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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to post. My question is about Euc World and Pebble. I've bought a Pebble Time. To make long story short (I've just posted in past) when I connect Euc to my wheel (MSX, MCM5) sometimes the connection is lost. On my Pebble the app freezes and on my phone (Oneplus 3T) when I open Euc World the connection is automatically restored (resetting all data). I've tried connecting my gf phone (Samsun S8) to Pebble and my wheel and everything works properly. Yesterday I was trying to find a solution online and I've found this site https://dontkillmyapp.com/ Sounds like my phone is one of the worst for the background optimization and this could be the cause of all the issues. Anyway it seems that in order to solve you should do as shown in this picture. Have you experienced issues with Oneplus? Have you solved the problem? Thanks
  2. Great analisys. Thanks so much!
  3. My bad. There was a "not" that shouldn't be in that sentence. I'm going to fix it. Anyway, any downsides in the mod? Something that isn't as good as before? Thanks.
  4. Wow! Thanks for your video. So the upgrade to 2.5 tire totally worth it, correct?
  5. I've a MCM5 V1 (2.125" tire) and I'm pretty happy with it. I love this wheel. Agile, fast, funny. Now I've read that Gotway is selling this wheel with 2.5" tire. I know there's a way to change the tire but I'm not so good in this kind of stuff. Moreover, I've read that if you have a MCM5 V1 (like I do, I guess) you cannot just change the tire but it's longer work. By the way, I'm thinking about selling my wheel and buy the newest one. What you guys think? Is it a good idea? What could be advantages and disadvantages moving from 2.125 to 2.5" tire... Thanks for your help
  6. Find a way to make a picture! Concerning the 2.5 tire mod, is it true that Gotway is going to release a 2.5 tire version? I could sell mine and buy that one. Do you think that the advantages of the bigger tire would be so great? Is there a official thread for that mod? Thanks
  7. Very good quesiton. Fake or not? Anyway thanks for your suggestion. Do you have a picture of the tape I should buy?
  8. Do you have a picture of the position of your pads? Thanks.
  9. A few months ago I've received an awesome MCM5 but I've not sticked the included pads to the wheel. Now I tried to do so but I've noticed that taking away the paper from those pads there's nothing sticky, dunno why. I've tried with biadhesive scotch and it works properly for the wheel but not for the side of those pads (the are not strongly attached). Do you have any suggestion? Thanks so much. I include the picture of the pads.
  10. Hi there, I try to explain my issue. I have a Oneplus 3T (phone) and a Pebble Time. I'm using EUC World and Pebble/Rebble on it. Pebble connects to the phone and works for a while. After a short time of usage I look at the Pebble and I see that the app isn't working anymore. It seems that there's something that make the application crash. As soon as I re-open the Euc World on my phone I hear the "beep" that tells me that the connection between wheel and phone is active again. All the stats are resetted and if I push on the watch icon on the app, the Pebble works again. For a short time before giving me the same issue. Test I've made: - I tried not to use the Pebble but just the app and everyything seems to work fine - I've tried to install Euc World on my gf's phone and made some rides in different days. Everything works properly. No issue at all So it seems that the problem is related to my phone, specifically to the BT of my phone. I've recently factory resetted it and nothing changed. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks for your quick reply. So at the moment Pebble and Android Watches are supported correct? I own a Pebble, but I was looking for a modern device for daily use. What I don't like about Smart Watches is the battery that last not more than two days. That's why I was asking for Mo band (2 weeks) or Amazfit (3 weeks)
  12. Excluding Smart Watches (such as Samsung...) that can get the app on the PlayStore, is there a way to get Wheellog on other cheap watches (excluding Pebble), such as Mi Band or AmazFit? Any future projects Seba? Thanks again.
  13. Snowball

    My new Mten3!

    Thanks mate. Great job.
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