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  1. Wheel recovery service! Dead MSX being transported to the nearest parking lot for taxi ride home :(. https://imgur.com/QTnLXaJ
  2. https://imgur.com/QTnLXaJ https://i.imgur.com/QTnLXaJ.webm
  3. Sure that works. I know the spot... I only noticed about a month ago that was actually part of the central park I was riding through when I was taking that route (the main route I take to Pasila and beyond).
  4. I'm kinda easy, not too far from the middle (Huopalahden asema area) is obviously good for me but the wheel will take me wherever so it doesn't really matter. Rode the wheel from Itäkeskus to Aurinkolahti then Aurinkolahti to Rautatientori today with friends who were on bicycles. No problems with the new board. So I'm on for tomorrow. We should also figure a time.
  5. I live next to it (Pitäjänmäki) so suits me. I don't have any plans set for Sunday at the moment but I'll confirm for sure on Saturday evening.
  6. So, now that I've fixed my wheel I suppose I should finally meet up with some local folk some time, whenever there's some sort of gathering, and English-language invasion is tolerated .
  7. It works! It charges! Phew. What a fscking carry on that was. I still need to mess around with the app to unlock the speed then go out and ride it hard to make sure it isn't going to throw me off (or if so, at least be prepared for it). One of the LEDs in one of the LED strips is knackered now probably from all the manhandling, but I really don't care about that. The Bluetooth audio works properly on this board, it sounds just as terrible as it should. One thing I noticed was the charger connector on the board I got has actually been rotated 180 degrees AFTER the conformal coating was put on. So, either a batch of boards were manufactured incorrectly and they've gone back and fixed it, OR, they now have the connector the other way on new wheels and swapped it around just for me... EDIT: Went out, it rides just great.
  8. And finally, it arrived. As you can see, the connector is the right way round this time! So, it seems the board they sent before was a "Friday afternoon" (or "Monday" for those that prefer) piece where whoever assembled it made a mega screw-up. Board version etc is the the same. So, a word of caution to those replacing boards in their KingSongs - make sure that the connectors have been put on the correct way round. This time the package I received had a Q.C. sticker on it... I have also managed to borrow a charger from the local reseller. Now, on to the re-assembly. Wish me luck...
  9. Seems that the shipment arriving this week is actually the new board. Two days from HK to Finland via DHL. That's quite impressive. Hopefully I'll be able to get it later today or tomorrow, I just did the customs declaration and DHL have it now. Annoying I don't have a functioning charger until some time next week though, perhaps I can borrow one locally.
  10. Latest: Board is finally on its way and hopefully will arrive next week. It took a further week of hassling them to get them to actually send it, I get the impression that they're a little grumpy about the whole thing. I also bought a new actively cooled Wate charger from AliExpress that was recommended to me in another thread which is due to arrive this week. KingSong weren't interested in replacing the blown up charger for free and I was not interested in wasting any more time arguing about it. I'll be checking over the new board and charger very carefully to make sure polarities are correct.
  11. Haha, don't worry. When the new board arrives (and the charger) I'm going to be going over the whole thing with a meter.
  12. I went ahead and ordered a 3A Wate one from Aliexpress with express shipping. They're actively cooled and fused which in itself adds more confidence. Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. Hmm ok! Have to say the bundled one has been fine for me, until I broke it. The one I have doesn't look like the ones I see for sale but it's the same manufacturer, they perhaps have just had different case designs. I'm not too interested in a fast charger, I'm trying to be as kind to the batteries as I can. But any recommendations of known good model of 2A charger would be appreciated.
  14. Hey, Crashing in with some English language because I'm a noob at Finnish. Anyone in the Helsinki area have a spare basic KingSong compatible battery charger they might wish to sell to me? I blew mine up as per this thread: I can easily buy a new one but I thought perhaps it might be something someone already has sitting around. Not really looking for it especially cheap or anything, just like to make use of otherwise unused things and avoid waiting for items to be shipped. And yes, as I have been talking with a couple of the local guys already, I will try to finally make it to a local meetup once the wheel is working again... I've been meaning to for a year. I can also move this post to the selling section if required. Cheers :).
  15. I just posted before you to say that they're now sending a new board. I hope I don't have to pay but quite honestly at this point I'm really done with this, and just getting the wheel working again is the main thing. Summer is so short here in Finland that I really need to make the most of it while I can! (I don't ride the wheel in the snow and ice, I have found that moisture gets inside the wheel bearing). Thanks for the help and advice.
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