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  1. Just joined so can't PM yet. Saw your ad after posting this. Shoot me an sms on 0466435768 and I'll call you re a catch up.
  2. Sorry fat fingered the phone number 0466435768
  3. Regarding above post, only just joined today so not sure if you can PM me. Call me on 0466436768 (Moderator please delete if phone numbers aren't allowed)
  4. Still got it? I might be interested. Also in Darwin. Was considering a V8 but you might tempt me.
  5. Hi mate, just joined the forum but had an Airwheel X8 for nearly 4 years. Just about to order an Inmotion V8. Live in Malak. Mainly ride in Malak/Anula area and Nightcliff foreshore. Let me know if you want to catch up for a ride.
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