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  1. Hello I do have a very nice ks14d to sell. Only around 400 miles on it. Some normal scuffs only. I would have to ship it, since I'm not close to you I was asking 550 but we could easily manage something
  2. Hi everyone Sorry for the delay Here's a link to the photos. Sorry I want able to upload them here directly https://photos.app.goo.gl/MAG5LYRAAxqcffb78
  3. Hi Just got this wheel ks14d Has less than 500 km on it (483 exactly). So might have more when selling In good condition. Minor scratches in my opinion all normal Ask 550 shipping included
  4. As on the title I would like to buy Ninebots E+ I bought one in Boston three weeks ago for 200. It had only 100miles on it. Would like that price range. They would need to be shipped. I'm in Montreal, Quebec Thanks !
  5. Hi Thanks you all for your answers. Yes I would be 1500 Canadian dollars, so around 1200$US. The guy bought it by himself on Ali, so no support from a local or US store. But he says he bought a later batch of the z10, that seems less problematic (is it?) He already did like Around 500 miles with it without problems yet. So as I heard the Z mainly has problems straight out of the box or after few miles I as thinking maybe this one would be good long term. But I can not find info on Z bugging after months of riding (or maybe I missed something?) Thanks again. I'm that close into buying it, but some last info could maybe help me save money!
  6. I was considering buying an used z10 which didn't seem to have any problem after 500 miles. Do you think it's a good idea? I would pay around 1300$ for it. I know it's a risk, but as I read in forums etc. Most of the z10 have problems either straight out of the box or after a few miles. I would really like to buy it, just to feel the 4 inch tires and ride it. But what about your experience? What are the chances it would break in the flowing months? Thanks for your comments
  7. Bonjour. Calculez svp pour Montréal. Je vis au Québec
  8. Ok et vous demandez combien environ incluant la livraison? Merci
  9. Hello Would a 1500$ used ninebot z10 bouth in April 2019 be a good opportunity? I know this wheel might be problematic. But I would love trying it Just to know if there's like 50% chance that it would just be broken in a few months Thanks
  10. Bonjour Oui, peut être, mais le transport ne sera pas évident non? Et pour la prise de charge, le fil peut être changé pour qu'il fonctionne avec les prises américaines? Kilométrage, etc Merci!
  11. Hi everyone I'm presently looking to buy one of these models. Used. I don't mind imperfections, scratches. Preferably located in Canada or willing to ship. Would like either a v10, a ks18 (L or XL), a nikola or a ks16x And maybe also a ninebot E+ or v5 ( for the kids) Let me know if you have one of these ( or more than one) for sale! Eric
  12. Hi Where are you located?
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