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  1. thank you! great news I can push it with more confidence then yes the fan spins.
  2. I measured the width of the mosfet from here it was around 15mm. also the side of the pads come up easily so there is no glue there.
  3. It is the 84V variant, I think it is still the old board, can't really say. I'm going to check it again from the other side and attach a picture. Don't think I can get the new board since I ordered from Ali and when I asked he didn't know anything about this.
  4. Hello guys! 2 days ago I got my Nikola, everything works fine, got 100 kilometers on it already. Decided to open it to fix the glue just to be sure but then i realized mine is different because it only has one silicone pad for the mosfets combined instead of 2 seperate for the 2 row of mosfets. the number is 190604176 so i guess it was made after they realized the issue. Do you think it still has a chance for glue? I don't really want to mess with it if it's not necessary.
  5. Hello guys, v5f user here, I've put around 700km into the wheel in the past few months mainly using it for shopping and going to work with the help of a train. Love this little wheel but it is not enough to get to most of the places as a primary mode of transportation. Now I'm looking for a new wheel, mostly interested in the 16x or the Nikola. Found this on Aliexpress, it seems to be the only way that is shipped from the EU so I can avoid taxes. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Gotway-Nikola-electric-scooter-monowheel-one-wheel-scooter-84V-2100WH-2000W-motor-self-balancing-scooter/33029972958.html Is this legit or is there any other seller or site where i can buy from europe or without taxes?
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