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  1. Its probably just a faulty tube, luckily the v8 is one of the easiest wheels to remove the wheel and change the tire on. just try to re-seat a new tube in the wheel, and give it a go. Ive found too that if you take just the motor/wheel into a local bike shop they will install a new tube and make sure the tire bead is properly seated to the rim. I goofed up when trying a different tire and accidentally twisted my tube when I put it back in and it quickly went flat on me when i was in Colorado. luckily I was able to walk it to a local bike shop. they let me use there tools to take the motor
  2. Ya the lithium sorta generates its own fuel, however the ball puts out the flames and has a inhibitor that sorta smothers so flames don't come out agian and is reated for electrical fires. It'll probably still burn and smolder but idea is to not have it burn the house down with my dogs inside while I'm at work. and the whole storing above water is just a terrible idea. Sorry, but I read the same water comment in another forum post and I'm pretty sure it was said as sarcasm. Really looking for a solution that doesn't look terrible in the house and is safer than nothing at all.
  3. As my wheel collection slowly grows so does my worry about a battery fire. after looking around I came across the afg fireball, and was thinking that with that in combo with a metal locker, It may be the best way to store my wheels what you think? Anyone else use these. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XV7H1GJ?pf_rd_r=98Q531AN4DB8KGGWJTRP&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee I haven't decided yet what locker system to use, the 16x fits in quite a few, at least diagonally, but i'd like a 3 or 4 locker system that is plenty wide or deep enough to fit the wheels insid
  4. how was the dust cleanup or the overall cleanup of the wheel after the rides?
  5. ya i'd just disassemble the wheel an let it dry real good for a week, then sell. more than likely a new main board will get it going again if the battery survived.
  6. hey do you have the thingiverse link to the file?
  7. Bought my my 16x from Chicway, last winter, my serial number seems fine and has an F and not a P, but wow, now I'm nervous just to load the ks app and do any firmware updates. Like what happens when they get pissed off with a particular market such as the US or Uk, and decide to just flip us the bird and lock everyone's wheels that are not in mainland China. Its a scary thought, and as excited as I was to see the s18 I think i'll go with the v11 to get my new wheel fix.
  8. Im having an issue when charging the inmotion v8, the charger eventually turns green like its suppose to however the last remaining batter bar keeps blinking like the wheel needs charged more. is there a way to recalibrate the battery? or is there a fix to this? Thanks.
  9. Anyone Ne riders up for doing the nacho ride to eagle today? 20 miles total, start at 84th street @ 5:45 ish.
  10. So I was checking to see if my battery issue had resolved where i'd charge and by the time I wake up in morning it would say between 98-99% with the light green on the charger. when I unplugged however I noticed a red led stayed on and a white one was blinking inside the case. so i picked it up off the mount and the headlight flickered. seemed to happen whenever the cutt-off switch was triggered. I powered on checked in app to see battery % (99%) then powered off. When i powered off the led's turned off. Any ideas what the leds mean. I was kinda paranoid on my last ride as the battery
  11. so I got the Vapor 2 in however I have no Idea how to get wheel log or eucworld to show on it. my phone is paired with the watch i open up euc world app and hit the watch icon and nothing. I search the app store on the watch and cant find wheel log or euc world listed. just a onewheel app. Any ideas? is there a clear android os tutorial out there?
  12. Hey is this a wrap or paint.. that purple is sic I kinda wanna do that with my 16x
  13. hey did this work for you got any pics?
  14. sooo tempting.. how much to ship to Lincoln Ne? how flexible on price?
  15. I'm excited for new firmware but, I definitely do not want it rushed. Given how successful the latest 18" firmware was, released years after release. I can imagine they'll take all they learned and used some of those improvements in the 16x firmware release.
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