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  1. I have been using the Shure SE215 earphones for two months now while riding EUC, and I am really happy with them. Bought them used. I am quiet picky when it comes to sound, but for the price of these I am very impressed! They also have great passive sound isolation. I don't know exactly how much they block out, but I would guess somewhere around 25 db. It is very noticeable, and it pretty much blocks out all the wind noise, going PEV speed. The way the wire goes above your ear, makes it easier to put on a full-face helmet, than it is with most earphones. Since they have wire, you don't need to
  2. I am having a hard time finding any stores in Europe that has the Monster seat in stock for a reasonable price. Anyone know any?
  3. I have managed to change every sound, except the speed sound. It plays the defualt Harley sound no matter which sound I choose. I have also lowered the max pitch speed to 10km/h.
  4. I think that the default alarm settings from Gotway is the reason why it beeps. I will try to deactivate them. Thanks.
  5. Yesterday I got mine 84v Monster v3. Today I noticed that it beeps from time to time. Usually two beeps and then the beeping stops. I have been riding slow, way below my speed alarm settings. The wheel has also been running cool. Any ideas? I have been using EUC World, but have not enabled logging.
  6. I ordered from Speedyfeet and he confirmed that I got the 2500 watt motor. He says they have been out for a long time, he just hadn't updated the website. It's not allowed to ride EUC fast in my country, so I went for the 84v.
  7. I just got information that my Monster will have 2500 watt, and that it was old information on the website I ordered from. Feel free to delete my topic
  8. Hi, I see an EUC store in my country that has just posted that they will receive a 2500 watt Monster in May. Is this a thing? Have I ordered my Monster on the worst possible time?
  9. What is the recommended PSI for Monster V3 84v?
  10. I am getting a Monster v3 84v in a few days. What alarm settings do you recommend for this wheel?
  11. MSP doesn't seem to be a good commuting wheel. A bit large and the trolley handle is not good. I think comparing the Nikola to the 16x makes more sense.
  12. Feels bad. Cutouts can in worst case be fatal, no matter how well geared you are.
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