). OP is NOT posting in his native language and still some are splitting hairs on details when the big picture is clear! He admits it himself and is obviously remorseful and suffering. And you are hoping for him to be prosecuted? I have offered all my thoughts on this sad situation - I can add nothing more...
  8. Legend tells that a young Ingvar Kamprad (back in Älmhult Sweden) found it quite tiring to deliver his minimalist designs to the locals. At one point he even resorted to stealing the village idiot's unicycle in order to speed up deliveries. But many a finished product ended up in splinters as he too often failed to navigate the stony, rugged landscape of Småland. Indeed so arduous was the task that he convinced his mother, Rodhgärdh - a handsome stout woman whose beard was always kept well-trimmed - to deliver his creations. Sadly, no matter how many trips she took into the frozen wasteland, R
  9. Guys - we have this all wrong - dual charger MOB is what the OP was asking about:
  10. DISCLAIMER - although @buell47 had tested this on mop ######DO NOT TRY DUAL CHARGER WITH A BROOM!!!!##### BMS on my broom failed - catastrophic result :-( @buell47 - thx alot - you owe me a broom...
  11. Much better than 16x? Can you give some more info RT? What are the ride attributes that you liked more? Maybe I will seek out a trashed Nikola for rehab!
  12. i use blk electric tape to cover power button and seams of shells - is almost invisible... rain i put a plastic bag over top. wrks prfctly!
  13. To me it takes a ton of balls to post a tragic story like this (where @nalds admits to being at least partially to blame for someone's death). I am quite astonished by the amount of flame @nalds has gotten (liar,troll,misleading title,etc.). It seems to me that the aim of a forum like this is to encourage open exchange of info/ideas, fellowship, and possible connecting of localised riders heretofore unknown to one another. IMO the posts that should be moderated are the ones that are overly disrespectful or clearly deceitful. Branding @nalds as a liar/troll or castigating him ( for the title, o
  14. You gotta luv a little russian ??? hijinx! Luvable scamps pulling off a harmless caper... They really had their route planned - 3 camera setup with a couple of secret 'bystanders' getting the optional angles. Security guard is like: ''ahh u crazy kids n ur fun lovin pranks! Get dat jalopy outta here and go find somethin tall to climb!''. I luv it!
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