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  1. You're right! At first, I neglected this idea, since I tend to scrape the pavement every now and then during tight turns, especially on Soft pedals (which I now prefer). So it wouldn't last long However, black pedals should look cool, and it doesn't seem too hard to repair the coating.
  2. Just tried riding this setup. Compared to the non-rubber version, there is much more grip to the pads. Like, it's very grippy now! I even had to adjust to that sensation.
  3. Not so sure about the repairing, though. It doesn't have the required viscosity in order to be able to fill a noticeable chunk. I believe something else should be used to fill in the chunk and then this PU/Plastidip thing coats over the whole thing, making a nice even surface.
  4. It's a pleasure! I wouldn't have bought this EUC without your input, anyway I agree that the pads are indeed the #1 place this should be applied to, as an extra stretchy protective layer. Hopefully it can prevent the erosion. I used about 6 or 7 layers on the pads (each from a different angle), achieving a thick coating. The first layer should be very "sketchy" (it will act as a bond between the surface and the subsequent layers). The pads dry much quicker than the plastic shell, hence that was quite easy. Here on the picture I'm pushing very hard and the surface remains intact.
  5. The LED strip is definitely more pleasing to the eye with this Smoke coating. The light is softer and the strip itself is less visible. I couldn't take a photo which fully displays it, though. The suede-esque impression is noticeable in this photo. I just love the way how everything looks now. Now let's see how this kind of coating behaves under normal riding conditions, and hopefully do the second wheel some time next week!
  6. I was thinking about using some of these sticky "carpet pads". They're quite thin, and (theoretically) should perform the "grabbing" functionality quite well.
  7. Super useful information. I've been considering a V8 for some time. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! Yes it now has a very special touch
  9. I did the liquid rubber thing to one of my Mtens, yay! Aiming for a more “manly” look, I went for the “camo brown” color for the shell, but it somehow turned to be more of a cocoa-powdery-look (which I still do like). The material I used is called Larex, a polyurethane-based alternative to Plastidip. People told me that it smells better (it does), contains less harmful substances and creates thicker coatings. In fact, it’s just liquid rubber in a spray can. This is the first time I worked with it, and boy - it’s so great for our purposes! First of all, it’s indeed thick (depends on how many layers you’d put, of course), durable and super-stretchy. So it’s great to put over the foam pads for protection - I was worried since mine began to erode after the first 100 km! Then, it does add the scratch resistance and waterproofing. In case of a major scratch (which reveals the shell) it’s possible to do a local touch-up with 1-2 layers. Finally, it peels off easily so it’s possible to start off from scratch (pun intended). Now that it has dried, judging by the way it reflects light, it looks like it has been wrapped in suede leather. Cons: takes time to put on (you’re supposed to wait 15-30 minutes between each of the 6 layers). Slightly uneven color and thickness in some places (I believe this is due to how I sprayed the paint, should be better with experience). It’s all matte for now, but there are also gloss finishing sprays available (which I will do the next time). As for the outer rims, I used the original Plastidip Smoke spray (6 layers). It should be having an effect on the translucency as well, but we’ll see at nighttime.
  10. This is what they say about Plastidip paint as well, that you can peel it off after spraying. So you kind of get the best of the two worlds. (Never used it myself, though!)
  11. Thank you! But what kind of wear is it, just some natural thing? Now I'm a little concerned that the paint from the pads might somehow leave marks on the sneakers or on the inside of the trousers (in the places where they coincide). Never worked with Rustoleum, obviously
  12. This is so nice! I'm looking to obtain a similar color scheme for my Mtens. Did you take Mtens apart for painting or used some masking tape to paint them in the assembled state? Was it possible to paint over the foam pads using Rustoleum as well? Is this kind of coating durable enough? I was thinking about using Plastidip. Thanks!
  13. I think I'm going to wait until the release of KS16X and see how that gets accepted in the community. Hopefully Gotway sorts out the issues with Nikolas by that time and it will be possible to get an all-black Nikola with an MSX board inside, so it will be a great choice. It's quite evident that 16x3 tire (or 14x3, anyone?) is the way to go in terms of EUC development. Now they only need to improve the designs and the manufacturing processes.
  14. I've just bought a second Mten3, lol. Out of all things I've ever ridden in my life, this is by far the most fun. So I concluded I really want to have a second one as a spare (and it happened that I took one of the last devices available at my dealer). Another advantage is being able to teach friends, and ride with them, on similar devices, without anyone feeling offended. I did consider buying a Nikola or a Tesla or a 18L as a second EUC, and spent a long time evaluating that decision, but there are just too many things that put me off from going that direction. Those are mostly the poor design choices (9 different Gotway logos on Nikola? seriously?), weight, size and of course this latest mosfet story with Nikolas. I understand that Nikola might be able to provide a better riding experience, but Mten3 is already wonderful enough for me - to the extent that I can't get enough of riding it. Yesterday I tried inflating the tire to 30 PSI and setting the pedals to "Soft" mode. It's just an incredible ride. Intresting that I wasn't able to ride at "Soft" while learning, but now it makes quite a difference in terms of comfort and leisure. Even the so-feared tiled pavements are almost no struggle. Now a paint job is on the way!
  15. And the price! This version of Nikola costs less than Tesla. I was a bit hesitant to pay for the 100 km range since I'd never use more than 20% of that range. 650wh Nikola should be approximately the same range as my 512 Wh Mten3 as I imagine.
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