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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. So at the moment Pebble and Android Watches are supported correct? I own a Pebble, but I was looking for a modern device for daily use. What I don't like about Smart Watches is the battery that last not more than two days. That's why I was asking for Mo band (2 weeks) or Amazfit (3 weeks)
  2. Excluding Smart Watches (such as Samsung...) that can get the app on the PlayStore, is there a way to get Wheellog on other cheap watches (excluding Pebble), such as Mi Band or AmazFit? Any future projects Seba? Thanks again.
  3. Snowball

    My new Mten3!

    Thanks mate. Great job.
  4. Snowball

    My new Mten3!

    Thanks for your feedback. Do you have some links to the product you used? I guess there is not a teardown video for Mten3, correct? Pictures of your Mten? I'm curious. Thanks
  5. Snowball

    My new Mten3!

    I'd like to understand one thing. Doest the Black Mten3 exist or it is just a mod you can do yourself? And, eventually, how hard is to open the shells and paint them? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Seba, you did a great job here. I will try another phone and let you know the result. BTW using Pebble I get some random disconnections too (using the same phone). So it will be interesting to try another phone.
  7. Hi there! Great work with this beautiful app. Two quick questions: 1. Sometimes my wheels (MSX and MCM5) suddenty disconnect from the app. Is it normal? Is there a way to fix it? It's a little annoying... :/ 2. Is there a way to save different settings (or Profiles) on Wheellog? I'd like to connect different wheels without having to change, for example, the voltage (84 and 100). Thanks for your answers.
  8. Hi there, I just came back from holiday. Two weeks. I left my MSX with 80% of charge. The wheel is almost new (one month) and I didn't do anything wrong with it (crashes,...) I went out for a night ride and I when I tried to turn on the front light and nothing happened, I figured out that all the light (leds, front, rear,...) are switched off. Nothing happens if I push many times the turn on button. I tried with the apps too. Nothing. What happened? Any fix? I searched the forum for a similar problem but no luck. Thanks for help.
  9. Hi there! I'm having problems getting my Pebble paired to my Android phone. Phone: Oneplus 3T - Android 9 Pebble Time: modded with Rebble and updated WheelLog: 2.0.31 (latest) Whells: MCM5 and MSX 100V Before getting Pebble, I was having problems keeping WheelLog connected all the time to my EUC. Then here I got the suggestion to force my phone not to kill my app - Here the link And I solved the problem. I bought a used Pebble, resumed with Rebble and set it. Yesterday I want out with my EUC (MSX 100V). All was paired but after a while I noticed that Pebble was stuck to 16 kmh. I though the cause could be the same problem I had with WheelLog and I've set even Pebble app on my phone not to be killed after a while. I launched Pebble App once again but after a while I had the same issue. Connection between phone and Pebble was interrupted and later, even WheelLog disconnected from the EUC. Do you have any suggestion to solve those issues? What could be the cause? BTW, after a while Pebble stopped getting notifications such as Whatsapp messages too. I had to reset it. Thanks so much
  10. I don't know why when I connect the app to my EUC after a while, sometimes, it got disconnected with no reason. It's annoying since I cannot take note of the lenght of my ride or other stuff. Any hint? Thanks!
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