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  1. Anyone Ne riders up for doing the nacho ride to eagle today? 20 miles total, start at 84th street @ 5:45 ish.
  2. So I was checking to see if my battery issue had resolved where i'd charge and by the time I wake up in morning it would say between 98-99% with the light green on the charger. when I unplugged however I noticed a red led stayed on and a white one was blinking inside the case. so i picked it up off the mount and the headlight flickered. seemed to happen whenever the cutt-off switch was triggered. I powered on checked in app to see battery % (99%) then powered off. When i powered off the led's turned off. Any ideas what the leds mean. I was kinda paranoid on my last ride as the battery seemed to drop way faster than normal. like 5-8 percent after like 5 miles. Is this a firmware issue creating what looks like a vampire drain similar to the z10? In this photo you can see the red led that stays on and the light part in the middle is what looked like a white led blinking.
  3. so I got the Vapor 2 in however I have no Idea how to get wheel log or eucworld to show on it. my phone is paired with the watch i open up euc world app and hit the watch icon and nothing. I search the app store on the watch and cant find wheel log or euc world listed. just a onewheel app. Any ideas? is there a clear android os tutorial out there?
  4. Hey is this a wrap or paint.. that purple is sic I kinda wanna do that with my 16x
  5. hey did this work for you got any pics?
  6. sooo tempting.. how much to ship to Lincoln Ne? how flexible on price?
  7. I'm excited for new firmware but, I definitely do not want it rushed. Given how successful the latest 18" firmware was, released years after release. I can imagine they'll take all they learned and used some of those improvements in the 16x firmware release.
  8. Is there a way to view near by riders or mark as available for meetup or anything like that? Would be a great way to find local riders.
  9. Good to know. I caved and bought the misfit 2 as I'm a sucker for the color interface and want that for the euc world app. Hopefully it works well, but If it doesn't I'll try the pebble
  10. good to know. I looked at pebble but looks like using it can be a huge pain now that they got bought out by fitbit.
  11. how has that been working out? Im thinking about getting one soley for euc use, any pics?
  12. I dont know why they dont do an indegogo or kickstarter. At least for first wave of wheels.
  13. This is actually pretty cool is a there a tutorial or video on how to setup smart wear with wheel log to look like that?
  14. Yea I'm more of a one pump chump myself..... wait....
  15. That's pretty awesome! I think despite some of the battery size complaints in relation to the initial price point, they really are doing a great job on build quality. And including necessary accessories to enjoy the wheel.
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