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  1. yes, but they generally don't enforce it. Its the same as people who park their cars half on the pavement. They don't genreally enforce it. I'm just wondering if we were increasing our chances of being prosecuted for riding an EUC illegally and/or riding one and making an unnecessary journey during lockdown.
  2. I've juste been monitoring my HR recently. I have a google watch. When I walk at a steady pace my HR is 112-115bpm. When I ride my wheel on the flat at my typical pace, its 114-118. This proves it's exercise. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
  3. I recently made a post in some Facebook groups asking this question. Is EUC riding exercise? This is because under the current coronavirus restrictions applied in many countries, we are allowed to go outdoors for exercise. We can also go outside for essential shopping, so I take my wheel for that to my nearest supermarket. Although wheel riding isn't a heart rate pumping cardio workout, it does work the kinetic chain (our legs, back and core) as we balance and especially if we are doing carving turns and slow riding. I personally consider it to be comparable to the exercise of steady skiing. No, not comparable to blasting down black Diamond runs, but not dissimilar to a leisurely ride down a groomed green or blue run. We are certainly reducing our calorie intake more than being at at home, because A) standing burns more calories than sitting and B) we are away from the refrigerator! Our Government's promote exercise because it's good for out health. Not just or physical health but also our mental health too. Getting out on my wheel is certainly good for my mental health, as well as it helps me burn more calories by balancing, leaning and just standing. I've had a few people say to me it's not exercise. I've read a few old posts on this forum where riders have said that they have lost significant body weight riding without changing their diet and others who have reported benefits to their health conditions through riding such as arthritis. Thoughts, and do you think that your average police officer would accept our word for it being exercise?
  4. Thanks buddy. I bought it from XG Tech Europe, I think based in France, had it just over 1 week. The serial number is 12C0785F28440060 I hope its the latest generation. Are you able to tell how old it is for this number? I actually ordered and paid for a V8 but they sent me a V10 for some unknown reason with no explanation. I have had some communication with inmotion and a UK dealer and it does sound like its a charging balance issue. Neither currently have the 'tool' to balance them so I have to wait 6-8 weeks. I've emailed the seller to see what they can do to help me. Happy to learn that the previous problems we discussed have been resolved for some time now. I'm 210 lbs or 96 kg so if I got 30km I'd be happy. I've just ran it til the battery got too low to operate and its on charge right now. I'll leave it on all day and night. Then I'll get an accurate record of how many km I get from this charge till shut down. Thanks again. 👍🏼✌🏼
  5. Wow Rywokast, thank you so much going to all that effort to share your, knowledge, views and experience. I have a V10 and I've had a few issues with it within the first week. Not charging fully (94%) or not showing fuuly charged on the EUC or in the app. I'm having many Bluetooth disconnections and sometimes the ECU disc is nnects and is then undetectable or it won't connect. Then I start reading through the inmotion forum and I read about people with similar problems, 2 fires and pedals cracking or dropping on the V10 etc. It's reassuring to read your post and I am feeling more optimistic now that once I get the battery balanced to reach full charge, I will not regret buying my V10. I bought it off amazon uk but I think the delivery aler is somewhere in Europe. Maybe I should have paid the extra money for the unit to have the back up from a local dealer? 3 days ago I charged it as much as it would take. Within 5 mins or riding it was down to just 3 battery bars and after about 4 miles, I had just 2 bars showing, the bottom red one and an amber one. It left me feeling quite unhappy. Anyway, thanks for your input.
  6. Which is the best ECU manufacturer in terms of the following: Reliability including the app. Durability and longevity ie, waterproofness, strength of case and pedals Resilience of battery Component safety (ie a battery that isn't likely to internally combust, ECU that isn't going to shut down mid ride!! ) Customer service, support and warranty honouring, dealer back up and support Length of warranty period Ease of consumer replacing parts, tyres, battery, electronic components. I know like many things such as motorbikes, bikes etc, people like what they ride and there is likely going to be some bias here However, if you were to buy your first ECU now, what would you buy and why? I currently ride an inmotion V10.
  7. Any Any update on this problem Vincent B? I cannot charge my brand new V10 more that 94%. I have 84V at the charging pins which is correct. Did you get it resolved?
  8. Did inmotion get this issue resolved? I've just got a new V10 and it won't charge past 94/95%. I contacted inmotion and they told me that the tools to fix the issue are out of stock and they probably won't get them in the future.
  9. Very nice indeed Olav! However If hate to come off and bash it and need a replacement, but I'm sure the protection provided is way better than a cheaper one. I would think, nice and light too.
  10. Thanks for your advice, meep, tessa and scotch. I will try and put it all into practice.
  11. Hi guys, I've got about 3 hours on my EUC. It's an Inmotion V10 and at the moment I have it restricted to 25 kph. I find sometimes when I get up towards 25kph or when I went up to 30kph on one occasion, I experienced uncontrollable speed wobble that got even worse as I took of speed. Its the equivalent to skiing fast on very short ski's or a tank slapper on a motorbike. I know I must be doing something wrong for it to happen so I wanted to reach out to the community for help. I'm 95kg 185cm and have my tire set at 2.8 bar, the manufacturers recommended pressure. I know some of you will just say slow down and don't let it happen, fair enough, but I just want to understand the physics of why this is happening to me. Perhaps I'm too stiff, maybe I'm not standing upright enough, maybe I should hold the unit tighter or looser between my calves? All advice and possible explanations appreciated. Cheers, Ian
  12. Brilliant response! Thanks to everyone who posted. I couldn't like them all as the number of likes seem to be restricted. I think I will but a bright yellow/lime green n full face.
  13. I want to get a full face helmet. I cannot decide whether to get a black one to blend in or a bright colour one to be more visible to traffic from behind when I'm riding on the road. With a black helmet I can blend in better which could have its advantages also. What are you thoughts?
  14. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me. I just received my inmotion V10 today. I turned it on and it seemed to be OK and then I turned it off nd put it on charge. I looked for the android app in the Google play store but nothing. I then found an APK download of the inmotion app and installed it and connected to my wheel by Bluetooth after putting in my serial number and details. After viewing the app, I picked up the wheel whilst pulling the trigger button under the handle and the wheel rotated rapidly and then stopped. I'm now stuck with a red flashig tail light and the wheel no longer balances. I've left it off for 20 mins, come back to it, turned it on and again the rear red light flashes and no self balancing. Firmware version is 2.2.8 Please help. Ian
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