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  1. I forgot to charge my wheel last night then didn't wake up particularly early this morning, so I'm charging it just now. I guess it'll be closer to 14 I end up at Kaivopuisto. Perhaps if someone notices this and gives some kind of indication where the group went I'll catch up.
  2. Regarding winter riding, the thing that's stopped me (when the snow arrives), at least on the KS-14S, is the slush and gravel mixture getting up inside the wheel housing and scraping around in there. Also the snow and slush compacts inside the wheel then melts around the axle and into the bearings, causing corrosion. I stopped when I realised it was happening (bearings getting noisier). Later when I've opened the wheel I've seen signs of rust that confirmed that. Paul's 16S has quite loud bearings after a couple of winters. It's hard to stop riding the wheel though, I'm just so used to doing it that I have to re adjust to it taking much longer to get around.
  3. I'll try to make it along tomorrow, not often I have a free Sunday lately.
  4. Yeah I know the feeling, was the same for my 14S after replacing the board, although not quite at the level as it is for you. Replacing hall sensors and motor wiring is quite hardcore and with more chance of something going wrong after. With the replacement board, once I'd pushed a lot of current through it a few times without it going bang, I could be reasonably confident it was fine.
  5. Hi, yes, I bought one on recommendation (specifically https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32820125950.html) and it's been great so far. Fan is a little loud when there's significant current draw but it's been working well, charging my wheel fast and fully and without getting too warm.
  6. Sorry for my absence again, been extremely busy and it's going to be that way for a while... I'm hoping I'll get a chance to join in on a Sunday meetup before the weather becomes shit again though. Paul at e1on.com was surprised that there were local meetups when he met me when I gave him the loaned charger back, and has expressed interest in joining them. Great to hear that @mrelwood's MSX is back in action! Also, if they happen to be on here, hello to the person that I encountered crossing Pohjoisesplanadi in Helsinki in the opposite direction to me two or three weeks ago.
  7. This arrived today, so that concludes everything. The charger I borrowed wasn't charging the wheel fully, it seems its output voltage was a bit low. This nice Wate one is right on spec! I verified the polarity is correct but I've not plugged it into the wheel yet. I'll do that later, hopefully without any unwelcome fireworks displays. I've ridden the wheel frequently and also quite hard since changing the board, including finally attending a local group meet, and so far there's been no issues.
  8. Great to hear you'll be back on one wheel in the not too distant future! Maybe catch you for another ride before the summer's out. Perhaps leave the hill out this time, though .
  9. Wheel recovery service! Dead MSX being transported to the nearest parking lot for taxi ride home :(. https://imgur.com/QTnLXaJ
  10. https://imgur.com/QTnLXaJ https://i.imgur.com/QTnLXaJ.webm
  11. Sure that works. I know the spot... I only noticed about a month ago that was actually part of the central park I was riding through when I was taking that route (the main route I take to Pasila and beyond).
  12. I'm kinda easy, not too far from the middle (Huopalahden asema area) is obviously good for me but the wheel will take me wherever so it doesn't really matter. Rode the wheel from Itäkeskus to Aurinkolahti then Aurinkolahti to Rautatientori today with friends who were on bicycles. No problems with the new board. So I'm on for tomorrow. We should also figure a time.
  13. I live next to it (Pitäjänmäki) so suits me. I don't have any plans set for Sunday at the moment but I'll confirm for sure on Saturday evening.
  14. So, now that I've fixed my wheel I suppose I should finally meet up with some local folk some time, whenever there's some sort of gathering, and English-language invasion is tolerated .
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