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  1. someone mentioned abt how batts explode in this thread - not a comment to suggest anything - just video showing in real time. for entertainment purposes... as i said u r doing great mods!
  2. call your car insurance person and ask them - they will know how things work in your jurisdiction and can advise you on potential options for the claimant... again this applies more if the estimate is very significant...
  3. v8 can be unlocked to 35kph via darkness bot IOS app - I don't know that this is safe given that motor power remains the same even with your steroid batt pack. If running above 30 kph less spare power for correction (bumps,etc) and imo greater risk of fall due to insufficient motor reserve. But your custom work is amazing and thank you for pushing v8 to its limits. For battery meltdown - some good footage of speed and force of rapid energy conversion: and another for EUC ( was posted in another thread ) https://www.newsflare.com/video/359270/man-breaks-leg-after-jumping-from-electric-unicycle-that-burst-into-flames-in-new-jersey
  4. very cool that u offered to cover damage but very likely his auto insurance would cover. if he comes back to u with a huge estimate, u might wanna think abt this. shld u fork out 1500$ when he has coverage through his insurance? something to discuss at least...
  5. Im in Dieppe NB - ride v8 and 9botS1 unlocked to 30kph. Never had an issue with police... im the only euc rider around here :-(
  6. amelanso


    There was not a ton of margin between this guy and the bystander crossing the street - they were so focused on getting the shot that they totally ignored the risk to others! Can the rider control what happens to the wheel after he falls - what if it unexpectedly careens into they guy biking towards him or into traffic? IMO putting bystanders at risk like this is not cool...
  7. Bravo - I`d say you are pretty well hooked now! If you can practice going slow and working on tight turns,circles,figure 8s you will become more capable in urban settings where you have to sometimes navigate tighter spaces,traffic etc. There are alot of high powered machines out there and I suspect that you may soon be looking for something with better performance. I started on a C then got an S1 but neither affords much range. Nonetheless they are great for jetting to the store and doing short commutes etc. I have a huge 80L dry bag that I sometimes load with 50lbs of groceries and my ninebots can still handle the job of me carrying me and the load (which sometimes looks bigger than I do!)... All the best Bo!
  8. I sometimes ride with a non full face helmet and when I look down at the pave zooming by I am often reminded of how poorly my face would react to that surface. Falls are so dynamic and unpredictable - don't see how you can realistically make provisions for minimising head injury risk no matter how much practice or falling technique you think you can work out. High friction coefficient surfaces - pave,cobblestones,interlocking bricks,etc - induce a rapid deceleration as your body makes contact thereby increasing the head slam effect. Gearing up surely minimises some risk but of course it is a pita to wear body armor when you want to ride. Ultimately EUC is meant to create joy in the rider (and confusion in the bystander- WTF???). I think the advice to be always vigilant and attentive while riding ( not on my phone! - guilty as charged...) and to avoid aggressive moves near top speed (where there is little motor reserve) are very wise and will go a long way to preventing needless falls...
  9. There is a previous post on heat pipe cooling where the guy shows his implementation - no idea how effective but he appears to have made provisions for water intrusion with the rubber seals. granted this implementation applies to this unit but as a proof of concept pretty cool!
  10. my issue is as the brim is getting painted to the bed, there will be an early stray that then catches the extruder on the next pass then it just gets worse and you have to scrap and start again. Can`t mask the brim until it is printed :-(
  11. RAFT OR BRIM - I know raft uses more filament but my prints using brim have a higher rate of failure (poor adhesion,delam from bed,etc.)... Maybe I am not using ideal temps for bed/extrud.?
  12. Is it wise to be doing drops on EUC (down stairs, off curbs,etc)? No doubt this will vary between manufacturers/models but I am thinking life of machine will be reduced given the structural shock this can induce. Have you broken a machine doing this? What are the common failure points? And do you think this riding style puts your machine at significant risk?
  13. 1) was travelling and saw several riders in Paris. had to hv one after... 2) many hv asked to try and i hv helped maybe 10 people to learn the basics. my learning/teaching approach:
  14. Why stop in winter? Just adjust riding style to the conditions. Most winter days very possible to ride and very enjoyable! I ride everyday in winter falling on ice once in awhile. Better to fall on ice than on pave!!! see
  15. Looking for input from you experts - I am printing a thin walled 1/2 cylinder with diamond pattern holes of @ 5mmx3mm - the object is vertical on the bed as printing horizontally lead to bad voodoo ( as the extruder layers start to move toward the middle of the parabola and no longer playing nice with gravity ). My diamond holes are not clean - the whole thing looks like crap. I am doing 0.1mm layers with a raft to stabilise the base. Am I pushing the Ender3 beyond its capacity?
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