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  1. rahasiyam

    Firmware 1.4.0

    If you want to have a more hard ride, it's 2 on the scale, not 4 (depend of what you want). 0 is very "hard", 9 is very "smooth".
  2. Ok I see. I thought that the 70kms is with only 1 piece of 388Wh battery and the original battery. So it's 4x194Wh for that. Thanks for the infos.
  3. @Lukasz hum ok.. but it's pretty far away with the 70kms announced on FB. Even if there is a person less heavy, I don't think you can add 40kms additional..
  4. @LukaszWait a minute, with this battery, you made 25 kms and there is 25% left ? so, it's about 35kms, max 40kms total ?
  5. Nice ! @Lukasz Waiting for your feedback ! 70 kms is awesome Just a little pain for the feet
  6. I check the pressure every time I'll use the wheel, just with my fingers. And if I made 2 rides of 10/12kms in 2 days, I inflate the tire until 55 psi (approx).
  7. You're right. I have tested with a simple wire to connect to the white wire to the other and nothing. So this is it. It works now. I have put some tape on the wires to protect from the weather. On the first picture, I have added some lined heat shrink tubing on the connexion and also before because the wires was damaged (only the plastic). Thanks for your help guys!
  8. Ok I see what you mean So maybe my idea must be work too... I will try. I'll keep you in touch !
  9. Ho ok I see. Do you have a picture from your strip after the cut ?
  10. I have read that post. Thank you ! What manipulation you have made when you said "cutting the first led" ? If I bypass with a wire from 1 to 2 it will be work too ?
  11. Hi ! Since my problem with the 1.2.9 Firmware few weeks ago, one of my LED strip doesn't work anymore. I have tested the connexion between the motherboard and the connector and I have seen that the white wire doesn't have power between the beginning of the connector to the next "C1" resistor/whatever things. So with that issu, all the strip doesn't work, but all the others work (same side and other side). My question is : can I bypass the "C1" resistor/whatever and connect a wire directly from 1 to 2 ? OR maybe it's the LED who is dead and cut the whole circuit. Thanks !
  12. I had the same problem with the 1.2.6. Your motherboard seems dead. Try to unplug the connector of the battery/motherboard and try it again. Otherwise, contact NB or your reseller.
  13. It depends of the legislation for the bike lanes. Here in Montreal, I think, the EUC can't use the road and the bike lanes. I use it principally on the side walk. I try to go on the largest and when there are some pedestrians who block me, I wait for double them when I can or sometimes I say "excuse me" if there is no possibility. Pedestrians have priority on the side walk. Remember that. Just good sens and respect.
  14. You can use a 10-32 screw into a M5 hole, but not the inverse. There is more choices with 10-32 than M5.
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