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  1. And the price! This version of Nikola costs less than Tesla. I was a bit hesitant to pay for the 100 km range since I'd never use more than 20% of that range. 650wh Nikola should be approximately the same range as my 512 Wh Mten3 as I imagine.
  2. 2 hours - that's with frequent stops for gazing around not the constant riding. I just use EUC for leisure. It's not possible to use it for commuting here (no bike lanes, the road traffic is crazy and the sidewalks are full of pedestrians during the just-before-work and just-after-work hours) I have just noticed that my local dealer now has a 650 Wh Nikola. That might be the answer (because I wanted to keep the 3" tire!)
  3. @dieterGRAMS @Rywokast Thanks for replying, guys. With your help, I figured out that 340 wh is not an option. So looking at Tesla now (instead of MCM5).
  4. Hey guys, I already have an Mten3 and looking forward to purchase another EUC (I love my Mten3 but have a feeling that I might be missing something - not trying a 16" EUC) I have already seen Tesla (v2) live and put my foot on it (they didn't allow me to ride though) - it seemed a bit bulky (of course, after Mten3) and not too convenient for the calves (because of the shape of the shell) But, when it comes to riding, how does riding Tesla compare to riding Mten3? Are those totally different experiences? What could I expect if I buy a Tesla? My gf is also showing interest in EUCs so another option for me is to buy a second Mten3 (so we could ride together similar EUCs) - or I buy and ride a Tesla and she gets my Mten3. By the way, I always limit the speed to 21 km/h for safety purposes (and ride without safety gear). Also, all my rides are no longer than 20 km (a couple of hours). Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much! I would never purchase a EUC without reading this forum and especially without seeing @Marty Backe videos. Yesterday I had a 20-km trip on Mten3 and that was such a relief, feels just like back into the childhood. An EUC really makes you want to go out more and explore the surrounding areas. For example, there's a large park approximately 2 km away from my house. It's too close to drive a car there, but too far to walk. So I rarely visited it, but Mten3 it makes the trip a breeze.
  6. Hey guys, Currently riding an Mten3 but looking for another wheel. In my coutry it's only possible to obtain an MCM5 340 Wh (67.2 V) (good price) or 800 Wh (84V) (much more expensive than Mten3). Question is, is an MCM5 with 340 wh - a good purchase? Considering it's got a 900W (?) motor. Now I don't need a really large range. I've only been able to ride to 50% of my Mten3 (a 20 km trip) and it's enough range for my needs (I don't have much time to ride). The specs say a 340wh will deliver about 30 km of range, what would be the "real" range (I weight 85 kg)? And will this battery size somehow impact the agility/safety of the wheel? Thanks!
  7. I was able to overcome the feet pain almost immediately by changing the position of my feet on the pedals. When I was initially learning, the feet were placed right in the middle of the pedals. Now that I shift the feet forward (i.e. more of the front part of the foot is staying in the air), the feet pain is almost eliminated. But shoes are also important, I bought Fila shoes with a large soft cushion, so they act as an additional shock absorber. As for the scenarios of use, it's just a means to have fun. For any serious commute usage, you have to get a handle (which I'm going to, by the way). For now, I stay away from tiled pavements, I just don't like the constant vibration and the instability they impose. The area where I live has lots of those, and this is the only reason I've been thinking of getting a larger wheel. But every time I look at their size (compared to Mten3) I just don't have this desire to shell out $1500+ for something which is worse in almost every aspect to what I already have (aside from riding comfort on tiled surfaces).
  8. So it turned out that I bought Mten3 as my first-ever-wheel. I chose it because it somehow resonated with me in terms of design, specs and compactness. Visually-wise, it looked the least “Chinese” out of all other wheels, with their flashing strobes, questionable design choices and redundant logotypes all over the place. I also knew I wouldn’t be using the wheel as a transportation means for long commutes, just for some quick errands and park leisure strolls. And, of course, I was heavily influenced by Marty’s raving reviews (and boy was he right about it)! So currently I’ve just covered a pitiful 80 km on this thing. Learned from scratch at nighttime on a kids playground (with rubberised coating). It took me about 5 nights, 20-30 minutes each session, to be able to drive out of the playground and get to my house on the wheel. It felt like such an achievement! There’s a couple of things I’ve never seen in reviews of Mten3. This thing is best compared to a dirt bike. The maximum level of fun is achieved when you ride on not-so-great roads, with random bumps, hills, cracks and transitions. You need a subtle challenge to overcome here and there, so you get a dopamine reward. One night, I took the wheel to a long straight road that goes aside a river. It was the most boring night ever. This wheel is absolutely not for straight roads longer than, say, 400-500 metres, because this way it becomes similar to riding Ninebot Mini Pro (which I also have, and it was fun only for the first couple of times) - you’re essentially just standing doing nothing, which is not fun. I believe that on other wheels, long straight roads mean speed and comfort, but on Mten3, you don’t want to speed up. My limit is set to 21 km/h and I’ve never hit it. This way, I feel safe riding it without any protective gear, which kills the fun for me. But it still feels extremely fast, even on speeds about 20 km/h. For the last 10-20 km, I’ve been developing a special “swingy” style of riding, with rapid accelerations and decelerations, combined with surf-like wavy motion trajectories, like on a Carver longboard. This feels just awesome, especially as the mind becomes more and more synergetic with the mechanics of the wheel. It even evoked the feelings of some “Avatar”-like connection. Playgrounds, small spaces are all extremely fun to be in while on Mten3, just as Marty said. Never thought I could spend hours just riding around certain objects. Undoubtedly, Mten3 is the best experience I have got from the money for the last X years. The only thing I’m having trouble with are ground elevations. If there’s a bump bigger than 4-5 cm, there are solid chances that the wheel will stutter there and drop you, while spinning around like crazy. It gets a bit better with the experience, but for now I just manually push the wheel on the incline, to be on the safe side. I’m totally OK with the not-so-ergonomic shape of the handle (it’s like contact lenses - you get used to it) and with the absence of the killswitch underneath the handle. These are non-critical issues. Of course, I’ve been looking at other wheels, because I’m curious what it feels like to ride a bigger diameter. But I’m also afraid it just wouldn’t be so fun so I might be purchasing another backup Mten3, just in case Gotway stops producing them.
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