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  1. the motor is certainly not toast and batts may also still be good - see I am not done my rehab of this machine but I am confident it will succeed ... but must be very careful with batts...
  2. im assuming the wiring near the mother board was zip tied and not free to move around (when you are done your debug/fix you should for sure zip tie and solidify so that the wires are not moving around close to board as this can induce problems by stressing connectors etc)- but if by moving cables you are triggering failure modes then certainly points to a cable/connector issue (fraying, broken insulation, shorts, etc. ) - isolate from the motor working back to the board being careful to move only the section of interest and if you lucky you will find the trbl spot.
  3. @smallexis is the guru of ninebot battery mods so he may have some thoughts...
  4. huzaah! great success!!! well done!!! you r a grt illustration of the diy spirit...
  5. given the significant consequence of reckless behavior on bike and natural selection, would this problem not be self-limiting?
  6. Given it is an intermittent problem testing hall sensors would not appear to reveal much unless wheel is in fault condition which appears to be difficult to trigger. Nevertheless if you decide you wanna test them you can do so without much tear down: no you cannot sell it. Given problem is intermittent makes it hard to troubleshoot. Try to find someone local with this euc and swap the motor - that will soon show if board or motor. if was hall sensor issue new board would not solve anything (unless the failure is at the interface on the board (unlikely)) - but there are some on the forum with much better debugging skills. Not fun when you really cannot ride safely :-(
  7. Thx RT - I had some gx16s so I cut the KS charger cable and put a gx16 on the end of the charger side. I also put gx16 on the cut side of the lenovo end. Then made another line with gx16 on one end and gx12 on the other ( for the v8 ). All tested - wrks aok! gx12 is pretty small pins and not ez to solder to with anything but flimsy wire. Much prefer the gx16s. I did all the cables etc with pin 1- 2+ then i went to connect - oops ! frgt that when gx facing each other its mirror image - 3&4 go with 1&2. I shoulda laid them out to see that 1st! I cld disassemble ez enough and resolder the charger end to 3&4. Too bad there are so many damn connectors - gx16 is a very good one and sadly it is not used by all! @NuRxG xt60 is great - if I had some I would hv used...
  8. I dont think this is typical of most euc 1st timers or representative of anything really. I think many experienced riders would discourage these as a starter wheel - especially the Sherman/Monster. Maybe @KiwiMark can explain how this very odd trio came to be his starting point?
  9. high PSI makes turning harder as less rubber is in contact with the roadway. I tested 25psi vs 35psi and changes handling of wheel very significantly. personally I find turning my shoulders helps me to do wtvr is needed for turning but I guess the rest is just intuitive. I think roll induces turn so your machine has to roll and this is usually by having more weight on one side. but I think it is very individualised...
  10. i notice the xve chrger that came with this usa sold ks16x does not say compat with 120ac - when i test without load i get 83.2v is this normal?
  11. I have never printed tpu; it sounds like a nice material but it don`t come cheap! I thought @RockyTop was the only one with this wonderful 3d madness - guess I was wrong ;-)
  12. fyi - speed hack cannot be done unless u upgrade battery from 15s1p to 15s2p. Even then given the very weak motor questionable if u want to be running at 170% of stock speed as it wld not tk much to bring u down...
  13. very nice - I think these covers are also available with GX style connectors - I needed a gx12 for a project and and had to buy 5 and the box had covers like this etc. but they were a very boring & drab black and not as funky as yours! I'm curious about how you are changing colors on your printer like that - you have spools for all those colors?
  14. the ks charger ends with the male lenovo so u r saying i would put the female lenovo on one end of my adapter cable. yes grt idea as i can then avoid cutting into the KS cable... thx for good suggestion - i was abt to cut the cable tnt!!! - sadly not so ez to find the female lenovo connector unless I want to order on ALI where it will take forever - drag :-(
  15. this problem resolved itself - there must be an ouput short circuit protection that takes a bit to allow the unit to resume normal function. good to know! very lucky for me...
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